Make It Last

An ordinary girl working at her ordinary job until someone shows up she never imagined seeing at her morning shift at Starbucks.


3. One More Thing

Kate's POV

"Thank you for everything tonight Niall. I had a great time." I said hugging Niall before I went into my apartment. I pulled away about to leave when he put his arm on my waist pulling me back to him. Before I knew it, my hands were running through his hair and his left hand stroking my cheek with his right arm around my waist. Literal sparks were flying and I thought I was in a dream when I heard a high-pitched scream causing us to break apart and look towards my apartment. Tiffany standing with her hand covering her mouth started to jump up and run around. Niall and I laughed at her and he said, "Kate, I'm really glad I met you. Do you think we could hang out again?" I replied to him by nodding and biting my bottom lip. He nodded and smiled as I turned to go inside my apartment when he grabbed my wrist. "Oh, one more thing." I nodded as if telling him to go on. "Will y-you be my g-girlfriend?" he whispered. I could sense the nervousness in his voice and without even thinking I slipped out a "of course!" He started to blush like crazy as I kissed him on the cheek and turned to go inside, for real this time. As he got in his truck and drove off, I walked up to a frozen girl who still had her hand over her gaping mouth. I took her hand and made her slap herself, causing her to snap back to reality. She screamed after she unfroze and shouted, "YOU DID NOT JUST MAKE OUT WITH NIALL FREAKING HORAN?!" "um.. i kinda did.. and not only that.." i started slowly, blushing. "WHAT ELSE?" she shouted once again. "HE ASKED ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND." with that we both started screaming and dancing into my apartment. Once on the elevator, still screaming, I noticed the small lady who I had met before in the elevator and said, "oh hi again. i'm sorry about the screaming, maam." she nodded and smiled, getting off at her floor. Reaching my floor, we got off and I dug around for my keys in my purse. "shit, i can't find it anywhere." i looked up to see Tiffany dangling my keys in front of my face. "You left them when you went on your date." she said, smirking. I took my keys, returning the smirk, and walked into my apartment after unlocking it. The first thing I saw was my huge clock in the kitchen which read 30 minutes past midnight. "dang, its already Sunday!" i said, yawning, "Let's get to bed." Tiffany agreed with me and we got ready for bed by showering and changing clothes and all the other things. I slid into my comfy bed next to Tiffany and closed my eyes. I fell asleep right after thinking about the day's events. Kissing Niall Horan. Being Niall Horan's girlfriend. Man, was i lucky? I fell into a deep sleep with a smile on my face.

Niall's POV

The sun streamed in to my room flashing right into my eyes. Who left the damn blinds open. I groaned and was going to try to get some more sleep when a memory popped into my head. I remembered last night. Kate was my girlfriend now. I smiled at the thought and then the smell of bacon drifted up to my room. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to find my mates sitting around the counter eating their breakfast. "Morning Niall." Liam said handing me a plate of eggs and bacon. I had a huge smiled plastered on my face, a real genuine smile. "What's got you so happy this morning?" Harry asked me curiously. I couldn't not tell my best mates about Kate. "okay, so you know how I went out with that girl, Kate, from Starbucks to other day?" they all nodded. "well, I took her to the drive-in movie last night, and we kissed. and then i asked her to be my girlfriend. she said yes." all the boys clapped and yelled things like "yeah Niall!" or "whoop!" Zayn came over and patted me on the back and Louis pinched my cheek and said, "aw baby Ni-Ni has a giirrrlfwwwiend!" trying to sound like a baby. I smiled and could feel myself start to blush. We ate and talked for another 20 minutes before i said, "I'm going to shower." I got up and ran to my room, grabbing my phone. I saw I had 4 texts. 2 from management, 1 from my mom, and the last one from Kate. My stomach did flips as i opened the text to see: Hey, babe! Want to go to the mall with me today? OF COURSE I DID. I replied saying I would pick her up at 12. that gives me exactly 1 hour. I hopped in the shower and all i could think about was Kate.

At 11:45 I got in my truck and drove to her apartment. I saw her standing outside standing with the girl who was screaming last night at the sight of us making out. "Hey! I hope you don't mind, Tiffany really wanted to come meet you.." she said running up to me, Tiffany following her. "Of course, hey! I have an idea!" I leaned closer to her ear and whispered, "What if I get Harry to come and hang out with her, too?" she pulled away with a huge grin on her face and nodding like crazy. I told her we would go back to our house and pick up Harry. She agreed and hopped in the passenger seat with Tiffany in the back. I texted Harry and told him the plan and he replied with: Is she hot?! (; of course Harry would. I sent a simple: Just wait. As we pulled up to the house, Harry ran out and jumped in the back. That was when Tiffany started to hyperventilate. "Y-you're H-Harry St-Styles.." she stuttered. Kate and i just laughed as well as Harry and he said, "Of course I am. And you are..?" "Tiffany Love." "Well, it's LOVELY to meet you Tiffany Love." we all laughed at how cheesy he was. And with that we were on our way to the mall.


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