New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


6. Dropping Out.

     Rosalin P.O.V


       I looked at the clock, 7:15 A.M. My parents came up stairs, "Rosalin, we need to get going. You've got to get ready to leave soon." They started to leave the room and I grabbed about 5 suitcases, my dad stopped, "Come on Rose! you can pack later!" he laughed. I dropped what I was doing and grabbed my phone. We all climbed in the car and started heading to the school, I had all my stuff with me so I could turn everything in. "Are you excited Hun? My mom asked kinda worried. I nodded my head, thinking how I have to leave my parents and Cade for basically a year or more. "Yes! I'm ready to start over. Make new friends. Eleanor and I are close to friends. She said she would be happy to show me around and share her friends with me." I laughed at my choice of words. Dad was silent half way there. "You know Rose, I'm going to miss you more than the earth its self " He frowned a little. It always hurt me to see my dad like that. I love him but I need to see what the world will offer me. "Me too. But I need an adventure and try new things!" He smiled at the suringful attitude i had, I was certain this was gonna be perfect!


      We pulled up the school and got out of the car. We entered the school and there was no one in the halls. We walked into the office, there was the normal office staff, who knew me very well, not for any bad reasons. "Ahh there she is, Rosalin, your never late for school, what happen? I'll give you an exscuse for class." she smiled. I half smiled cause I loved these people. "Actually, I wont need one. I'm withdrawing from the school. That's why my parents are with me." there was a shock on her face and a bit of saddness. "Where are you going hun? You moving somewhere? " Everyone in the office looked at me. "I am, my parents are not. I got accepted in that UK school I was telling you about." I smiled and so did she. "Thats great baby! I wish you the best of luck." My parents smiled and I did too, so did everyone in the office "Thanks" I answered her. When we were finished talking the principle of the school came out, "Rosalin," she said with a smile, "Come on in here, I got you all ready to leave!" My parents and I walked to her office slowly as we walked by we heard whispers, "There goes our best student here, so sad to see her go."  I smiled at the good things they were saying. We all entered the principles office, it was nice. I had never been in her office before.

     My parents and I sat in front of her desk while she sat behind it. "Okay, Rosalin, the principle from Uk School of Music and Dance called me this morning and told me everything that you need to know when you leave here and start next week over there." I nodded as in to let her know I was catching every word. "I believe her name was Mary. She is called Mistress over there. Well she said that you will be picked up by someone from the school and that when you get there, find her office and go from there. She is excited to meet you, as I was. Your a fantastic student, all A's and very high A's as that is. The staff will miss you very much. Oh how are you iguries?" I shrugged my shoulders. The not on my head was basiclly gone and the bruise on my side was gonna be there for a while. "Good! I am so excited, umm do you know when I'm leaving?" She looked at her papers and pointed at something, "2:00 p.m. today." my eyes widened. "Wow that's not a lot of time." I said kind of sadly looking at my mom and dad. The principle laughed. "I know but everything is taken care of. All you need to do is go turn in your books and say bye to whatever friends you want." she said with a smile. I gave a fake smile, thinking 'What friends.'   I was handed a peice of paper stating what I was doing, Withdrawing and truning in my books. I told my parents to wait in the front.

     I decided to go turn in my books and I would go like I do evryday, by class to class in order. I went into my old English class, Ms.Kays room, I walked in carrying all my books. Ms.Kay looked at me and was relieved to see me. "Rosalin, I thought you were not coming!" I saw Grayson and she was whispering to her friends. I looked at Ms.Kay with sad eyes. "What's wrong Rosalin?" I heard Grayson say "Oh she got kicked out for being such a freak" I ignored her comment, knowing she would never be able to accomplish what I did. I handed Ms.Kay the sheet of paper and it was like it broke her. "Oh my. Why are you leaving?" I smiled " I got accepted to the Uk Music School" I said it kinda loudly. I heard gasp from Grayson and her group. "Great one less freak in the US!" Ms.Kay looked at me, "Do you want me to do something? " I shook my head, " Nah, cause this is my last day seeing her ever again, and she will never be accepted to a performing arts school" I laughed. Ms.Kay smiled. "I'm so happy that those girls are not getting to you anymore! I'm glad you made your dreams come true!!" I smiled and went to leave then turned around and ran back. "Two more things?" she smiled "Yes, anything for you Rosalin." I smiled " One, I need my slip back and Two, Do you know where Kyson Calder is? like which class he is in." she smiled and handed me my slip. " Kyson is another one of my favorite students and he is in room, 682, Spanish." I smiled and hugged her, "Thanks you Ms.Kay, for everything, your the best teacher ever!" she smiled and I left. Time to go see Kyson!

     I looked at my phone, it was almost 8:00. I needed to hurry up and finish. I already taken all my books, I just need to talk to Kyson. I walked up to the door the the room and knocked. "Come in!!" I heard behind the door. I walked over the the teacher, "May I please Speck with Kyson Calder in the hall, it will be fast!" she smiled and nodded, "Yes, but i will need him back ASAP, we have a test to take." she handed back my paper and I waved at kyson to come on. I pulled him in the hall. "Rosey, what are you doing out of class?" I smiled at him and handed him the note I have been carring around all the morning, he frowned a little then smiled. "OH MY GOD, you made it !?" I nodded happily and hugged him, "All thanks to you and your sister. She helped me talk to the school and you gave me her number!" he smiled and kissed me. I pulled away shocked. "I-I'm sorry Rosey." I smiled, " it's okay, i've always liked you anyway" I laughed and he smiled. "Same here, ever since 7th grade." I smiled and got a text, From: MOM. "Come one we need to go!"  I locked my phone and shoved it into my pocket, "Kyson I have to go, I leave at 2:00 this afternoon." he looked down and frowned. I lifted his head and kissed his cheek. " Smile Kyson, I will see you again and sorry I couldn't meet Kali! I will meet her and see you soon!" he smiled. "I've got to go now!" I hugged him tight not wanting to let go. my best friend for so long and I had to leave him. The teacher came out of the room and poked her head out, "Are yall done out here?" she joked. I laughed and Kyson turned red. "Yes'mam. Kyson can go back to your room " I hugged him one last time and took off. I ran back up to the front of the school and told the principle I was done with what I had to do. she hugged me and took a picture so everyone will remember the 'best student ever' or that's what they said. I took off with my parents back home. Now it's time to pack and hope for the best!

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