New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


25. Free Day.

 Rosalin P.O.V


     I woke up to see Niall beside, Instantly making me smile. Today the boys had a freeday. Niall and I had plans to go shopping for some baby stuff. He came up with the Idea, I thought it was cute. I'm 2 months pregnant and barley showing, but you can tell something was there. I got out of the bunk and went to the bathroom then to the sitting area. Eleanor handed me Lady while she went to get some tea. "Paul said he would take Lady if we were going somewhere. He said he had no life unless the boys were involved, since he is away from his family. What are you and Niall doing today?" I smile at Lady as she played and tugged at the sweatshirt of Niall's I was wearing. "Niall and I are going baby shopping. like for clothes and stuff." Ele laughed, "You dragging him." I glared, " Nope! He is gragging me." We started laughing as Niall came and sat beside me kissing my cheek. "What are you and Louis doing?" Elenaor shrugged. "Staying around here for some alone time." Ele smiled and Niall laughed, "Yep, cause you two didn't have enough time yesterday switching saliva." I chocked on my water and laughed while Eleanor blushed, "Shut up Niall!" Louis walked in. Niall turned to him. "Hey Louis, How was Eles saliva yesterday." Louis winked. "Not as good as yours Nialler." Niall winked and they high fived. Eleanor turned red then laughed. I always thought Niall looked adorable when he winks. Niall laughed, "Hey Louis, Ele said you and her were going to stick around here today. Remember. NO SEX. Paul said so." Louis rolled his eyes while wrapping his arms around Eleanors waist and kissing her neck. "Bullshit. He can bite me." Paul walked onto the bus calling all the boys into the sitting area, "Louis, who can bite you."  Niall started laughing as Ele and I did too. " Umm.. Eleanor. Eleanor can bite me..." Louis back away from Ele a little. Paul gave him a look. "That's what I thought! Remember no sex!" Louis whined stomping one foot. "Why not!!" Paul ignored him causeing everyone but Louis to laugh. "Liam! Zayn! Harry!! Get in here NOW!!!" They guys piled in and sat on the couch, chair and floor. "Okay guys. Today is your day off. Don't go crazy drunk, don't be so crazy that you all or one will get hurt. Try to stick around here. Okay guys! Have fun!!" at that, Paul left and I went to change. Niall was already ready when I walked back into the sitting area. We walked off the bus holding hand in hand. Fans were outside and screaming, and crying. I laughed. We walked over the about 4 guards, they followed us as we went though a secret area. We told them where we wanted to go, they exchanged looks and agreed.


     We walked for about 5 to 10 minutes before reaching a baby store. We walked in and it was empty, thank gosh. After we entered the owner went to lock the door and close the curtins so we could shop in peace. The owner asked us questions and Niall and I answered happily. "Hey babe, what about this." Niall held up a pink dress with some booties that came with it. "I love it. But we don't know if it's a girl or boy." Niall thought on that. "Then lets get boy and girl clothing. In case we need them later, like this wont' be our last kid." I looked at him confused. "I want more than one kid like maybe two kids total." He shouted aross the store making the store owner and workers look, smile and laugh at us. I smiled and nodded my head. "Sounds like a great life. Sounds perfect." He smiled. We ended up getting about 5 girl clothes outfits and 5 boy clothes outfits.  We thanked all the poeple in the shop and Niall gave autographs. We left and hurried back to the bus.


     We entered the bus and Eleanor was in her bra and undies while Louis was in his underwear on top of her. They were on the couch. Niall busted into laughter Eleanor turned red as a firetruck and Louis just went to grab something. Niall shook his head. "Louis, go get some." I hit his arm, "We will leave and you have you 'Alone Time.' " I smiled and Ele mouthed ' hank you.'  We went out the door and left for a make up trailor. We went into a random one and Liam was in there smiling. We said hello and made him jump. " Hey guys!!" I put my bag of baby stuff down, "What are you smiling about. I looked up and saw a beautiful lady walk in. Liam stood up, "Rosalin this is Danielle. My girlfriend." I smile and shook her hand. "Hi, im Rosalin." I smiled sheeply. She laughed, "I heard your extreamly nice. Kinda made me think I had some competition." I laughed, "None at all. I'm Nialls forever and always." Nialls nose rubbed aginest my cheek. Danielle smiled, "Awe! That's adorable. You can just call me Dani. Only if you want." I smiled. "Uh thanks Dani." I smiled while Danielle turned to Liam. "I know I just got here but I wanna see Eleanor and say Hi." Niall laughed and I chuckled. Niall choked a lil, " he is on the bus.. with Louis. Don't bother them. We kinda walked in on them. Lets just say Louis is getting some about now." Niall and Liam busted into laughter. Dani and I rolled out eyes, "Yeah, so we wanted to chill somewhere and thought 'Oh Liam might be in his Trailer.' " I said to Dani and she nodded and smiled. Niall and Liam quit laughing, "Well, I guess you and the lovely Dani would like some alone time we shall go see Zayn." Niall grabbed the bag I set down and we left. We were walking and holding hands, swinging them. Fans went crazy as we walked and waving at them.


     We entered Zayn's trailor and some girl was sitting on his lap. They were kissing. Niall cleared his throat making the 2 of threm jump. Zayn stood up, "Hi guys, Rosalin this is Perrie, my girlfriend." I smiled as Perrie stook out her hand, "Hi there, I've heard a lot about you." She looked down and my tummy and back up at me I was looking at the wall. Perrie looked at zayn and he nodded. I looked at her. "Nice to meet you Perrie. Your really pretty." She smiled, "Thanks, how old are you?" I laughed, "I'm 16." Perrie's eyes grew huge and looked at Niall. "Wow you're so young, and adorable!!" I smiled, and tightened Nialls hand. "Rosalin, calm down babe, it's okay." I looked up at him. "We better leave, Rosalin is sleepy." Perrie and Zayn nodded. "Nice to meet you Perrie, see you around." Perrie smiled and waved bye.


     We went back to the bus hoping Ele and Lou were done with whatever, we walked in. Ele was asleep in Lous lap, and was covered in Louis's P.J bottoms and his top. He was just wearing some P.J bottoms. We quietly walked to a bedroom and shut the tiny door. Niall sat the bag of baby clothes down and started to strip into some P.J's while I got into some shorts. Niall watched me, "Wow your tummy is starting to show." I sighed, "Yes I know." I said rubbing it. Niall walked over and kissed it. "Daddy loves you." I smiled and he kissed me. "And daddy loves you too." Niall smiled and kissed my lips. We crawled into bed and took a nap.

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