New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


16. Hangover Saturday.

Rosalin P.O.V


     I woke up not knowing where I was. I looked around, I was in Niall's room. I looked at myself and realized. I wasn't in my clothes, I wasn't wearing anything and nither was Niall. I thought, no we didn't. I couldnt believe myself. I grabbed a shirt from the floor and some boxers from his closet , I couldn't find my clothes. I walked over to his computer and my Twitter was blowing up. Comments like 'Niall got nailed by @RoseyRosalin' and some more comments like that, one stook out the most. 'That was a great Twitcam last night to bad @NiallOffical and @RoseyRosalin left to have some...Fun'  after reading the tweet , I panicked "Niall! Wake up!" He jumped and looked at me. "Rosalin, your awake." He smiled. He got up and went to his closet, I looked away, He wasn't wearing anything. "Oh, sorry Rosalin." Niall pulled the cover around him. I just started to notice what a headache I had. Niall had gotten dressed and came up to me and read the tweets and started laughing. I looked at him while holding my head. "Niall.. What happen last night?" I felt so sick. Niall looked at me and lost his smile. "Harry got you drunk and tried to have sex with you at the party, but the cops where on the way so he didn't get to. We left as soon as we heard the cops where on the way. We got out of the part just in time. When we got back to campus. Harry asked me to take you to your dorm but then Eleanor asked if you were okay and i told her that Harry said that you had a lot to drink." I just looked at him. He continued, " She got all mad saying that she warned you and Louis said, let you learn from your mistakes," I started to tear up, knowing I should have listened to Eleanor. "Eleanor asked me to look after you so I brought you here. I set you on the bed and checked my Twitter and you woke up. you didn't look drunk or sound it that much so i asked you if you wanted to have a twitcam session and you said yes. We were on it for a while and many people asked if you and I were dating and you took my face and kissed me deepy and passionately." I couldn't believe the words Niall was saying, "Things got out of control and I know I should have stopped you but I couldn't help myself." He looked down ashamed. I sighed and laughed a little. "It's. It's least there was protectton, right?" Niall looked up. "Yes.. I was careful." I relaxed but I could feel the tears come to my eyes, Niall walked over the the bed and sat down, burrying his face in his hands, "I'm SO sorry Rosalin." I felt myself feel sick. I knew it was the hangover, I hated it so much. Niall looked at me. I was looking down at my feet. I felt myself about to throw up. I rushed out of his room and to the bathroom. Niall rushed after me, pulling my hair back and rubbing circles in my back, like my dad does. I started to cry. I always cried when I threw up. Niall got a cloth and carried me back to his bed and put me down. "I'm taking care of you today babe." I smiled and put my head on his pillow. The smell of his sent calmed me. Niall was on the computer, "Niall, what are we going to tell Eleanor?" He sighed, "I don't know, we need to just in case your, " He paused and looked down, "Just in case your pregnant." He looked at me and I could tell. He was scared. "But there was protecton. I, well WE should be okay." Niall shrugged, "Protection doesn't always work."  I nodded. There was a knock at the door, it was Eleanor and the guys. "Hey!!" Eleanor said Handing me some water. "Hey!" I smiled and hugging her. She sat beside me and Louis sat infront of me. I faked smiled, and she could tell it. She didn't say anything. "So is Niall being a good guy babe?" Louis asked to me. I smiled for real and nodded, "Yep. He is being a good friend." Harry just looked at me. I could not look at him. Everyone noticed. I whispered to Eleanor, Louis could hear as well. "Eleanor, I'm so sorry. I should have listened, if it makes you feel better, I feel like shit." Louis started laughing so I kicked him off the bed. Making everyone but Harry laugh. He knows what he did and he knew that I did too. I felt sick again, "Gotta run real quick.. be back ... " I got up and rushed for the bacthroom and locked it.


Niall P.O.V


     We all watched Rosalin leave, we shut the door and started on Harry. "Harry how could you?? She is 16!!! You really wanna scar her forever, get her pregnant and have a kids forever?" Eleanor started, I couldn't say anything. I didn't have room to talk. "Did not want to get her pregnant and stuff.." He looked down. "Well you could have, she is a sweet girl and now she is a mess. She didn't even want to go the party." Harry looked at Eleanor. "She is still the same. I didn't do anything to her but make her drunk." Eleanor rolled her eyes and looked at me then back at Harry. "Why? Harry Why? " Harry looked down "Because I wanted her, she is so beatutiful. I wanted her body," That pissed me off. "So YOU got her drunk, so YOU could have her for her BODY!? " I started yelling. Harry looked up. "YES! I never cared about the freak! I just liked her for her body. She is a fucking freak, I don't understand why you LOVE this clown Niall! whatever. I'm done with this." We looked at the door and Rosalin was standing there with tears running down her face. " SO that's all I am to you Harry? A TOY ? I'M a PERSON. What about the walk? When we ran into each other, you said you liked me and kissed me?" Harry turned so heartless. "LIES, All were lies. I never liked you, just wanted you use you for what I wanted. Didn't care if you got knocked up or not. Your a freak. That's all you ever will be. A slut for attenping to sleep with me!" Harry stormed out of the room.

