New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


40. Coming Home.

     Rosalin P.O.V

     "Mrs.!"  I was in a deep sleep hearing someone speaking, I raised my head to hear the taxi driver talking, "Mrs. We have reached where you wanted to go." I nodded. "It's Miss." I smirked hurt like. The driver made an 'O' shape with his mouth. "Sorry love." I shrugged and grabbed my wallet. "So how much do I owe you?" I asked looking up at him. He shook his head. "Nothing. You've been through a lot it seems. This ride is on me." He smiled. I smiled back and shook his hand. "Thank you so much. I love people like you." I smiled and woke Ella up and got the bags. The driver waved bye and drove off. 

     I feel bad for leaving but I know it is the best for Ella and I. I walked up to my parents door and knocked. It took about 5 minutes for someone to answer. "Rosalin!" She pulled me into a hug. "I heard over the news. I am so sorry. I didn't think a boy would be so stupid." I cried. "Mom but I love him. I want to trust him but all the things he might have said, hurt me." My mom let go, taking the bags and hugged me for real. I saw my dad coming from around the corner. I shot out of my moms arms and to my dads. "Babe it's okay we are here and you can stay for as long as you need. That boy doesn't deserve you." I laughed and wiped my face. "Thanks dad." He looked at me in my eyes and whispered. "If it helps If I EVER see him, I will kick his sorry ass." I laughed more. "Thanks dad and thanks mom!" I yelled the last part. "You and Ella can stay up in your old room. Looks the way you left it a few weeks ago" I smiled.

I got ahold of Ella's hand and the bags and went up the stairs. I opened the door and everything seemed dull. Cade jumped up and meowed. "Cade!!" I smiled and ran to him, Ella came and followed after me, Cade back away. "Cade this is Ella. My daughter." Cade came back and smelled her and rubbed her face in her shirt.

I opened up the suit case, "Ella what do you think?" She looked around and started clapping. "Good. Cause we will be her for a while." I smiled and sighed. Home Sweet Home ehh?

Since it was like 10 and 11 at night, I finished unpacking and put Ella in my old bed. She fell asleep instantly. I got into some PJ's and climbed into bed.

I decided to check my phone. 6 missed calls. 3 from Eleanor. 1 from Liam and 2 from Louis. I was confused. Why would Liam and Louis call me this late, Eleanor I can understand, but the others. I was worried. I climbed out of bed, walked over to the window and called Liam. No answer. Then I called Louis. No answer. I called Eleanor. "Rosalin!! OMG you're alive!!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked bluntly

"I Don't Know! Well the news are all about you and Niall break up. It is said he is going for Holly now. He isn't though. He is crying in the back of the bus!"

I shrugged. " I don't care. I'm at my parents tell everyone I'm fine. Ella seems upset slightly. I'm worried its going to get worse." I sighed

Eleanor was quiet. "Oh my god! Turn it to the channel 3 news!! NOW!

I rushed off the bed. and turned my T.V to the news.

"It seems as Niall and Rosalin broke off. What does this mean for baby Ella and who gets the baby. Rock star dad or bulimic mom."

I shut off the telly. "Eleanor.. I don't feel to good.. I... I am going to go to bed... Night." My voice was cracking.

Eleanor sounded sad. "Okay love. The baby Lou and I miss you and stay well. Night" I hung off the phone and went back to bed. I put my phone on charge and cuddled to Ella and fell asleep.

     Eleanor P.O.V

     "Lou. I am worried about Rosalin." Lou came over and sat by me. "Why you say that babe." I shrugged. "I have a bad feeling about something. I was just on the phone with her and I swear she was crying.." Louis hugged me. "Well she is going through a lot right now. She needs time with her family and friends." He kissed my cheek. "I guess but, I just worry.." I looked at him and saw the worry. "Well your motherly instincts are coming in."  I smiled. "Whatever. and Lou?" he hummed, "Yeah babe?" I smiled slightly. "Promise not to do to our son and do what Niall did to Rosey and Ella?" Lou smiled and pulled me closer. "Promise my love. Now go get some sleep." I smiled and made my way to my bed when I was tugged, "What?" I said looking around and seeing Niall all red eyed and puffy nose. "I heard you say you have talked to Roslain.. She okay?" He looked at me with sad eyes. I shook me head. "You don't deserve to know right now.. but the answer is no. she is 100% broken and Ella is lost. Hope you happy." I pulled my arm away and walked away before I could hear him say anything. I went to sleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

     Louis P.O.V

     I saw Niall come in and sit next to me. I didn't say a word. "Eleanor said she talked to Rosalin.. She isn't okay she is broken and its all my fault." I still didn't say a word. I'm not sticking up for him this time he fucked up pretty bad. I got up and walked away. "Louis... Please.." I heard the voice of a sad little Irish boy. I kept walking. Not helping him now. If I were him I would love Rosalin to death, treat her like she deserves, but he is stupid and I have Eleanor. I need my thoughts away from her.

     Niall P.O.V

     I messed up... bad. I want Roslain back... I should have told her not some telly person. I cried and cried. I want her back and I am going to get her back. One Way or Another. I'm gonna getcha, I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha. I need a plan, or just luck.

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