New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


17. Explaination Time.

Rosalin P.O.V


     I woke up around 5:00 a.m. feeling sick. I think I woke Niall when I was getting off the bed. I didn't care at the moment. I ran toward the bathroom, and started trowing my guts up. I heard a noise at the door, it wasn't Niall, it was Eleanor. "Rosalin! Are you okay?" She sounded worried, "Yeah, im fine.." Niall walked up behind her and so did Louis. "Rosalin, you don't' sound so sure." Niall sighed and put his hands on top of his head, "Eleanor, Louis, we as in Rosalin and I need to talk to y'all. Mostly Eleanor." Fear is all I felt at the moment. Niall walked over and helped me off the floor. Louis and Eleanor went and sat on Niall's bed and we followed. I got on my side where i have slept the last 2 days and covered up. Niall sat next to me and Eleanor was infront of me and Louis was sitting beside her, in front of Niall. "Okay, what do y'all need to tell us?" I looked down, I was scared of what Eleanor would say or do. Niall started. "Well you know Friday you told me to take care of Rosalin. Well we did a twitcam and Rosalin, kinda kissed me and things went a little too far." Eleanors eyes got big and Louis chuckled. I started crying softly to myself. "Well my point is... Rosalin might be.. Pregnant.." You could hear Niall's voice crack with sadness. Eleanor looked mad. I busted into tears causing everyone to jump. Louis got up and came and sat beside me and rubbed my back. He looked at Eleanor and gave her a look. Her face lightened. "Guys. Why?" Niall shrugged. Rosalin was cradled in Louis's arms, "I didn't know what happen. I woke up the next morning confused..I couldn't help anything." Eleanor nodded. "I know but Niall was fine. Why didn't you stop?" Niall gulped. "I Love her..." Everyone looked at him. I looked at him weirdly. "Why couldn't you just have told me." He looked at me. tears bult into his eyes. "You liked Harry." I shook my head. "I told you last night how I felt. Harry means nothing to me anymore." Niall nodded. "Rosalin, Will you go out with me?" Eleanor smiled. I laughed. "Yes! your my one an only Mr.Horan." Niall smiled and Louis went back to Eleanors side. "Okay love birds, we need to find out of Rosalin is really pregnant. I hate to say that word.. your so young." Louis frowned at Niall and I. " Kids are not suppose to have kids. Niall your barly an adult.. if even qualified as one. Rosalin your a teen.. You are 16." Louis fowned again. "I know.. what about school. What will they think. I just got here.." Eleanor shook her head. "We need to make sure if you really are pregnant, then we will go from there." I nodded. "Okay Rosalin, go get dressed. We are gonna go get some test.." Louis and Niall started talking with Eleanor and I left the room and went into mine.


I picked out this pair of skinny jeans, they where like tie-dye and a hoodie. I kept poking my tummy. Niall walked in when I was doing so. "You okay babe?" I nodded and yelled. "I'm Ready Eleanor." I looked at Niall. " Are you Coming with us?" He smiled and nodded. He grabbed my hand we left. Louis was driving and Eleanor in the front seat, putting Niall and I in the back. Soon we pulled up to this small store. We walked in and went to the Pharmacy and got some test. we got three. We checked out and left. Eleanor handed me the bag in the car and I threw it on the floor. Niall grabbed my hand and kissed it. "It is going to be okay. I'm here no matter what." I smiled. We got back to Niall's dorm and Eleanor looked at me. "Okay Rosalin. time to go pee on a stick.. Well three sticks." The guys laughed. I did too, it sounded really bad. I ended up glaring at them. "Oh no! the mood swings." Louis said. I walked over to him and punched his arm. "Not! funny!" Eleanor laughed and grabbed my hand. We went into the Bathroom and shut the door and locked it. By this time it was about 9:00 in the morning. Eleanor read the instuctions. She handed me the three sticks and left the room. I sighed and took them. About five minutes later I looked at them. two negative, one postitive. I dragged Eleanor, who was outside the door, in. "What does it say?" I pointed and smiled. She sighed and smiled. "Okay! everything is okay." I smiled and we went into Niall's room. "Two were negative and one was positive." Louis smiled and Niall was confused, "Shouldn't we worry about the one positive?" Eleanor shook her head. "No need, the two negative cancled it out. You two are safe." Niall smiled and ran over to me, picked me up kissing and spinning me. I giggled. Elanor was sitting on Louis's lap. "Okay KIDS come here" We walked over and I sat on Niall's lap Louis started, "Since evrything is clear. Does NOT mean that you two can go off and have fabulous sex again." Niall rolled his eyes. making me laugh. I spoke up. "Never again, well for right now.." Eleanor looked at me then Louis then me again. "Was that your first time?" I looked down. Niall tickled my sides till I answered. "YES!"I screamed everyone laughed. Liam and Zayn appeared at the door. "What was her first time." Louis laughed and made a hand geature. Liam looked at me, who was sitting on Nialls lap. "You two?" Niall and I nodded. "Daddy Direction needs to keep up." Zayn added. Liam hit his arm. "Enough Bad boy." Zayn glared. "When did this happen kids." Eleanor filled them up on EVERYTHING, the scare, the twitcam. me being sick this morning. Liam was in shock, "Where have I been?" Zayn laughed. "Cutting your hair off." Liam glared at him again. "Enough Zayn!!" We all laughed. "Yeah we already told them don't do it again thing." Louis said. Liam and Zayn just laughed.


We all went to lunch. I wasn't really hungry so I skipped it. "Rosalin. Why are you not eating?" Eleanor asked. "I'm not hungry." Niall grabbed my hand and put a chicken leg infront of me. I rolled my eyes and put it back in front of him. He frowned. I just shook my head. By time I knew it, it was time for bed. School in the morning. "Rosalin, you can sleep in here." I shook my head. "I dont wanna take your space." He smiled. "You're not! You're making it better." He grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bed and kissing my cheek. "Can I sleep now." I sassed him. Niall groaned. "Fine!" he laughed and we got into bed. "I'm glad I have you Rosalin." I smiled and kissed him. "I'm so happy I have my love." I smiled at him and cuddled to him. I fell asleep instantly.

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