New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


12. First Day.

            Rosalin P.O.V



        I walked to my classes with Eleanor and the boys. Eleanor was talking to Louis or everyone calls him, Lou, and I walk walking with the other guys. I wasn't talking much, I was amazed on how big the school was. I saw it before but it was either dark or in a paper. Liam, Zayn, and Harry kept teasing me saying the school was going to eat me and Niall was just laughing, Soon Niall ran into a pole and made Lou laugh so hard he fell on the ground. It was a great morning to start, I kept thinking about waking up in Niall's room. I know how I got there, It's just.. I liked being with him. Maybe im falling for him, like falling falling for him. My thoughts were interruped by Eleanor. "Rosalin, First class you have with me, only and then your Second class you have with Liam alone and then 3rd class you have alone with Harry and Zayn and your 4 class you have with Louis and your 5th class you have with Louis and Harry. Lastly you have a class with Niall. Oh i forgot a class, 7th class you have with all of us!" my eyes widened  "This is way to much for me.." Eleanor laughed,"Umm guys help her today, and this week.." she smiled and all the boys nodded. Harry stayed quiet mostly, after teasing me with the others he shut up completely. I ignored him mostly, its like he has a problem with me but at first everything was fine, now he wont even look at me, its weird. We walked for about 5 minutes, then Eleanor and I reached our class, Lou kissed Eleanor while I waved bye to the boys.


      Eleanor walked in the room, it was huge, it was a drama acting class, I laughed cause I suck at acting out anything. I followed behind and every one looked at me. Some smiled and some looked mad. We walked up to the teacher, I got into my shell. "Hey Eleanor. This must be my new student, Rosalin." I smiled. "Thanks, Eleanor, You may take your seat." Eleanor smiled at me and left to sat down. The teacher looked at me, appeared to be happy to have me there, "I hear you're very talented, I hope that is true. Oh by the way I'm Ms. Johnson." I laughed and followed her to the center of the room. "Okay class we have a talented soul right here, This is Rosalin. She came from the States, so be nice kids." Half the class smiled and kept saying "What's her accent like" All I heard was British, it was really over whelming. The other half of the class, the girls looked at me with jealousy. Saying, "Slut." I kept thinking, 'It followed me here'  Eleanor saw my face and heard some girls. Ms.Johnson smiled at me and then looked at the class "Okay, Class today will be a freeday, cause I have got some paper work to do, Be ready for acting test tomorrow," my eyes widen. "Rosalin you can lay lack this week and you will start with the class next week." She smiled and walked away. Eleanor smiled and pulled me to an empty seat next to her. "So guys this is Rosalin, a new friend of mine from Flordia!" She was smiling and seemed proud to say she was my friend, something I havn't had since Skyler... oh no!! Skylar I forgot all about her! I should give her a call but later. A guy sitting across from me ask me somthing, but I didn't catch it, "Huh, sorry, lost in my thoughts." He smiled, "Where you born in FLordia or you just lived there?" I smiled slightly, "I was born in Mississippi." He laughed and smiled. "What" I asked kinda embarrassed. "Nothing. Just your accent, it's adorable." I smiled and started to blush, Eleanor saw and giggled, "Rosalin, this is Jacob." I smiled and held out my hand, "Hi, Jacob! " he grabbed my hand and kissed it, "Hi, Rosalin." Everyone around me smiled and laughed. I was coming out of my shell when this girl came by me, "slut." I looked down, everyone around me had to of heard. They just loked at me, I started to tear up, thinking of my old school. Eleanor got pissed, She stood up. " Taylor! come here you little witch!!" everyone looked and even the teacher, " You have no right to call this innocent girl a slut when you have no room to talk and or, you don't know her! Shut the hell up before I make you!!" Taylor walked to Eleanor and had her fist in a ball, Eleanor looked down and laughed, "What are you going to do? Hit me with that thing you call a fist?" Taylor rolled her eyes and walked away, Eleanor sat down. "Are you okay, Rosalin ?" I looked up and wiped my face, "Yeah, just stuff." Eleanor pushed for an answer, "You can tell me, what's up?" I looked around and Jacob and others were watching, " I will tell you later." Sooner than I thought, the bell rang. I put on a fake smile and walked out with Eleanor. We met up with the boys and Eleanor and Liam talked all I heard was "Watch out for Taylor, she is targeting Rosalin." Liam nodded and took me to class, We waved bye to every one and walked away.


