Make It Last

An ordinary girl working at her ordinary job until someone shows up she never imagined seeing at her morning shift at Starbucks.


8. Today's Plans

Niall's POV
I woke up to a blinding sun peeking through the blue curtains. I rolled over and stuck my head in the pillow when I heard a faint knock at the door. "Come in." I said sleepily to the person outside my door. I turned my head to find Cori, Kate's little sister, standing by my bed. "Hey, Cori!" I said propping myself up on my elbows. "Hi Ni! Kate wanted me to tell you breakfast is ready!" Cori replied sweetly. At the mention of breakfast I was out of bed and picking up Cori to run downstairs. The whole way down she couldn't stop laughing, she was too cute. I found everyone except Harry, Tiffany, and Zayn sitting at the kitchen table. There was a huge buffet of food in the kitchen. Was I in heaven or what?! I quickly grabbed my plate and picked up almost everything they offered. When I got to the table, everyone stared at me and then laughed. I sat next to Kate and before I shoved any of the delicious smelling and looking food in my mouth, leaned over and kissed her cheek. She smiled and continued to drink her coffee. I dug in and oh my goodness was it good. I finished the whole plate in a matter of minutes and went back for more. While I was gone they must have been talking about today's plans because Kate replied to them with, "Well.. as you know.. we did co-own Disney World.. so we could go there today and get in for free, free food, free express passes." She had me at free food. "I AGREE. LETS GO TO DISNEY WORLD!" I shouted. Everyone laughed and agreed. Once breakfast was over, we all decided to get ready and be at Disney as soon as possible. I took the liberty of waking Zayn up while Kate took Tiff and Louis took Harry. I decided on waking Zayn up by singing softly in his ear and then yelling and screaming after. This plan was too good, and worked perfectly. As I shouted different words in Zayn's ear, I got a slap in the face and a pillow thrown at me. Wow Zayn. He started to roll back over when I shouted, "WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD TODAY!" He jumped out of bed and ran past me to who knows where. All I know is that I got my job done. Now to get dressed for the most magical place on earth. 
Kate's POV
After waking up a very grumpy Tiffany, I went into my bathroom and showered. I did my whole normal routine before stepping out into the freezing cold bathroom. Wearing only a towel, I made a break for my bedroom which was just down the hall. Of course someone had to be in the hall when I ran out and bumped into them. I screamed and looked to find my boyfriend wearing only his boxers. I laughed so hard I started to snort and then ran into my room. Well, interesting morning so far. I picked out some cute jean shorts to wear and a tank top from PINK (my favorite store). Once I had my clothes on I decided to wear my hair down, but leave it natural which is beachy waves. I added a little makeup to complete my look, but not too much knowing it was almost 100 degrees outside and I would just sweat it all off. I left my room to find Niall wearing his signature red polo and white shorts. He looked so adorable. "You look adorable." he said to me. Whoa, mind reader...? I blushed and smiled at him, giving him a sweet peck on the cheek. He grabbed my hand and we headed for the living room to meet everyone else. While waiting, we decided to take pictures. In one I was kissing his cheek, the others we were making silly faces like sticking our tongue out, duck faces and then there was one of us smiling. I really liked that one so I set it as my wallpaper, Niall set the kissing one as his. After 20 minutes, we were all ready to leave when my dad came in and said, "Oh guys, sorry. I forgot to mention the park's closed today." We all groaned and sighed. He stuck his finger in the air and said, "For the public. Special day for my daughter and friends to have fun at the park with no annoying fans." We all cheered and I went over to hug him. And with that, we were off to Disney World, or you could call it my second home. 
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