New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


19. Doctors, BRITS, And Surprizes.

~A few weeks to a month later~

Roslain P.O.V


     It has been a month since Niall and I got together, Im in the best mood ever. I started gaining waight, I have no idea why. I quit eating and now I'm all sick again. I don't know what to do.

     I was laying on Niall's bed and Niall was at the computer desk doing some work. When I felt really ill. I got up and ran to the bathroom. Niall followed. Pulling my hair back as threw up my guts. I fell back into his arms and cried. "Get Eleanor." Niall left, I got up barley. and looked in the mirror. You could see my ribs and my spin. That has never happened to me before. I keep gaining waight, I wanted to stop. Next thing I know Eleanor ran into the door, "Rosalin, Niall called me I got here as fast as I could and-" she looked at me. "Omg... What happen?" I pulled Eleanor in the bathroom and closed the door, "I keep gaining waight and I wanted to stop, so I quit eating and look, nothing is gone, but the fat around my back and ribs." Eleanor looked at me. "So you have been lying to us about eating?" I nodded. feeling the need to cry. Eleanor pulled out her phone. "What are you doing." she still looked at her phone, "Calling a doctor and setting an appointment." I started to cry. "Yes! Hello, I need an appointment for Wend. Yes. Mhm. Thanks, Bye now"  She looked up and hugged me. "No need to starve yourself, your perfect." I smiled. Eleanor pulled me back when I was about to leave. "Rosalin, do you think that your, pregnant?" I shook my head, "No, after that one time we have not done anything, and haven't been sick as much." Eleanor cocked an eyebrow, "As Much." I sighed, "Great." I put my head in my hands and walk out of the bathroom. I bumped into Zayn, "Woah! Sorry babe. Didn't see you there. Are you okay?" I nodded my head, and Zayn laughed, pulling my hand out of my face. "Why are you crying?" I smiled, "No reason babe" Eleanor and I walked into Niall's room and Liam, Louis, and Harry was there. Harry smiled at me. "Rosalin, I'm so sorry. I was mad and didn't mean to hurt you," I fake smiled. "Are you sure your not just lying " He laughed, "I'm not lying, Friends?" I fake smiled again. "Friends." Niall got up and walked over and hugged me. "Babe? Have you gotten skinnier? If that even possible. "I shrugged, "Anyway, the BRIT awards are wend." Eleanor sighed, "Rosalin and I have a thing, but I think we can make it." We smiled. "That's great! Can't wait." Niall kissed my head.


     Before I knew it, Wend. came fast. After school Eleanor and I went to the doctor for my appointment. I was nervous. The doctor took some blood and took a look at my body, Kinda creepy. He came back about 30 minutes later. "Rosalin, looks like your results say your pregnant, about a month." I knew it so I didn't just bust into tears. Eleanor spoke up. "She has not been eating at all.. Is she and the baby okay?" The doctor shook his head. " Hard to tell, because she is so early along. All I can say is get back on a right and healthy diet. Things should be fine." I nodded, We left and the car ride back to the School was longer then going. What was I going to tell Niall. "Eleanor, What am I going to tell Niall?" She shrugged. "I don't know. Tonight would be good, that way yall will have a good days to talk about it." I nodded, "Yeah but the BRITS are tonight."  We pulled up into the school and parked. "Oh yeah! We need to go. So they think won't anything is wrong." I laughed. "True but I need to tell Niall as soon as possible. The after party will be a handful. He needs to know before he gets all drunk." Eleanor nodded. "You make a good point Rosalin. Just do what you think is best." I nodded, "Tonight it is."  I smiled and we walked up to the dorm. Niall and the boys came out in suits and ties. Eleanor and I laughed, They looked so stupid trying to fix their ties. I see why my dad always wore a clip on. I looked at Niall. "Come here babe." He walked over to me and Liam behind him. "ME NEXT ME NEXT" I laughed at his child like behavor. I fixed Nialls tie and kissed him on his lips. Liam came up next. I fixed his tie and patted his shoulder and smiled. Liam frowned. "No kiss for Liam..." I laughed and looked at Niall, He laughed and nodded. I kissed his cheek, "OH YEAH! Who is your daddy direction now!!" We all busted into laughter and even Harry, Who looked stunning as did all the boys. I worried about telling Niall, I put it to the back of my mind. Eleanor and I went to my room to get dressed. I was wearing this nice flare dress with some black anckle wedge books. Eleanor was wearing a skin tight black dress with some red heels. We walked out and everyone looked at us. Niall walked over and grabbed me by my waist. "Rosalin I swear you have gotten smaller." I laughed. "Nope, your just getting bigger." He glared playfully. I frowned, "Niall I need to tell you something." Niall looked concerned. "Yeah babe, anything?" Liam looked at his clock, "Come one people. We are going to be late!!!" I shrugged. "Tell you later? " Niall smiled, "Are you sure?" I smiled and nodded. He grabbed my hand and we all left.


