New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


8. Arriving.

     I woke up to the woman on the intercom "We will be arriving in the UK in about 10 minutes, gather your things and wait till we land." I couldn't believe I slept most of the trip. I was happy. I texted my mom and dad: "Mom! Dad! I made it!! love you (: <3" and I texted Eleanor : "Hey (: we are landing in 10 minutes, my phone automaticly changed my time!! Yay!!"  I sent the messages and packed my phone away and made sure I had everything.

     We finally landed. I was excited. Before I got off the plane, the lady checked my ticket and my passport, smiled and let me go on. I was lost and a little scared. I had no idea where I was or what to do, all I really knew it was chilly and I'm somewhere in London. I looked around and saw a sign that read: "Pick up for Rosalin Patricia Sheperd." I smiled and walked over the bouncer looking man. Showed him my Passport and got into the car. When I got in, there was a lady there. "Hello! I'm head Mistress,Mary! Nice to meet you Rosalin!" she held out her hand, I shook it and smiled. "How was the flight?" I sighed, exsuasting!" she laughed, "Have you ever travled on a plane or changed time zones before?"  I shook my head and laughed. She smiled "You might have jet leg" I looked worried, "What's that? Am I sick already?". She laughed, "No worrys dear, that just means that your body isn't use to the time zones and your really tired. You just have to adjust." I laughed in relieve.

     We soon arrived at the school. "I know it is late and all, I'm sorry about that. Would you like to go to your dorm and just come to my office in the morning?" I smiled and nodded. "You dont talk much do you?" I laughed. "I acually talk a lot, I'm just trying to listen so I wont miss a thing" I smiled and Mistress Mary smiled back. "You have a beautiful smile well your very pretty and your accent is American. Bristish guys will be all over you" she joked. I smiled again and tucked my hair behind my ear. "I'm so happy that I am here! I was crushed when I got that letter!" she frowned "I'm sorry about that. We are having some problems with our accepting people the past few years. I'm glad that you are here! Its an honor to have a young lady with your talent here!" I started to blush " Oh naw but thanks " I smiled. We got out of the car and went into her office. "Here is the key to your dorm.Follow me and I will take you there. Your dorm number is 657" we got onto this little go cart thing and she drove around the campus. It was bigger than I thought. "Here we are!" We reached this building and went inside. It was nice! High ceilings and classic walls. "You have like a roomate but they live across the hall, see"? We walk into this doorway and there is a door on the left and the bathroom in the middle and then a door on the right. The door on the right was mine. "Here!" she said handing me the key on a ring. "Open the door and get settled." I will have your suit cases on their way soon!" I smiled "Thanks! For anything" She smiled, "Anytime, if you need a thing, just come fin me!" I nodded and entered the room. There was a wooden floor for dancing, three guitars, one electric and two acoustic, and a piano.  I looked at the bed and plopped on it. I was tired, even though I slept for like 8 hours it felt like. I just thought of texting Eleanor and telling her my room number but I passed out before I could reach my phone.



   Niall P.O.V.


  I was waken by the sound of two people talking. I couldn't tell who it was. I was half way asleep. I wanted to get up and look, but I fell back asleep, all I know, I have a new room mate.






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