New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


14. Day Two.

     Rosalin P.O.V


     I woke up that morning, feeling refershed and happy. I just finsihed getting ready, when there was a knock at my door. "Morning Rosalin." I saw Liam and Niall. I smiled and waved them in. "Morning guys!" I kinda shouted with a smile. "Someone is in a fantastic mood today!" Liam laughed. I nodded my head. "Does this school have a strict uniform policy here?" The guys laughed as if I was joking, then stoped. "Oh your serious? Well no.. You don't see us in uniforms" Niall said with a straught face, then started laughing. Eleanor and Louis walked to my room with Harry, He was smiling. I smiled at him. Eleanor noticed and looked at me with big eyes. I shook my head and laughed. No one but us knew what was happening. "Rosalin, you put your room  together well" Louis walked sassy like around it. "Yeah, I try to keep it clean unlike others." I looked at Niall, he laughed and looked down. I looked at my phone. "Guys we should get going, it is getting kinda late." I texted Kyson before putting it away. TO Kyson (:  My morning is starting but your day is ending. Night Kye Kye. Miss you bestie.  Eleanor was looking over my shoulder. "Have a thing for my brother?" I laughed "Nah, we are just close friends. Always have been since middle school." Eleanor's face lit up. "Wait, where you that little girl that always tried talking in a British accent cause of me?" I laughed and thought. I was. "Yes!! I remembered that! I adored that accent." The boys were listening to us talk. Eleanor was beside Louis and I was beside Eleanor. Niall on my otherside, Harry of the other side of Niall, smiling every time I talked. Liam and Zayn were up ahead being idiots, chasing eachother. I came to love my new friends. Kyson and Sky would always be my bestfriend though. We made it to Eleanor and I's class. Louis Kissed ELeanor. and I got a hug from Niall and Harry tugged on my shirt and smiled before leaveing. Eleanor noticed that too. It's like she was stalking Harry's every move, making sure he doesn't hurt me? Or making sure he is being good.


We walked into the class and took our seats, Ms. Johnson spoke "Guys, I dont feel good, Free day for the rest of the week, forget about the test, everyone gets a free 100. Some of you need it anyway, Rosalin you get a 100 too." She didn't sound too good. The class stayed quiet so we wouldn't aggravate her. Eleanor turned towrds me. "What's with you and Harry?" I laughed. "I don't know, I guess we just met on terms and he doesn't hate me anymore?" She smiled, "That's good! Maybe everyone will be happy at lunch!" I laughed. It seemed like we didn't last long in that class cause the bell rang scaring Ms.Johnson, we laughed and left the class room, Meeting up with Louis and the others. I smiled, This day is turning out so perfect. Liam smiled at me and took my hand and we went to class. We didn't do anything at all in class.

     The bell rang pretty quick. I met up wth Louis and we went to 3rd period.
"Rosalin?" I looked up from my work. " Yeah Louis?" He frowned " Am i annoying you?" I smiled, " No? What do you need?" I laughed, his frown went into a smile. "Do you like Niall?" I smiled, "As a Friend, yes, as like a boyfriend, not right now. Why?" Louis laughed, "He was wondering. " smiled. "Awe thats cute," Louis smiled. "Just like you!" he said with a playful wink. I laughed "As well as you Mr.Tomlinson!" He blushed. I rolled my eyes, playfully. We got back to work. Just a few minutes later. That witchy teacher from yesterday popped into the door, " I need to see Rosalin Sheperd. Bring Louis Tomlingson too." Louis sighed. "It's TomlINson"  The lady rolled her eyes, " I dont care! Come on you two." I looked at Louis scared like. We both got up and everyone watched, "Evryone get back to work!!" Mr.Dave yelled at the class. I jumped. When Louis got out into the hall he grbbed my hand, I was shacking, he was trying to calm me down. "Look you two! I am not going to put up with two KIDS smarting off on me. Not letting two sophomores do that" Louis got pissed." Excuse you? Im a Sophomore in Collage here!! and maybe you shouldn't be talking to kids like you do! If you treated them with respect they would treat you with repect! Now good day!" Louis snaped in a Z formation, I laughed just a little, not enough for them to notice. Still holding my hand he dragged me inside the class room. I let go when people started to stare. "Is everything alright Louis?" Mr.Rick asked. "Yeah!" he said annoyed.  I looked down scared. Louis turned to me. "Are you okay Rosey?" his mood lightened. I nodded and still shacking. "Louis, how are you a Sophomore in Collage?" Louis laughed, "You see I passed High School" Louis laughed. "Not what i meant." He smiled. "This is a High school and Collage." I nodded. "Makes since why I think seniors are too old to be here!" He laughed and the bell rang. "Thanks for sticking up for us." He shrugged "it's nothing. I hate that witch anyway." I giggled. "Who is she?" He shrugged , "Freshman teacher, you lucked out coming here sophmore year. We just call her Ms.Witch." He smiled a Eleanor came up. "Hey guys!! How was class?"  I looked down "Freighting" Eleanor looked confused, Louis stepped in. "You remember Ms.Witch," Eleanors eyes got wide, "Yeah well she took Rosalin and I into the hall and started yelling at us for yesterday." Eleanor shook her head. " I hated her, she never even taught, just yelled." I laughed at the exression on her face, she was striaght faced and looking straight forward with her head cocked a little. Soon Harry joined us and then Eleanor left for class. Louis, Harry, and I all went to class. Harry sat where he noramlly does and I sat with Louis again. The teachers here don't care what we do so we did nothing. I talked to Louis and Harry kept looking back and smiling at me and laughing. "Rosalin" I didn't answer "Rosalin!!" I still didn't answer. "My god... Rosalin Answer ME!" Louis yelled in my ear, "Yeah, huh what?" Louis sighed and laughed. "No!" I  broke Harry and I's gaze and looked at Louis confused. "No what?" Louis sighed. "NO Harry, I don't trust him with you. He can and might or will hurt you." I laughed, "Your funny, no he wouldn't he is the sweetest person ever!" Louis gave me a look. "See that girl over there?"  He was looking at a blonde with beautiful blue eyes. I nodded, "Harry dated her for a week and got in her pants, then dumped her, He goes for the blondes." I looked at my hair and laughed, "Your just saying that to scare me!" Louis looked serious. "Am I? Am I Really? You will learn from your mistakes."  He turned around. I doodled till the bell rang.  It was time for lunch.