     We got to the BRITs, there were alot of celeberties, most of them were my favorite. I don't really have fan-girl moments, so I was calm. A weightier showed up to our table. Niall kept an eye on me. Making sure I was surviving all the excitement. I couldn't stop smiling. Soon the boys left cause they had to perform. Eleanor came and sat beside me at the table. "Have you told him?" I shook my head, "Not yet, I haven't had the time too. I plan on doing it when they get back from their perfeormance." Eleanor smiled and nodded, "Good." About 10 minutes passed and the boys came back. Niall kissed my cheek, "How we do babe?" I smiled wide, "Amazing!! I loved it. " He smiled and put his am around me and we cuddled during the awards. Eleanor shot me a look and I knew I had to do this now. "Niall, I need to tell you now."  Niall and the boys looked at me and Niall all wide eyed, "Go head babe" I took a deep breath "Niall, I'm.. I'm pregnant.." The boys jaw dropped and I felt tears, Harry was most shocked. At the same time the announcer called the boys for an award. "The award goes to .. One Direction." Everyone cheered and the boys still looked at me. I couldn't looked at them. " Come On Boys!!! Yall won." Eleanor hit Louis. " Omg! Guys we won come on!!!" Louis got up and pulled Niall away from the table. Niall turned pale and then regained his color. They boys got on stage. "We like to thank, our fans and families. Mostly our fans, They are the reason we are here." Louis said into the mic. " Yeah we would be no where without this amazing fan base all around the world." Liam said into the mic. Niall grabbed the mic. "We would be no where witout our fans and our amazing One DIrection Girlfriends, that are with us throught out thick and thin. They are here to help support us tonight. Thank you Rosalin and Eleanor for making time to join us tonight. I will always be here to support you" Niall smiled at me. I knew everything was alright. The boys came back to the table and they looked at Niall and I. I was still crying from fear. "Rosalin, we are here for you babe." Liam said, then he smiled when I looked up. Niall looked at me, "We are going to be okay." He kissed me on my lips, people started snapping pictures, one of them was Liam. Niall and I glared at him. "Come on, sour people. Little Liam will love to hear about this," Louis scuffed, "Little Liam? Little Louis sounds better.  We laughed. Eleanor smiled at me. I nodded. She spoke. " I think the name Eleanor is perfect!" I laughed. Soon the awards ended and we went back to the dorms.

     We skipped the after party, except Harry. He went ahead and went to the after party. Niall and the rest of the boys and Eleanor came and joined us in Niall's dorm. "What will the school say." We all froze when I asked this. Louis shrugged, "Kick you out, you cant' dance when your pregnant. Not healthy, Making the baby bounce is bad," We laughed, "Yeah but we have to tell the principle. She might be able to help you, or us." Niall said wrapping his arms around my boney waist. "All we need is a good night sleep!" Liam said yawning and standing. Zayn pushed him back down. "No sleep. Just party." Liam glared. "Daddy Direction said bed, NOW !" Liam laughed and pointed for the door. Zayn put his head down, " Yes sir. I will go beddy bye" We all laughed and Liam kissed my cheek and hugged Niall. Zayn did the same, they both left. Louis and Eleanor left about five minutes after them. "Congrates Louis. Goodnight," I called out. I looked at Niall after Louis closed the door. "Everything happens to us." I said Laying on my back. Niall layed beside me, "Things could be worse." I nodded, "Yeah, I know. I think it is time for sleep.. Long day, and night.  Niall laughed, "Sounds good, I'm gonna tweet to the fans quickly." Niall picked up his phone and started typing, I grabbed my phone and Took a picture, and smiled. The flash scared Niall. "The hell are you doing?" He laughed. " I showed him. "You make funny pictures while texting." He smiled. "As do you." I layed down and he joined me. "Niall, how are we going to do this while your going on tour in a few weeks," He shrugged. "You go with me. We go to the US in about three or four months. See your parents? " I hit my head. "My parents, what am I going to tell them. I'm screwed." Niall shook his head, "No your not. Why you say that?" I looked at him, "They would want me to stay home and go no where. Take care of the baby in their care. It might be a good idea. You tour while I be pregnant at home." I shrugged, Niall jumped to answer, "No No. My kid, My girlfriend, My responsibility. Tour is my job, I can do both, be a loving boyfriend and be the super dad." I laughed, "So you say, night Super dad." He smiled and laughed, "Night Love." I couldn't stop thinking about what Sky, Kyson and my parents would think about this.. Scary thinking,

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