New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


24. Craized Fans, Puppy Love and Hate.

Rosalin P.O.V


I woke up the next morning and of course Niall was gone, rehearsals. I was really starting to miss him, I know I see him every night, but it's not the same as having him with me 24/7. I walked to the mini couch and saw Eleanor and Lady, the Cocker-poo we found the day before. I smiled, "Morning ladys." Eleanor jumped a little. "Oh Morning!" She smile and Lady whined a little. I sat down beside them, "How is she? " Eleanor smiled big, " She is doing great!! She can walk. Kind of.. she stumbles but she is normal for a pup at 3 weeks." I nodded and smiled. I heard a noise in the bathroom, "Who is in there."  Eleanor shrugged, " One of the guys I think." I nodded and shrugged it off. "I really need in there, not feeling the best this morning." I half smiled. Eleanor nodded, "Understand." Eleanor and I talked for a few more minutes and then we heard a bang coming from the bathroom. Eleanor and I exchanged looks, Ele put Lady on the couch and we walked to the bathroom door and I knocked softly, "Guys, you okay in there?" We got no answer, Ele nudgged my shoulder. The door was unlocked. Eleanor and I decided to bust through the door. We went through the door and there was some fan in there, Everyone screamed. "WHERE ARE THE BOYS, I WANT  THEM! GIVE THEM TO ME!!" My eyes got huge as this chick was talking. Eleanor panicked and went to get sercerity. I didn't say much. but I did ask a few questions. "How did you get in here?" She didn't say anything, just looked at me and then my tummy. "Your the slut Niall got stuck with! Your that slut everyone is hating on!! Or. your just a fat slut! Lose weight slut. " my heart hurt. The word "slut" kept repeating in my mind. Mainly because she said it like 5 times, maybe more. I didn't say a thing. Eleanor came back with the guards and pointed to her. "Come on young lady, you have no reason to be on here!" two gaurds took her away while the 3rd one stayed back, "I'm so sorry ladys. Did that girl cause any harm to either of you." Eleanor shook her head no and He turned to me, "You Rosalin?"  I shook my head no, The gaurd nodded and walked away, Ele shouted thanks to him, He was gone. Eleanor turned to me. " Wow! what a freaky thing.. hope that never happens again." I nodded, "Yeah.. Me too." I was looking down, Eleanor turned concerned. "You okay, babe?" I looked up and put up a believeable smile, "Yeah! Just like I said, I am not feeling too well today. I think I might lay down. Will you be okay with Lady?" Ele nodded, "Yep! we will do just fine, you?" I shrugged, "Just don't bother me, Not even for dinner, or food." I laughed a little, even though it was a lie. Ele smiled. "Okay, Love. See you later." We hugged and I went to nap. It might only 9:00 a.m. but I was tired. I can sleep for hours or days. Night.


Eleanor P.O.V


I walked back to the couch, Rosalin was not a bad lier, but this time she just fell through them. Something was wrong, I didn't wanna bug her cause she said to leave her alone and She said she didnt fell well either. I feel sorry for her, I bet it sucks. I grabbed Lady and cuddled with her and sang in her ear. I was bored and lonely. I checked Twitter and looked at the trends, 'Niall's Slut' was trending. I dropped my jaw and saw all these Tweets about Rosalin. I HAD  to speak with Niall. I logged off Twitter and Played with Lady for a while, She got tired quickly, I fed her and she went to sleep. Seems like today is Everyone-Sleep-Day. I layed down on the couch and closed my eyes. The bus door busted open, Makeing my heart pound and making me jump. It was the boys, perfect timing. Louis came over and kissed me on my lips, The others just kissed my cheek. Niall turned in circles. "Where is Rosalin?" The guys turned and looked at me. "Sleeping in the back. She said don't bother her. Niall we need to talk." All the guys oo'd and sat down. "We gotta watch this." Liam said cheerful like, Zayn was in his lap then popped up. "I'll go find the popcorn!!" I rolled my eyes, Louis sat beside me and Niall sat on the other side. Zayn came back with a bowl of popcorn and sat on Liam's lap. Harry was on the floor leaning on the wall. "Okay, yall done now?!" I said to Zayn, he nodded. I turned to Niall. "Okay. Get your phone and go to Twitter, I wanna show you something." The guys looked at eachother, "You guys can do this too. If you want" All the guys got their phones out. "Okay now wait. Earlier there was a crazy fan who got in here and hid in the bathroom. I left to get some of the guards and Rosalin was happy. When I got back, she was upset. She said before we found the fan, that she didn't fell well but she was true smiling. When I got back to her she wasn't. She said she wanted to sleep and not to bother her. That fan had to of said something to her. Now since you should already be on Twitter go to trends and tell me whats at the TOP of TRENDS." All the guys went to trends, Liam and Zayn were on Liams phone and dropped their jaw. Harry already knew, he didn't go look. and I gave Louis mine and He rubbed his mouth. Niall was the last to find it, He looked at the screen and put his head in his hands. He wouldn't look up. Louis walked over to him and rubbed his back. Niall looked up and he had tears down his face, "I did this to her. I can't take this gult." Louis hugged him. "Niall this isn't toally your fault. Its none of your fault. The fans just don't understand." Niall nodded. I spoke. "We need to do something about this." All the boys got their phone out and began to Tweet. " We all got this." They said at once. Liam and Zayn tweeted the same thing, "Directioners, Leave Rosalin, Niall's GIRLFRIEND, alone. He loves her! He is upset at what yall are saying. Stop the hate. xx Liam and Zayn."  I read it and smiled. Louis sent his next, "Guys! Stop the hate on Rosalin, Niall loves her and hates to see her hurt! Stop Please! Don't make Mr. Sass come out! XX Louis(:"  I laughed. Harry did nothing, Just sat there. Niall was last. He was typing for a while. I saw his. It touched my heart. There was a pic with it. He was crying, he must of took it when we were not looking. His tweet was on twitlonger it read, "Everyone, please stop sending my LOVE, Rosalin hate. I know most fans hate her and I don't care, I love her and are going to be together for a while, I'm hoping forever. I love her and It hurts me to see her upset over the stupid things you all say to her, Please stop! I would love to see her Happy. It makes me cry to see her upset. #StopTheHateOnRosalin. Thanks TRUE Directioners for sticking up for Rosalin. TRUE Directioners are forever in my heart. X Niall."  I smiled. Niall looked up after a few minutes, "I need to go check on her." Louis looked at his clock. "Guys we need to go. Back to rehersals. Its 3:00" Niall shook his head, "Not until I check on Rosalin." Louis nodded and waited while the others went ahead.


