New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


30. Hard Times and Celebrations.

Rosalin P.O.V


~~4 months Later!!~~


     Ella just turned 4 months old, and things are not getting much better. The guys tour is still going on and Eleanor helps me in every way she can.  Niall had been kind of distant lately, It is making me worry, he is always so open and now he keeps to himself. Eleanor has noticed the behavior too. He always goes to his bunk and  rarely says hi.


      The guys came in and showered. "Rosalin! Come here!!" Niall screamed from the little room in the back. I had a confused look and handed Ella to Eleanor. Ele smiled, I got up and walked up to Niall, "Yeah?" he smiled. "Lets go out!" I gave him a weird look. "Niall, we just can't do that anymore, We have Ella. " He sighed. " Come on! You need a break and I want to chill with you at a nice dinner place." I rolled my eyed and tried to turn around. I know I was not making this any better. I just don't know what in his head right now. Niall grabbed my wrist. "Please.. I miss you babe. Tour is crazy and Ella is a handful." I sighed and turned around. "I know... Ele!! Do me a favor?" Eleanor laughed. "Don't say a word. I got this covered Love!" I smiled and looked at Niall. He pulled me into a kiss. "Love you Rosey." I blushed. "I have really missed you, I thought you have lost feelings for me, You have been so distant." He frowned. "Sorry, I have been trying to do too many things at once. Tonight, I'm yours, you have my whole attention. Go get dressed into something nice? Like fancy?" I smiled a little. "Fancy?" He nodded and smiled. He started to tickle my sides. "Fancy!" I laughed and smiled. "Be about 30 minutes?" Niall nodded and let me go. I went to the little bedroom to change.


Niall P.O.V


      I waited for Rosalin in the sittingroom, I was playing with Ella untill she cuddled up into my arms and fell asleep. Lady came up and wanted to play will Ella, We were scared to let them play, since Lady was much bigger than baby Ella. I sat and chatted with everyone and informed them what was going on. They were happy with what I was planning.


     Roslain soon walked into the sitting area wearing an black ruffled dress, it had a slight tent of purple, with some black heels. Her hair was curly and she was just beautiful. I handed Ella to Eleanor who was sitting beside me with Louis. Ella woke up and started giggling. Louis took Ella and started playing with her. I stood up and held out my hand, Rosalin took it. "You look beautiful tonight babe." She smiled and started to blush. "You don't look bad yourself." She smiled and eyed me up and down. I was wearing a black suit with a tie. I pulled her in my arms and kissed her. Louis covered Ella's eyes. "Hey!! She is too young for this!!" We laughed and Ella tried to remove Louis's hand from her face. "So, Ni ? Whats the plan for the night?" I smiled. " Not telling you! We need to go though!" We waved goodbye and left.


      The car pulled up to the eatin place "We are here!!!" the car stopped and I got out and around to Rosalins side of the car and let her out. "Wow this is amazing." She looked as if we were in awe. Rosalin wrapped her arm around mine and we walked in. There was a lady in a suit up front behind a desk. "Hi, how may I help you." She smiled and I smiled back. "Horan for two." the lady nodded and waved us to follow her, "Right this way sir." It took a few minutes to get to were we needed to be seated. I didn't realize how busy the place was. Many people reconized me. I could tell, girls around Rosalin's age were going nuts. I was a little scared this night might be ruined by fans. "Here you go Mr.Horan. Your waiter will be right over." I nodded and pulled out the chair for Rosalin and seated her then myself. People were taking photos and talking. Rosalin didnt seem to care. "I have really missed you Niall." I smiled, "Same here. I'm glad that I can spend my free time with you love." she smiled and giggled. I was nervous about proposing to Rosalin.. What if she says no. I would break. "So we are hitting the states next week...We will be in the area where you lived incase you wanna see some friends?" She sighed. "I didn't have any friends just Kyson." I made a "O" shape with my mouth. I thought I should make her laugh some but I just cant do it. "Rosalin...I have no idea what i'm doing so i'm gonna go ahead and do this before I get too scared.." I stood up and grabbed Rosalin's hand, making her stand and I held it in mine. I got down on one knee. "Rosalin, I love you. We had our ups and downs and I know when to give you space. I love everything about you. We have a beautiful baby girl together, I love you and Ella with all my heart, " I looked around and everyone were recording and Rosalin was about to cry. I pulled the little box out of my jacket pocket and opened it "Rosalin Patricia Sheperd, Will you marry me?" I smiled up at her. I saw a tear rolling down Rosalins face and she nodded, "Yes... Yes I will Marry you Niall James Horan!" I smiled and slid the ring on her finger and stood up and pulled her into a kiss. Everyone clapped and few people whistled. She kept smiling. "So, what do we do now?" I shrugged. "I don't know.." She smiled and pointed behind me. " I think you can sign autographs." I laughed and got down to the little girls level.


     It took maybe an hour to finish autographs and eat. We left the eating place and went back to the bus parking lot. I got out and then went to Rosalin's side to let her out. Once she was out I opend the back seat door and shoved her in it, I joined her then shut the door behind me. We were sitting side by side. "Niall what are you doing?" I smiled, "We can celebrate. Here." I kissed down her neck. Rosalin giggled. "Why here?" I smiled, "Cause Louis cant tease us if he can't see us." She laughed. "True! He wants payback from that time we caught him and Ele." I laughed. "My point made!" Rosalin smiled and I climbed on top of her remvoing my jacket coat. This is the way to end a perfect night.


     Rosalin and I walked hand in hand onto the bus, Everyone looked at us and smiled. "How was the night?" Rosalin smiled and nodded. "What's up with both of your hairs messed up? hmm? " Eleanor laughed and I rolled my eyes, as did Roslain. "Niall. I'm gonna get changed." I kissed her lightly on her lips and she left. I walked over to Louis and sat beside him, Taking Ella from his arms and kissing her head. I noticed Louis was staring at me. "What Lou?" He started busting out laughing. "I went to see if you and Rosey were back yet and I looked out the window and saw your car rocking slightly back and forth.. Niall?" I was trying to hold in my laughter. "That can't be my car." The guys and Ele were laughing by now. "You and Rosalin got it ON!!!" I looked at Ella who was smiling up at me. " Louis!!!! Not infront of the baby!!! Goodness." Rosalin came back in her pj's. I stood up and hnaded her the baby and whispered, " Have fun..."  I looked at her and she sighed, " Oh no.." I nodded and left the room. Rosalin took my spot on the couch next to Lou.



Rosalin P.O.V


I sat where Niall was and started playing with Ella. Louis was looking at me crazy, I looked at Eleanor and she looked at the others and laughed. Louis started laughing, "How was the car ride." I smiled, "Good." He laughed more. "Did you like the car ride before or after?" I was confused then caught on. I covered Ellas ears, "Defiantly, the car ride after." I winked at him and he was shocked by my answer. Everyone busted into laughter, even Ella, who had no idea what was going on. Niall soon came back and joined us, "Rosalin I'm sleepy, you wanna come on to bed with me?" I smiled. "Yep! Just let me put Ella down first." Niall nodded and I got up and went down the hall following Niall. Louis called out to us. "Going for car ride 3 now??" I smiled and turned around. I licked my lips and winked. Louis said nothing back. All he could do was laugh. I put Ella down and joined Niall in bed. "What was that about Rosey?" I shook my head, " Louis being Louis." Niall nodded. "Goodnight future Mrs.Horan." I smiled. "Goodnight future hubby." I fell asleep with a smile on my face. What an amzing night.


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