Make It Last

An ordinary girl working at her ordinary job until someone shows up she never imagined seeing at her morning shift at Starbucks.


9. Disney World and You What?

Kate's POV 
"Thanks Gary!" I said to my dad's co-worker who opened the gates for us today. As we walked down "Main Street", Niall couldn't keep his eyes off the candy shops and the food carts. It seemed like I was the only one that noticed so I let out a little giggle and squeezed his hand. He looked over with a confused look on my face and I said "Nothing baby." he replied by kissing my cheek and returning to his candy daydream. "SPACE MOUNTAIN!" Harry screamed running towards the ride, pulling Tiffany along with him. The rest of us followed slower. Once we made it there we noticed Harry ad Tiffany weren't anywhere to be found. As we walked up the ramps of the vacant ride, we heard screams of two very familiar people. My best friend and the lead singer of One Direction. When we got to the loading dock, I noticed a car pulling through, holding none other than the Tiffany Love and Harry Styles. I guess they were too pumped to ride it they couldn't wait. Everyone hopped in a car except Dani and Liam who hung back by the gates. "Why aren't you going?" I asked them. "Dani hates dark rides." Niall whispered in my ear. Ohhhh. Then I realized Liam wasn't riding so he could wait back with Dani, how cute! Once everyone was strapped in, the ride took off. After 3 minutes in complete darkness, flipping and turning, the ride came to a stop. I looked around to see everyone's hair flying everywhere and Louis looking like he was about to me sick. We got off the ride to find another one. Oh and to get Niall some food. Of course. 
It was almost 9 giving us only a few more minutes at the park. It had been an extremely tiring, yet fun day. I rested my head on Niall's shoulder as we walked towards the nearest exit and said our goodbyes. This surely wouldn't be the last time we visited here on our vacation. Just maybe not the great privilege of getting the park to ourselves next time. I yawned and covered my mouth as Niall leaned down to kiss the top of my head. Once we were in the car heading back home, I leaned against Niall and went straight to sleep. 
I was awoken by two muscular arms carrying me somewhere. I opened my eyes to find my boyfriend carrying me bridal style into my mansion. I could tell by the smell coming in from the kitchen that mom was home. When Niall realized I was awake and squirming he set me down and pulled me closer to him. He lifted my chin and kissed my lips. "I had fun today, babe." he said quietly after pulling away. "Me too." I said with a smile. He grabbed my hand and we walked into the kitchen to find tacos, quesadillas, and fajitas all on plates and more cooking on the stove. "Mom! You made all of this for us? You shouldn't have." I hugged her quickly and kissed her cheek, making a loud "Mwaaaah!" noise. We all dug in except for Niall. He swallowed his food whole like he hasn't had any in 5 days. To be honest, I've never seen anyone eat like that. "This stuff.. is amazing. What do you call it?!" Noall asked shoving a taco into his mouth. "Oh yeah. I forgot we don't have
this stuff in London. Well, what you we eating right now is a taco, those are quesadillas, and those are
fajitas." I explained pointing to each food. The boys, El, and Dani's faces all dropped and continued to eat. "Ohhhhh." They all mumbled, food falling out of their mouths. Pigs. I just laughed and looked over the my mom was silently cracking up by the counter. I turned back to Niall smiling at me and leaned over a pecked his cheek. 
Zayn's POV
Kate was so beautiful I couldn't even describe it. Her laugh was perfect, her smile shines so bright, her blonde hair perfectly straight and went down her back, her beautiful blue eyes sparkle when they looked at Niall's. That was the problem. She was dating my best mate. I tolerated
it at the park, all their lovey dovey crap, but at dinner, really? When she leaned over to kiss him, I couldn't contain myself. My jealousy rate went through the roof, so to stop myself from doing anything I would regret later I quickly got up and left. I practically ran to my room and locked the door. I wanted Kate so bad, and I was determined the get her. My head was buried in my pillow with my fists clench when I heard a knock at the door, "Can I come in?" I recognized Liam's voice and replied sure. "You okay, mate? You got out of the kitchen pretty fast for no reason.." Liam started but I cut him off. "No Liam. There is a reason. I am in love with Kate but I can't have her." Right after I said that Liam's mouth dropped and I noticed Kate in the hallway, with the same expression on her face as Liam's. She slowly walked into my room and said, "Y-you w-what?" Tears started to spill from her eyes as she asked. "Kate, I'm so sorry. You weren't supposed to hear that." I said slowly. "But I did hear it. When were you planning on telling me this, Zayn?" she said,
seeming kind of mad now. Shit. What have I gotten myself into. 
Kate's POV 
I was walking up to my room after dinner when I heard Liam's voice, "You okay, mate? You got out of the kitchen pretty fast for no reason.." Zayn cut him off just as I was walking past his room. "No Liam. There is a reason. I am in love with Kate, but I can't have her." I found myself standing at his doorway now, with my jaw dropped. How?! WHAT?! Zayn.. loved me? I've only talked to the guy but a couple of times and he loves me? What the hell? "Y-you w-what?" I said slowly almost whispering. "Kate, I'm so sorry. You weren't supposed to hear that." Zayn started. "But I did hear it. When were you planning on tell me?" At that time Niall had walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist, setting his chin on my shoulder. "Tell you what?" Niall asked softly. I quickly got out of his embrace and ran towards my room. I fumbled to open the door because
of my shaky hands, but when I did I swung it open and slammed it shut. Not even a minute after, I heard a knocking at my door. "Kate, baby. Please let me come in." I heard Niall's soft, angelic voice. "Fine." I managed to grunt out in midst of sobs. I felt him sit on my bed as I had my head in my pillow. "Babe, Zayn already explained everything to me. And trust me, I had to use every ounce of my willpower not to punch the shit out of him, but babe. I didn't because I knew you wouldn't want me too. And I love you, Kate. I really do. Even though the we've only been together for a couple weeks, you make my life so much better." I turned over and leaned up to kiss him. I put my hands around his neck and he pulled me into his laps with his arms around my waist. "I love you too Niall." I whispered, pulling away from the kiss. 
Did Niall Horan just say he loved me? And did I just say I love Niall Horan?
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