Eleanor P.O.V


     When the bell rang I grabbed my stuff and rushed to meet everyone. Everyone was there. I smiled and grabbed Louis's hand and we went to the table . Harry seemed to be in such a better mood today. We all arrived in the lunch room and Rosalin went to get food with Harry, they didn't talk. I looked at Louis and Niall. "Have yall noticed how Rosalin and Harry have been acting today?" Louis nodded, "Yep, I saw Harry coming into the building around one this morning when I was getting something to drink and to wee. He said he went for a walk." Louis and I looked at Niall, "I saw Rosalin sitting outside her door around 12 maybe 1. She accadently locked herself out. She said she went walking also." Niall looked sad as we put the picture together. I looked at him, "Sorry Niall." He shrugged, "Always happens, I'm used to it." he put on a fake smile, that broke my heart, Louis could tell too. He rubbed circles in my back. I sighed. What if we are wrong. Maybe there is nothing going on betweeen them.


Rosalin P.O.V


After we were out of the groups sight, Harry turned to me. "Rosalin, I keep thinking about that kiss or kisses and, I want more of them.. I want you." I smiled. "I want you too, but I don't think I can handle a relationship at the moment." Harry frowned. "Can we act like we are boyfriend and girlfriend?" I looked at him, "What you mean?" he laughed, "Like still kiss and hug and stuff." I nodded my head "Oh yeah!! I don't see why not." He smiled. We grabbed our trays and went to the table. I sat next to Niall and Harry sat across Niall. We all sat like yeasterday. I looked at Niall. He looked upset. I played with his hair a little then stoped. I whispered "What's wrong?" He looked at me with hurt eyes, "Do you like Harry? Like Like him, You would date him?" I looked down. "I knew it, and I understand. He is much better than me." Those words broke my heart. "Hey not true, your amazing and any girl would be lucky to have you. It's just Harry is different and I do like you, as like family and friends. I could grow of a different Liking of you, but right now I can't." I kissed his cheek and he looked up and smiled at me. I couldn't eat I just dumped my tray, "Rosalin, why didn't' you eat?" Liam asked me, I shrugged "No reason." I walked away. leaving him confused. Soon lunch was over. We all headed to our classes. Niall wouldn't talk to me much so that class was boring. We all met up and went to our last class.


     We all walked in and took our seats. "Okay class, our new student, Rosalin, has to either sing or dance, for her first grade. All of yall had to do it, so does she." I about panicked when Ms. Ruby said that, " But- But I don't know.." Louis looked at me. " Do what you know best, she doesn't grade hard." I smiled and went up to the front. I told her I wanted to sing. "Okay, Rosalin, Since your new buddies are One Direction, I want you to sing one of their songs, "I smiled " that's easy!" everyone laughed. "Good, what are you going to sing."  I thought and Moments popped into my mind. " I will sing and play Moments." The teacher looked shocked, "Play" I nodded, "The guitar." Ms. Ruby laughed. "Perfect. you already have extra credit." Niall came up to me smiling and handed me a guitar. "You can do this Rosalin! " I kissed his cheek. "Thanks" I put the guitar around my neck and began to pick, and sing.

"Shut the door
Turn the light off
I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this
Even though I try" 

I could see tears form in some peoples eyes and then by the end


"You know I’ll be
Your life
Your voice
Your reason to be
My love
My heart
Is breathing for this
In time
I’ll find the words to say
Before you leave me today"


I saw tears in peoples eyes. and Eleanor had her head was on Louis's Soulder, crying. I didn't think it was that good. "Okay, thank you Rosalin. You did amazing!" Ms.Ruby said through her tears. The boys and Eleanor rushed up and hugged me. I was happy I did well. Harry hugged me and then Kissed me infront of everyone, everyone went sighlent then cheered. Niall was smiling, Louis didn't seem happy, but he is looking out for me. I am happy for that. By time everyone settled it was time to leave class.


The week went by fast. Harry and I hold hands in public and he kisses me before I go into class like Louis does to Eleanor. I even sit next to Harry in one class. Things were going great. Now it's time to party! It was weekend ! Can't wait to see what is in store!










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