          The class was slightly smaller, " This is our, Writing class. " I smiled "Sounds fun!!" we walked in adn he took me to the teacher, Mr.Rick. "My star man, Liam, Whats up?!" I chuckled and Liam Turned red. "A new student is up! This is Rosalin." Mr.Rick smiled. " Perfect!! I love new students," he looked to me. "Hey Rosalin, I'm kinda a wacko so be warned," He turned back to Liam. " She is really pretty! " He winked, Liam laughed "You know I have a girlfriend. She just doesn't go here." Mr.Rick smiled, "That's right! how is she?" Liam laughed, "She is go-" I cleared my throat, Mr. Rick noticed " Ohhhh, Hey Rosalin," I laughed, "Liam she can sit by you, since she is with you." he winked again. Liam smiled "Not what you think Coach Rick." I followed Liam to the back, back of the class, Where all the guys where. I sighed. "You okay Rosey?" I fake smiled , "Yep!" he smiled back at me. "Good, Here this is empty all the time. Sit here, next to me." It was the Seat Behind him. One guy looked me up and down and looked at Liam "Nice job man! have you nailed her yet?" Liam hit the dudes arm, "No! I have a girlfriend and she is a friend of the guys, Eleanor and I's " he turned and smiled at me. I couldn't help but notice the girls in the front corner, looking at me and saying  stuff. Mr.Rick stood in the front of class. "This week will be a total free week, Don't feel like doing much, I'm sick and being forced to come so free week!! " Everyone smiled and yelled "Yay!" I just smiled and went into my shell. One of Liams friends turned to me, " So Where are you from babe?" His British accent taking over my mind, "America. Florida" Liam's eyes widened cause he never really heard me talk. They all smiled "Nice accent blondey," I laughed " Isn't that stereotype?" I asked jokingly. "Rosalin, this is Max!" Liam said, I laughed. "Hia Max." I smiled, "She is a keepy, my new bestie!!" Max yelled causing all the Taylor chicks to look and start calling names. Liam closed my ears but I just looked at him with hurt eyes, "Liam stop. I don't care anymore. They can bite me" I said about to cry again. Max was confused. Liam shook his head at him and he turned away. Liam wishpered "Everything is okay. They be jealous of new girls, cause they know they got competition." I smiled "Thanks Liam" The bell rang. We walked out into the hall and met up with everyone. "I dont think I can take anymore of these classes" I said frowning Eleanor padded my shoulder, "It's okay only 5 more classes to go." I groaned.. "Cheer up Sunshine, Next you have class with Harry and Zayn and my suggestion, stick with Zayn Harry is stupid and mean at the moments." I half smiled " Moments?" she laughed " Moments as in, all the time."  I laughed Zayn took my wrist and dragged me to class. I thought this should be fun! 


   We walked into the class and Harry went to his seat ignoring us. We walked up to the teacher "Hello Zayn who is this?" The woman smiled at me and I smiled back. "This is Rosalin, your new student!" She smiled more, "Great I have been expecting you! You can sit with Zayn, Have fun!!" Zayn took my wrist and dragged me to a seat behind him. "Okay class! this week is going to be a free week, not much work to be done. So enjoy it kiddos" I poked Zayns shoulder. "Yep?" he spun around. "Why do we have so many free classes?" He took the paper off my desk and laughed. "Well according by this. Your taking  collage classes. You only take them if your talented and super smart," I smiled" The only classes that might work you is, Drama and Music and Dance." I looked worried, "Why?" He laughed. "Well drama isn't that hard and Music and Dance is part of the school name so its worth a lot of a grade." He smiled and turned around. I couldn't help but wonder why Harry is being such a jerk, maybe it was something I did. We were all fine when we first met and now, It's like he hates me. I ignored my annoying thoughts and began to doodle 'Niall' everywhere. Zayn turned around to ask me somthing. "What are you doing?" I didn't notice till a few minutes later. "Huh? What? What did I miss!?" Zayn and a few other guys were looking at me and laughing, "Your mind" Zayn said sarcasticly. "But no seriously, Ask him out!" I looked down and saw Niall's name. "Who Niall? No, No I dont like him like that!" Zayn gave a Yeah-you-a-lie look and I laughed. Soon the bell rang. We got into the hall and he handed me over to Louis and walked away. "Where is Eleanor?" I asked looking around. "Class, she goes a different way. " I smiled "Oh." Louis smiled at me for a while. "What are you smiling at Mr.Happy?" he laughed "You remind me of a Panda" He started laughing more. "A Panda?? Really?" He smiled sweetly, "Yes! you look really sweet and at the same time you look like you can make a fly drop dead within seconds." I rolled my eyes playful like and hit his shoulder. "Okay, this lunch period so people tend to go crazy! See!" Niall passed us hyper like."FOOD! Food period! nom nom nom. FOOD" we laugh cause Niall was racing to his class room.


