New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


39. From Better, To Worse.

     Rosalin P.O.V

*2 Weeks Later.*

   Everyone was sitting on the couch, Eleanor was getting big, It was odd seeing her with a big belly. I giggled as she was starting to feel kicking. I had Ella in my lap. She was walking well and eating more than she should. She never gained the weight. She is Niall's child for sure. I was starting to gain Niall's trust back. He was being really good, but Lou keep glaring at Niall. I always ask what was going on but he would just tell me he was playing around. I knew this wasn't true. You play with children that way.. not adults. Lou quit watching me because I was eating properly and I don't want to throw it up anymore.  I think that's good. I'm making progress. Niall got up and went to the back of the bus and Lou followed. I am sure there is something going on that I don't know about.

    Niall P.O.V

     I got up and walked away because Louis's glares were not making me feel better. I still haven't told Rosalin about Holly. I don't think she needs to know, I want to protect her.

Louis walked up behind me and grabbed my shoulder. "What the hell man!" I yelled at him. He didn't seem happy. "You still haven't told her!" I shook me head. "Why not Niall?! Your going to make me tell her myself, I don't want to!" I shook my head. " Then don't. I want to protect her!! Holly has been after her for a while. You don't have to tell her!" I walked away and joined Rosalin on the couch. Lou sat next to Eleanor and dropped the convocation. We turned the T.V to the news.

"We have a new, breaking story about a One Direction couple tonight!" The news person seemed sad.

I looked at Roslain and she was looking at Eleanor terrified. She grabbed Ella tight. I looked at Lou he was confused and didn't know what was going on. All our eyes wee glued to he screen

"One of the One Direction couples, could be in danger after this report." The telly screen turned to Holly? Rosalin looked at me and I was narrowed my eye brows. "What is going on Niall?" Rosalin turned to me. "I have no idea!" I turned to the telly where Holly was.

"So Holly, Your an Ex, Of Niall Horan?"

She nodded, "Yes. We are closer than ever now, or we should be"

Rosalin shot me a look, as did everyone else in the room did.

"What about Niall, Rosalin and their baby, Ella?"

Holly laughed, "They will be history. He doesn't really love them. He loves ME !"

"Why would that be, Explain to me the whole story."

Holly nodded. "Well it started a few weeks ago when I was back stage at the One Direction concert and it was after the show. I just went to tell Niall what a good job he and the boys did, when he just kissed me!"

Roslain had tears in her eyes but wouldn't let them fall.

Holly continued. "I pushed him off of me! I was like, 'What about your family and your soon to be wife? He shook his head. He told me ' I don't love them. I knocked Rosalin up in collage and had  to stick with her. She means nothing' and kissed me again. I always knew he would come back to me."

Everyone in the room looked at me. Roslain had her jaw open. She let Ella go. She ran over the Louis and he hugged her.

"Well Roslain came in and saw us kissing well she freaked out and stuff and threw the ring at Niall and I smiled. I couldn't help it. Rosalin started yelling and crying and then she wouldn't let him talk. Oh! She is Bulimic by the way. That shocked me, but she needs it. She was a fat cow. I saw a picture of her from yesterday and she still needs to lose the baby weight, or just loose the fat."

Zayn was sitting by Rosalin now and holding her hand as the tears fell slowly. Roslain scooted away from me.

"Anyway, she stormed out and Niall tried running after her but I don't know why. He said he loved me not her. I found out Rosalin left town to go to her moms. I waited outside of my car to see if Niall would come back for me and he did."

I shook my head. "No.. No.. No No.." I whispered and everyone looked at me.. Except Rosalin. She was waiting to hear the rest. Louis looked at me.

"So what happen when he came back for you?"

Holly smiled. "We hooked up. He kissed me and pushed me into the back seat of the car and we had sex. The best sex I have ever had. And now that leads me here today."

Rosalin broke down. Eleanor and Louis glared at me. Liam shook his head and was about to cry. Ella was sleeping in Louis arms.

"Why are you here today, I heard you have something to announce."

Everyone shut up and looked at the screen.

Holly smiled. "Yes" she looked right at the camera. "Well. I am pregnant. With Niall Horan's Baby!" She smiled and laughed.

Roslain stormed off the couch and ran to the back of the bus. I could hear her sobs and Eleanor got up and went after her. The boys looked at me with disgust. "What the Hell Niall?" Harry looked at me. "I never said any of that! I love Roslain and Ella!!" Liam scuffed. "That didn't keep you from sleeping with Holly, did it." I didn't say anything. "That's what I thought." He stormed off back to where Rosalin was.

