New Findings (Book 1)

Rosalin , a normal teenage girl from Flordia, applies to the music school of her dreams in the UK. Will she be accepted to the school of her dreams... Is it all what it seems? Who will she meet? What will happen to her that changes everything.Read to find out!

Directioner.One Direction Fan Fiction <3


4. Another Day Of Hell.

     My alarm buzzed, causing Cade to jump. I opened my eyes,hoping the previous day was only a dream. I rubbed my head and felt a knot and pain, nope not a dream. I sighed and dragged myself out of bed. I went to my closet and picked out some black skinnys, green t-shirt that said 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' and scrunched my hair. I walked down stairs and was welcomed by my mom and dad. They didn't say much this morning, kinda awkward compared to yesterday morning. Everyone was laughing and smiling and now, nothing. I couldn't take the silence. "So!" everyone jumped "How is your mornings? " I said with a smile. Mom looked confused and I didnt blame her. "Good, How about you sweetie?" I sent a fake smile and a shrug, by time we all started talking it was time to leave. My dad got up out of his seat, "Rosalin, Do you want me to take you this morning?"  I nodded my head and slowly walked to the door and got in the car. Didn't take long for dad to join me.


      The first few minutes was silent, then dad broke it "How are you doing kiddo?" I looked up at him and gave a 'why-are-you-asking-me-this' look. I nodded my head and looked back down. He put his eyes on the road. " Hey Rosalin, do you think the people made a mistake?" I looked up at him, taking in what he said. I shook my head. "I dont think so, I'm not that talented." I mumbled. The shock on my dads face startled me. " Rosaland Patricia! your talking out of your mind. You are amazing and they are just jelly!" I gave him a look, " Wait, did you just say jelly" I smiled. Dad laughed, " Yes I did, why? I thought it was hip?" I contained my laughter by a smile. " And there is that smile I was looking for." We laughed till we pulled in the school parking lot. I looked at my dad for help. "Baby girl, just ignore and find a teacher if anything goes wrong." I nodded my head and got out of the car. I waved goodbye and watched my savior drive away.


      I walked in and people looked at me, didn't say anything just looked. I freacked out a little bit, trying to watch every side of me. I reached my locker and couldn't find my Spanish book, I started to panic. After a few minutes I gave up. I grabbed my binder and closed  my locker, and standing behind the door was Kyson holding my Spanish book. I gave him a glare, "My hero!" I grabbed the book. " How did you not feel me standing there, like on the bus?" I let out a small laugh, "Because, I could feel when you sat down on the bus stupid!" I stook my tounge out at him and he tried to catch it. We both started laughing, "So, Ms.Rosalin, have you heard from that fancey pantcy school in the UK?" I stopped walking and put my head down, I could feel tears form in my eyes. Kyson turned towrd me and grabbed my wrist. "Did I say something wrong." I looked up and a tear escaped from my eye, " I-I didn't make it..." I faded out.  The look on his face was terrible., "Rosey, I'm so sorry for asking." I gave him a fake smile " Oh, its okay. I was going to tell you anyway." he nervously laughed. " Well im gonna go to class, Don't wanna be late for Spanish do you? I think not. Text me after school dork." He smiled " Will do!" I smiled back.


      I walked into the spanish room and took my seat, not many people were in there. I saw two of Graysons friends, but no Greyson. The role was being called. " Grayson Calley " a squeaky voice called. No one answed. " Greyson Calley, is she not here?" one of her friends, Alexis Frad, spoke up, "She got into some trouble and was suspended for a few days." I was in shock. The teacher, Mss.Blue continued down the role "Josh Dannan" Alexis spoke up again "He got in trouble too, they both wont be here for a while." Mss.Blue nodded her head in suspecion. No wonder why everyone was being so nice and not so judgey and stuff, the people who cause it, is not here. I was relieved. Mss.Blue gave us a free day cause she had some paper work to take care of. All I did all day was sit around and draw pictures.