Niall P.O.V


I never understood why people hates on Rosalin. I love her, She is NOT some slut. Why can't they see that. I reached the door, knocked, then entered right away. Rosalin looked up and put her head in the pillow. I walked over and joined her in bed, "Babe are you okay." Rosalin looked at me, her eyes were all red and puffy like she has been crying for hours. Her nose was also red. "Yeah, just don't feel good. Sick." I gave her a look, "I saw the trend on Twitter. The guys and I took care of it. "Rosalin looked confused, "What trend?" I turned confused also, "The trend saying 'Nialls Slut' ? " Her face was shocked and I could see the hurt on her face. She threw her face in the pillow and began to cry, harder and harder, every second. "I had no idea about that!" she cried through her tears. I shook my head, fuck. I made things worse. " hen why are you all upset." She sat up, She was weak, so she fell right into my arms. "There was this fan-" I interupted to save time. "Yes. I know about her, she broke in here, Ele told us. Go on." Not trying to rush her but sending signs saying I needed to go. "She called me a slut like 5 times and called me fat. It bothers me cause I have this fear of being fat. I was called fat all my life so I deveoped this eating disorder, I stopped eating for days until I was weak and went into the hospital. People keep calling me fat.. Making me not wanna eat." I couldn't believe what she told me. "Rosalin, your not fat. You need to eat and this is not healthy for OUR baby." She smiled. "OUR baby." I smiled and nodded. "Can we not say anything about this disorder to the guys or Ele?" I nodded again. "You got it babe," I kissed her nose, "Im late for rehersal and will be in some deep shit so I need to go. NOW. Love you so much Rosalin, Love you babe, Bye!" I waited for her to answer before i left, "Love you too Niall! Bye!" She layed back down and I left.

     I walked up to Louis and Eleanor who were making out of the couch. "Exuse me? Lou we need to go." Eleanor pushed Louis way and blushed, I laughed, "If I stayed with Rosalin any longer yall would be making love on the couch." Louis grinned. " Nah, that's for later!" He winked at Ele. She blushed and stood up, fixing her shorts. "How is she?" I nodded. "Okay for now, she just needed me. We need to go and Eleanor, Make sure she eats." She nodded. Louis and I ran to the stage. Everyone else was late so it turned out okay.


Eleanor P.O.V


I listened to Niall and Mixed some food, I fed Lady first, she was getting stronger, Made me smile. Then I got some soup for Rosalin. I went and Opened the door, She smiled. Her natural smile was there. I smiled back, "Hey Rosey, how are you?" She smiled more, "Great, Thanks. Ohh Food!! For me??" She laughed. "Yes!! All for you. Lady and I have already ate, All for you!! " She smiled. "Yay!!" We talked while she ate, She told me why she was upset in the first palce that fan told her some things. Pissed me off a little. Everything was okay. Lady joined us by wabbleing into the room, I picked her up and smiled. Everything seemed to work out well. Tomorrow the boys have a day off before the show. Can't wait to spend some alone time with Louis!



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