        Soon we entered our classroom. No one was there. I turned to Louis scared. He noticed and laughed. "Dont worry, I'm always the first here since I dont walk Eleanor to class." I smiled, "You can just stand by the desk, here I'll wait with you" I smiled and he skipped up to me. While people kept coming in looking at me and smiled. Louis kept asking questions. "What made you wanna come here?" I laughed "My love for music." he smiled at all my answers. "Wait aren't you here on a dance scholorship as well as music one?" I laughed. "Yeh, but I'm not much of a dancer." he smiled "I wanna see you dance!"  I went to say something but the teacher walked in. "Okay class FREEDAY!" I shook my head 'no' to Louis and he shook his 'yes'. We kept doing it until the teacher came up to us at his desk,"And who is this?" The male teacher said. Louis smiled. "This is Rosalin, your new student." He smiled and so did the teacher, "Ello love. My name is Mr.Dave! Take a seat next to Lou!" I laughed and followed Louis. "Lou?" I asked while sitting down. He smiled "Yeah that's a nickname people came up with, I like it." I smiled "Me too." we talked all class period then the bell rand for lunch, "Just leave your stuff here. We will come back and get it." I smiled and we walked out into the hall for lunch


     I got lost in the crowd and had to find my way around. I ran in to Eleanor on the way, "Rosalin? What are you doing way over here, lunch is that way." I smiled "I got lost and couldn't find anything." she frowned "Where is my boyfriend?" I shrugged "Got lost from him in the crowd. she smiled. "Come on, I shall take you there." she linked her arm in mine and we skipped to lunch. When we got there Eleanor showed me where they sit everything day. Then we left to get food.


      Niall P.O.V



        I smiled when I saw Rosalin and Eleanor, mostly Rosalin. I watched her walk away. I didn't know where she was going but I just wanted her to come back. Everything was interruped by Harry sitting infront of me, "Gosh, I hate new people." Everyone at the table looked at him. He rolled his eyes and sat down, I never understood why he does, but it's true. He seemed fine to me otherwise. Liam and Zayn giggled at the end of the table I glared at them. "What ?" they started busting out laughing, "You! you keep watching Rosalin! It's puppy love!" The girls came back with a tray and Rosalin sat beside me and Eleanor sat between Harry and Louis. I smiled. "What's Puppy love?" Eleanor asked looking at Liam and Zayn and then turned to me, I smiled sheepishly. Rosalin poked her food with a fork and put down it down. "What's wrong?" I wispered to her. she looked at me and smiled. "Nothing just thoughts are killing my tummy and making think its not hungry but it really is." I laughed. her voice was pretty, even when she sings. thinking about the other day she was playing with my guitar on my bed. "Awe. You want that srawberry?" she shook her head and smiled "I will feed it to you." she smiled again I started laughing, "Your laugh is cute!" she squealed. "So is your squeal" she blush as did I. "What are you two whispering about Niall and Rosalin." We both jump and laughed. "Nothing just stuff." Everyone watched us and even Harry. I looked at her eyes then lips then eyes again. she held up the srawberry, "Ready" she wispered whole giggling. I nodded and I bit it, I made groaning sounds and made everyone look and stare. Rosalin busted out laughing, Harry glared and ignored us. Everyone started laughing Louis blurted out. "You guys would be a perfect couple, 2 blondes, 2 jokers, PERFECT" Eleanor hit him and I blushed. Rosalin just looked down and Liam and Zayn agreed. Harry got up and left. Maybe he was Jealous?