      Later that afternoon, my dismissal was called and I rushed to get to the bus to sit in my normal seat. Once I got there I put my head on the window and waited for Kyson, but he never came. I had a bad feeling so before the bus left, I got off and searched the whole school for him. After about five minutes, I found him sitting in the corner at the far end of the school. I slowly walked up to him "Kyson, are you okay? I was worried when you never showed up on the bus." he looked up at me and his face had be hit and he was sobbing silently. I rushed over to him. "Kyson, what happen!?" I asked while bending down and grabbing his face. He pulled away from me, "Kyson, tell me what happen" I could hear my voice get serious. He went from sad to pissed in seconds, "You!! all you do is ruin everything? My life was fine till I started talking to you!!!" I could feel my heart break in two, so much for having a friend right. "M-M-Me?" Kyson got more pissed, "Don't act all innocent!! your a freak who ruins peoples lifes, you dont care about anyone. You just want them hurt!!." I felt tears gather at my eyes and began to drop to the ground. Kyson saw and calmed down instantly. I stood up after a few minutes. "Yeah, your right and im gonna leave, I'm sorry, im gonna go home and yeah..." Kyson shot up " Roselin wait!! I didnt mean it!" I kept walking. "Rosey! Don't leave. I'm sorry!" I shot  around with a tear wanting to escape from my eye "Then why did you have to say it? you know i'm a mental mess right now? I don't need this too. I thought you were my friend?" Kyson ran to me and grabbed my wrist so I couldn't get away. "You're more than a friend to me, your like family. I'm sorry, I take my anger out on others, forgive Rosey?" I smile slightly at his deep brown eyes look into me. "I forgive you. Please dont do it again.. I am about to explode with emotions " he smiled and laughed a bit. Kyson let go on my wrist, "I wont, promise. " we started walking out the doors, "Kyson you never told me what happen." He sighed sharply. " I was walking to the bus and one of Josh's friends came up to me and pushed me into a locker and I hit him, instant reaction. He said you got Josh and Grayson in trouble for some reason and that since I was talking to you and we were close friends, it was my fault too. Now my turn to as you a question. What did you do?"  I rolled my eyes, "I did nothing, I was the victim, at my locker yesterday morning greyson knocked my books out of my hands and told me to pick them up. Well I had to because I needed those books for class. When I went down to get them, Grayson would not let me back up and she or someone kicked my side." I lifed up my shirt to show Kyson the bruise, His eyes got big "Damn, that looks like it hurts!!" I laughed at his reaction " It does and then in English like ten minutes later, the teacher called me up to the board and I went to go back to my seat and Josh tripped me and made me fall head first and the teacher saw him do it" I showed him the knot and bruises on my face. His face went from sad to sadder. " Wait, this happened yesterday?" I nodded and looked at him. "But you seemed fine on the bus, as in you seemed happy and healthy, I had no idea." I laughed at how confused he got. " Well that must mean I have some talent."

     We both laughed a little then Kyson looked like he was in deep thought "Yeah, do you know why you didn't make it?" I looked down again and started thinking, "You know Kyson, I have no idea. The head lady and head man said they really liked me and my high scores in my classes. My dad said they might have made a mistake." Kyson nodded his head, "Same thing happened to my sister. We called them and everything turned out perfect as you can tell. She is still over there." He chuckled. I went deeper in my thoughts. Maybe they did make a mistake. Maybe I wasted all my tears for no reason. "Hey Kyson, whats your sisters name again?" It took him a minute to get connected to the program. "Oh Eleanor, she doesn't have time to talk much anymore, she is a model around town and she is dating Louis Tomlinson from this boy band." My jaw dropped, Kyson saw and laughed "Are you a fan of One Direction?" I nodded my head fast and excitedly "That's where I knew her from, your sister! I knew she looked familiar." We started laughing, Kyson spoke again " But seriously, call the school and talk to them and here is Eleanor's number so you can leave her a voice mail and ask her about some things I'll let her know that I gave her number to you so she won't freak." He handed me a peice of paper with number on it and smiled. I smiled back "Thanks Kyson your a true hero." Kyson and I laughed. Kyson took a quick look at his watch "I have got to get home its almost 4:00. Bye Rosey." I smiled at him " Bye Kyson and thanks again." I shouted at him. "Anytime" he shouted back. I continued to walk home took about 30 mintes and my parents were worried. I explained everything to them, like how I met Kyson on the bus and him getting hurt and just everything, they were relieved. Next step is to call Eleanor and then the school of my dreams.


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