     Rosalin fell to her knees and started bawling. "Rosalin!" I screamed and ran to her. "I didn't try to sleep with him. It's not my fault." she screamed. Louis was speechless and couldn't move. Her saying that made me feel worse about sleeping with her. Liam and Zayn helped me with Rosalin and took her to the bed. Eleanor couldn't believe what Harry just said. No one could. That wasn't like him. Did he mean it? I don't think we will ever know. I focused on Rosalin. Eleanor had her in her arms, She was hurt, when she calmed down she said. "His words only hurt cause of those names he called me.. Reminded me of school back home. I was tourtured everyday. kicked and beat. I even cause Kyson to get hurt by a bunch of guys. I hated the life there, see this bruise," She pulled up the shirt of mine she was wearing. "I was kicked. It hurt and still does, it wont go away." We all hugged her, I never really knew why that was on her side, now I do. I love Rosalin more than she would know. Eleanor started crying, it felt like we hugged for hours.

     Everything calmed down and Rosalin looked more sick then ever. Everyone hung out at my place for the day, playing games and making each other laugh. I forgot what Rosalin and I did the night before. Everyone got tired and left. "Niall can I sleep in here? I don't wanna be alone." I smiled and nodded. Rosalin was still in my shirt and my boxers, They were cute on her, I told her she could keep them. I looked at her on the bed, I was at the computer. "Wanna do a quick twit cam?" She smiled "Sure! I don't see why not. I feel much better." I laughed, "Most hangovers last a day, today was yours." She laughed. "And last!" I smiled  "Come on over here so we can start." She got up and walked over, She sat on my lap and I wrapped my arms around her like the night before. I stated it off, "Hey Twitcam people!!! How is everyone!" Rosalin smiled. "Hi! Everyone, I'm more myself today!!" I laughed "Yep someone had their first hangover today." I pointed at Rosalin and she and I laughed, "Ask tons of questions if you would like! This is going to be a short Twitcam so hurry! Niall and I promise to tell the truth!" Rosalin and I said at the same time, planned it of corse. She put her head in the crook neck and closed her eyes. Most questions were asking if we were dating and I told them. Not Yet. Next thing i know, Rosalin is asleep on my shoulder. I wispered in the cam "Okay guys, Rosalin fell asleep, so im going to bed guys! Tweet us @RoseyRosalin and @NiallOfficial. Love yall. You all are the best. Night" I blew a kiss in the camera and turned it off. I carried Rosalin to the bed and put her in it. I got on my pajama pants and plain white T-shirt. I crawled into bed and closed my eyes. "Hey Niall." I opened my eyes, " Yeah babe?" I looked at her. "What if, im ... pregnant." I could hear the worry in her voice. "I will be here and we will be amazing parents and will be amazing parents forever and ever." This made her laugh. "But im 16, your 19... what would people think?" I thought about it, the band would be ruined.. It worried me, "Umm, They would have to deal with it. I'm here to stay, if you need it." She smiled. "Thanks and Niall?" I was sleepy at this point. "Yeah," she got close to me. "I have always liked you. Every since I saw you. I knew I liked you. But I kept telling myself we were friends cause of Harry. I regret that..Maybe none of this would have happened." I was wide awake at this point now. I sighed "Don't say that, Everything happens for some good reason. Don't stress." She smiled. " Thanks Niall." She leaned over and kissed my lips. I kissed her back, she cuddled next to me and fell asleep. This next few days are going to be trouble.. nothing but trouble. I stayed up a little bit longer thinking. I strocked Rosalins hair and thought, what if she is pregnant, what would they guys think, Harry think, mostly Eleanor, will she think I took advantage of her.. How would it affect the band and school...Rosalin just got here and it could all be ruined cause of me... I'm not ready for reality. Nither is Rosalin. I couldn't take the thoughts anymore. I need sleep.





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