        Harry P.O.V


     I walked away from lunch. I really hate new people cause I fall for them. When I first saw Rosalin and heard her talk. I instently had instrest in her. Maybe cause I fall for the looks, Niall falls for the heart, so I backed off. It is Killing me not to tell Rosalin, She is better off with Niall anyway, im a 'player' and a 'cheater' so called. People need to know when to open and close their mouths. I wish things were not so hard. I saw Niall and Rosalin sleeping in the same bed, My heart dropped. I tried not to be noticed. It hurt seeing her with him. I don't know what else I could do? Leave the school maybe? I dont know. I need to talk to someone. Louis maybe? or Eleanor? Need time to think. I think I need to go to Rosalin herself. Maybe I shouldn't say anything at all.



     Rosalin P.O.V.



     I can't believe Harry just stormed off like that. I hope he is okay. My next class I have with Harry and Louis. This should be fun, considering what had happen at lunch. I looked at Louis "Lou, you better not lose me this time." I smiled making Eleanor laugh at my words. Louis smiled flirt like "Not gonna happen Babe. " I laughed. British words mean different then I think they do. Everything is so different. The bell rang and Louis grabbed my wrist and we took off. Eleanor and everyone else laughing behind us. "Byeeeee " Louis yelled kissing Eleanor on the cheek and we were off again.


   We entered the room. it was small, but normal. The techer walked up to me, "Who are you?" she said rudely. Louis, Harry and everyone looked at me and the teacher, "I'm Rosalin, new student." The teacher smirked. "Oh so you got in and think you have the talent to be here."  I frowned "Well yeah-" I was cut off. "Class we have a smart ass here." I looked down and crossed my arms, "And she has a prissy attitude." Louis glared at the teacher. "Okay class your teacher said today is a freeday but I am in control untill she gets here, " She looked at me and I looked at her, "Go Sit Down Faggot, Or I Will Make You!" She started to walk away. I have had so much anger bult up from when before I was here. I exploded, "No! And you can't make me do anything!" Louis shot up from his seat and stood infront of me. "She didn't mean that. I will take her away now," That teacher glared. "You Better Tomlinson!" He glared when she walked away and out of the room. "Rosalin? what the hell do you think your doing." I looked away from him "Standing up for myself. I am done with people pushing me around, but I dont want a lable on me..." Louis hugged me "Hey it's okay. Looks like the teacher isn't here today so.. Yeah" I sat down and put my head down. The bell rang. Niall came and swooped me up and carried me to class, I laughed. People were laughing at how crazy we are.  When we got there the teacher was all lose and didn't care what we did, Ms.Fang, it was study hall so we did nothing, Niall and I talked and he flirted, I couldnt help but flirt back. Niall placed his hand near mine, "So how old are you?" I smirked, "I am 16." He frowned slightly and moved his hand away. "Wow, you're young" I nodded and smiled. He nodded, "Does age matter to you?" I shrugged, "Not really. Age is only a number" I winked playfully at him and laughed. Niall smiled and wink. I did like Niall, But i just really wanna be friends right now. School is a lot and its only day one. Soon the bell rang and one more class, it was the last class of the day... Thank gosh.


     I walked out of the class alone and walked my way to the last one alone. I knew where it was, I ran into it a few times. it was huge.. like a football field. I suppose it's for dancing, Louis walked up behind me scaring me. "I will see you dance." I laughed and shook my head, "Not a chance." The teacher came in and Shook her head," Today we can't do anything. The floors are being waxed. Rosalin can you come see me." Every one cheered as I walked up to the front of the class. " Hey Rosalin, Nice to meet you I am Ms. Ruby, dance instructor and vocal coach. Welcome to Music and Dance class." She said with a smile. I smiled back, "Thanks" I told her and went and sat down. Eleanor and everyone was there, this made me happy. When the bell rang, We all rushed out the door and I seperated and went to my room. No one noticed so it was all okay. I went to my room and layed down. School was sucky and tiring, or today was at least.



   Niall P.O.V


    "Hey Liam, Where is Rosalin?" Liam shrugged, " I dont know. Want to go check on her." I nodded my head and we left the group. We got to her door and knocked. I heard a sigh "Come in?" We opened her door and saw her on her bed laying there. "You okay?" Liam and I asked her. She nodded, "Just tired. School is over welming." Liam laughed." It was for us too, but we got use to it. Now we rock the school upside down and around." Rosalin laughed and I did too cause he did a Z-snap thing. "Nice, I just wanna sleep." We nodded and said bye and left. I didn't want to leave, but you can tell she needed sleep, she barely slept last night.












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