Make It Last

An ordinary girl working at her ordinary job until someone shows up she never imagined seeing at her morning shift at Starbucks.


4. Tarry?!

Kate's POV


As we pulled up to the mall in Downtown London, Harry shouted, "EVERYONE GET YOUR HATS AND GLASSES READY!" We all followed Master Harry's directions not wanting to be attacked by crazy fans. Niall parked and got out to help me out of the car, extending his hand to me. I smiled and took his hand. Harry followed the same actions as Niall to Tiffany and she started to get as red as a tomato. It was so cute, I think they liked each other. We all walked hand-in-hand into the mall to find at least 30 paparazzi with cameras flashing brightly in our eyes. Guess these disguises didn't work too well, but how did they know we were coming? Then I remembered Tiffany posting on Twitter where we were going with who. Wow. I was hearing about 15 people ask questions at the same time as we pushed through the crowd, not succeeding. They were following us until finally Harry gave in and said, "Okay, 5 questions TOTAL and pictures for 10 minutes. Then you leave and we can have fun?" They all agreed and started their questions. The first question was who I was. Niall answered saying, "My girlfriend, Kate." Next they asked who Tiffany was and I replied, "My best friend." Simple as that. We answered the rest of the questions and they left as they were told. "Ready to get your shoppin' on?!" Niall asked me with a smile and put his arm on my waist pulling me closer to him. Me and Tiffany both nodded and we went in to our first store called Poppy's. It was my favorite clothing store. I pulled out at least 5 dresses, 10 shirts and 3 pairs of pants. Harry and Niall waited outside the dressing rooms as we tried things on came out to show them. After each outfit they would give it a thumbs up, thumbs down, clap, or boo. It was hilarious how loud they were. We got some stares from other customers, but who cares we are One Direction and their girlfriends. Well, I'm not really sure about Tiffany and Harry, they seemed to hit it off today, but I doubt it was official yet. I'll just ask her later. Once we finished with all the clothes, I gathered the things I wanted and walked to the register. As i pulled out my credit card, Niall took it from me and shoved it in his back pocket so I couldn't use it and handed the check out lady his card. "Niall, don't." He laughed in my face and shook his head. I pretended to pout and cry. "Kate. I'm not dumb." Niall said trying to be serious but ruined it by letting a laugh slip out. We both couldn't help but crack up. When we calmed down he put his arm around my waist and kissed me. Our lips moved together perfectly and I pulled away, "Thanks for the clothes, baby." "Anything for you, Kate." We walked out with Tiffany and Harry in front of us. I noticed they were holding hands.. Niall must have noticed too because he looked at me as if to say 'Um what's going on with them?' I decided to have fun with this. I shouted, only loud enough for them to hear, "Hey Harry, Tiffany.." They turned back and looked at me. "Are y'all going out now?!" This time i shouted it, loud enough for most of the people around us to hear. Both of their cheeks got extremly pink and they nodded. "REALLY?! AW YOU CAN BE TARRY!!" This was so exciting! My best friend going out with Niall's best friend. Too good to be true. We finished shopping in the next three hours and decided we would head back to the boys' house to hang out with the rest of One Direction.

 We pulled into the driveway 20 minutes later and walked into their mansion. I had to admit, their house was hella-big. Niall unlocked the door with his key and we walked in, holding hands. "WE'RE HOME!" Harry screamed. Louis ran in and was about to give him a bear hug when he noticed him holding hands with Tiffany. "Woah, HAZZA'S CHEATING ON ME!!" he screamed and pretended to cry running into the living room. We laughed and followed him to find him curled up in a ball on the couch. Harry ran over to him and they had a "moment" before he introduced Tiffany. "Guys, this is Tiffany, my girlfriend." All the guys whooped and hollered before Harry brought Tiffany to sit on his lap. Niall did the same with me and I noticed two girls sitting in the living room. "Oh, we are being completely rude! I'm Danielle and this is Eleanor. I'm dating Liam and El is dating Louis." Oh yeah, they did look familiar. "Nice to meet you, I'm Alex." "Oh, we know! Niall has talked so much about you these past couple days, he really likes you, like A LOT." Eleanor, or El, said. I looked back at Niall to see him turning red and looking down. I laughed and pecked him on the cheek. "So, we were thinking if you girls wanted to come have a spa day with us tomorrow?" Danielle asked me and Tiffany. "We'd love to!" I spoke for both of us. We spent the rest of the night watching movies and talking. It was almost midnight and I could feel myself falling asleep in Niall's arms. He leaned down and kissed me on the forehead and whispered, "Babe, do you want to stay here tonight?" I nodded falling asleep and the last thing I remembered before I was out was two strong arms wrapped around me picking me up and carrying bridal style. As soon I hit the bed, I was out.

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