I glared at Louis who was staring at me. "Looks like I didn't have to tell her after all.." Louis smirked. "Shut the hell up Louis." I wasn't in the mood I was about to lash out. "Why. You're so wrong. Your such a bad husband, daddy. I wonder why Rosalin ever stayed with you after she saw you and Holly the first time." I scuffed. "You sound like your jealous? I don't know why you are so much for Rosalin. She is mine , I know you have some type of feelings for her! The way you loo at her and act." He smiled. "Not true, your paranoid and you don't have her anymore so. Change is to was " He smirked. That was it. I'm done. I got off the couch and punched Louis in the face. " I said, SHUT THE HELL UP." Zayn rushed to Louis side, he was going to be okay. Just another sore eye. I needed to talk to Roslain.

      Roslain P.O.V

     I ran to the back of the bus. I can't believe I just heard and saw what I did. I didn't want to believe it.. Then again. I needed to. Eleanor came and hugged me. "Rosalin. I'm so sorry." I shook my head. "Should have expected it, really." I fake smiled at her and she hugged me. "I'm leaving..  I'm done. I can't take anything more. I'm moving back with my parents. I'm getting off of the tour." Eleanor's eyes watered up. "Il'l go with you! I need help with my new born I want you there for me. I will come with you!" I shook my head. "NO. Babe. Louis needs you here. It's his baby and I'm not taking him away from it." Eleanor frowned. "Him... Your not taking Him away from Louis." I wiped my face and smiled. "It's a boy..." She smiled and nodded. Tears falling down her face. I hugged her then Liam came up and hugged me. "Liam.." I said weakly. "Don't say anything. I'll help you through this. I never knew you were bulimic." I shook my head. "Not anymore, Louis helped me through it and I'm leaving. I can't take this right now and Ella needs a stable HOME. Not a bus. " I frowned. My eyes red from crying every night, counting tonight. Liam stocked my teary cheeks. "I will miss you..." I frowned. "Me too..." I put my forehead to Liam's, as we always do. He kissed my cheek. I smiled weakly and hugged him. "I going to miss you more." His white shirt was now see through cause of the tears. Eleanor was next to me in tears. We pulled her in for a hug. I heard Niall yell. I shook my head, "I've got to go." I let go and grabbed my bag and Ella's bag. It carried EVERYTHING we both owned.

    I walked back into the telly room and Louis was holding meat to his face with Ella in his lap, leaning on his chest. I knew what had happen, so did Eleanor and Liam. Louis frowned as he knew what was going to happen. I dropped the bags when Niall came over to me and shook my shoulders. "I love you and Ella. Just know that. I never.. EVER said anything to Holly like that. She lied." I shook my head. "Niall it's not about the kiss! I'm over that it's about that You went back to her.. and SLEPT with her!!! You got her pregnant. I'm, done. Ella and I need a stable home. I'm going to my parents house and staying there. I'm sorry but I am done." I shook him off my shoulders and grabbed the bags in one hand. "Ella say bye to your daddy, cause your not seeing him for a long. LONG. time." I said holding back tears and looking straight at him. Everyone else was in shock about that I was doing. Louis was about to cry. He loved both of us as if I was his sister and Ella was his own blood.

     Ella ran to Niall and he picked her up. "Bye Ella.. I love you and I WILL see you soon. Promise." She had her little arms wrapped around his neck. "Promise?" Ella asked with tears running down her face. He nodded crying and it made me cry. knowing he can't keep promises.. "Promise, baby girl." He let her down and Ella ran and grabbed my open hand. We walked over to the door. I stopped and turned around. "I will miss you all." I said making eye contact with everyone but Niall. "I will come visit when I am ready. and Niall." He looked at me with hopeful eyes. "He is your damn ring. Keep it and don't give it back. We are officially OVER,." I nodded and at that I left. I heard Eleanor's cried and Louis and Liam's broken heart. Harry was emotionless. I hopped into the cap with Ella and the bags. "Take me here please." I handed him the address and he headed that way. "It will be about 30 minutes to an Hour. That okay?" he handed me back the paper. "That's fine. Just get me out of here." He looked sorry as if he knew who I was. He was young for a taxi driver. We pulled off and Ella was asleep in my arms. I moved her hair out of her face. "I'm sorry daddy is stupid and hurting us both. I'm protecting only you now baby girl." I cried softly and fell asleep against the door.

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