New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


27. Back To Work.

Rosalin P.O.V


     I woke up and walked to the sitting area, it was morning. Everyone was surrounding Eleanor, "Morning guys. Everything okay?" Niall came up to me and Kissed me, "I love you and I promise I won't ever leave you." we rubbed noses. "Okay babe, I know. What's wrong with Ele?" I asked pushing past Niall. I gasped looking at Ele. "Morning Rosalin!!" She smiled. "What happened to you??" Everyone back up. I was pissed, it was easily told. Niall tried to grab me and pull me away, I yanked my arm back vilently. Eleanor grabbed my arm down to sit with her on the couch. "Well, Holly and I got into a fight-" I cut her off, "Holly? Holly did this to you??" I got up and walked in a circle. "Where the hell is she??" the boys laughed as I walked in a circle. Louis walked over and pushed me back on the couch, "No, But yes," Eleanor continued. "She said some mean things about you and I stood up for you and things got violent. Your like my younger sister. I don't like it when people tease or hurt you. Niall told us what you told him. It bugged me. I love you Rosey!" I was almost in tears by time she finished, I hugged her neck. Her face didn't look that bad. You could notice she into it with someone. "Thanks Eleanor. I love you too!" Everyone awed as we hugged.


     Later that day, We all went to a signing. The 'One Direction Girlfriends' stood behind our boyfriend. Kinda creepy. The girls and I hear fans asking for a hug and kiss. They always look at us before answering, Of corse we said yes. We smiled as they got their hug and kiss, I was happy to share to with fans. Eleanor pilled Make up on so she looked like her old self. Later that day. The other girls left and it was just Eleanor and I. We stayed at the bus while the Boys did a concert. We didn't wanna go. Eleanor had a headache and I felt sick all afternoon. We fed Lady, Who was playful and boucing everywhere, and went to sleep. I didn't care to wait on the boys. Eleanor fell asleep as soon as she hit the couch. I didn't bother her. The others came back and talked to me for a while. "Rosalin, how old far are you?" Perrie asked causing Dani to look at me. I smiled. "About 2 or 2 in a half months" Dani smiled. "Awe! How long have you and Niall been together?" I sighed. "About 2 and a half months." They nodded their heads, "How old are you?" Dani asked. "16, I'll be 17 this year." Dani was shocked with everything I answered. "You are pretty young for a kid, and Niall is 19, 20 this year." I nodded and looked down. "Yeah I know. I guess you can say this baby is a mistake, but our mistake and we are taking care of it. This baby is a gods gift. We love him/her already." I rubbed my barely showing belly. They both smiled and hugged me. We chatted for a little bit longer. then they went to their boyfriends bunks and fell asleep.

Louis P.O.V


     I couldn't help but worry about ELenaor, I love to to death. It would kill me if anyting happened to her. She looked pretty bad after Holly got a hold of her. I sighed not being able to get my tie tied. I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and it was our hair dresser, Lou, "You need help, Louis?" I nodded and sighed again, "Are you okay Louis?" I nodded. She notted the tie. "Not fixing your tie till you tell me what your problem is." I groaned. "5 MINUTES BOYS!!" I heard the stage directer say. I paniced, "I think Eleanor might be seriously hurt!" Lou fixed my tie. " ee that wasnt that hard and Ele will be okay, She is strong. Paul told me about that whole Holly thing. Ele will be perfect by tomorrow." I sighed. "I hope your right." Lou kissed my temple and left. I gathered by the boys on the entrence of the stage. "LETS GO BOYS"  I stayed back for a second and Niall stayed with me. Our mics were not ready yet, " Sorry mate." Niall said shyly to me,  I looked up away from my thoughts. "For what? " Niall looked away from my eye contact, "Eleanor. She doesn't seem herself.." I sighed, "I know but its not your fault, Holly came unexpected." Niall sighed, "I know but she is my EX and I take responsibility for her." I shook my head, " Don't. Not your fault," Out mics were handed to us. I fake smiled "Now lets go have an amzing show mate!" Niall looked up, Grabbed his mic and smiled at me. "IT'S PARTAA TIME!" he yelled running onto stage, I couldn't help but think of Elenaor right now. Making everything off, but I covered well. "Hi Everyone! Thank you for inviting us here to your home!!" Harry said, Liam joined him, "Pretty snazzy place y'all live in." I couldn't help myself. "Yall Have amazing shops here!!" The boys looked at me. I winked and smiled, not fake. I had to let everything go before performing. An important rule all the boys have. I was happy to perform. I just hope Eleanor is okay.


     After a few amazing hours of performing, It was time to close the show. Made me sad, knowing I go back to all these problems. "Thanks for having us here tonight!" Harry yelled through his mic, causing it to bust. We all laughed. "We love you all!! Hope to see you all again!" Liam said through his mic. Niall smiled, "Keep being Irish, I love you." I didn't get his comment till I remebered we were in Ireland, He loved coming here. Tomorrow and The day after we were going to visit Nialls place. Since we were in the arera. "Goodnight! Eat the orange sticks for me!" I winked, but people probably didn't see. We walked off stage and got out of our performing clothes. The boys and I had to wait on Harry was being curssed and yelled at by the sound person cause he blew his mic. We laughed at his minfortutine. Seemed like he was always the one getting in trouble. 


     We headed back to the bus and the girls were aleep. We all said goodnight and went to join them. Harry seemed forever alone, but he had his blanky. Tomorrow was a freeday. and the day after was a freeday I couldnt be happier. I kissed ELeanor forhead, she winced in pain. I rubbed her back and then crashed.

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