Make It Last

An ordinary girl working at her ordinary job until someone shows up she never imagined seeing at her morning shift at Starbucks.


7. Coming Home

Kate's POV 
Once we were free to exit the plane, I flew up and pulled Niall with me. I told my parents we were coming so they could pick us all up at the airport. We walked out of the security gates and were immediately surrounded by fans. What the hell? These girls really did know their One Direction. creepy if you ask me. Once we made it through the huge crowd and got our luggage from the conveyor belt, we all made our way over to my parents, who held up a sign that read 'Kate and 'friends' ' I laughed to myself, knowing they can't put on the sign One Direction unless they wanted to be attacked by 1,000 screaming teenagers or questioned by security guards. I pulled Niall towards them as I ran as fast as I could to meet my parents. Finally being a foot away from them I realized how real this was. I hadn't seen them in at least 4 years and I missed them so much. I couldn't help but let a few tears slip out of my eyes before attacking them with hugs. The boys introduced themselves as well as the girls. My parents really seemed to take a liking to them which made me smile. But when Niall had introduced himself, something caught my eye. The way my parents eyes lit up when they were talking to him, and my mom's huge smile that came across her face when Niall had mentioned that he was my boyfriend, made my heart skip a beat. I knew I had their approval. Yes. I was snapped back into reality when my Niall squeezed my hand and said, "Kate, you ready to go?" I nodded and smiled at him. We all piled into my mom's SUV which could early fit us all considering she was soccer mom back in the days and had to fit our whole team in the car. My dad threw all of our luggage in the very back and hopped in the drivers seat. We sat with mom and dad in the front, me, Niall and Zayn in the middle, Harry, tiff, and Liam in the back. finally Louis, El and Dani in the very back. The drive from the Orlando National Airport was only about 30 minutes from our house, so the ride was somewhat okay. Arriving at our house the boys mouths dropped. Oh yeah, did I forgot to mention my family owns half of Disney World so we are kindaaaaaa billionaires. Oops. Our mansion was four stories with 5 windows, indicating 5 rooms, on each floor. Don't get me wrong, they weren't all bedrooms. We had the indoor pool (we have an outdoor one, as well), movie theater, and a bunch of other places. We had about 12 rooms though. Perfect for all of our guests! They all got out of the car, mouths still wide open. I looked at Niall and gently shut his mouth for it just to fall back open. I laughed and we walked into the mansion. "Welcome to the Bloom Mansion." my dad's voice boomed through the house as he opened the door and stood in the entry hall. The boys and girls raced in and their mouths dropped yet again. Tiffany pulled Harry towards me and Niall and just laughed. She had been here plenty of times before so it wasn't that big of a deal to her. Once all the boy had gotten over the fact I live, or well lived in a mansion, we all our separate ways to pick rooms. My room was still the way I left it, pretty and pink. It needed a change. That could be my project later on. I left the room to find Niall next to mine, in a room that used to be my older brother, Sam's. Sam left for college 5 years ago and then eloped with his girlfriend Sarah. Lame if you ask me. I had always been a sucker for romantic, traditional weddings. Oh well, not my choice. I had a younger sister Cori, who I had yet to see. I gasped and ran down to find my parents sitting on the couch with Liam and Dani. "Mom! Dad! Where is Cori?!" I shrieked. "With her new friend, Maci." Cori was 2 when I left, making her 6 now. I nodded and went back to Niall's new room. I stopped by the movie room to find all of them, sitting on my couches and Louis searching for a movie. "Sure guys,
make yourself at home. Take over my movie room." I said jokingly and walked over to Niall plopping on his legs. He let out a fake grunt and smiled. I leaned back and kissed him, not letting it get to passionate knowing there were 3 other boys in the room and 2 other girls. We had all decided on Toy Story, knowing it was Liam's favorite. I guess he heard it from downstairs because in less than a minute from when it started, Liam was in the movie room dragging Dani. 
After the movie was over and I got up to go pee, I heard the alarm sound. Someone had just walked in. Who, though? I listened to try to figure out who my parents were talking to and then heard my sweet sisters angelic voice. I shrieked and ran downstairs, almost tripping over my own feet. Cori saw me and was in shock. I piled her and started to run around. It was so good to see my baby- well I guess 6 years old isn't considered a baby anymore, so my sister. She laughed as I put her down and she gave me a tight hug. "I missed you Kate." she said sweetly. "I missed you too Cori. So so much." I replied hugging her again. By this time, everyone was in the living room with us, introducing themselves to Cori. She just laughed at how silly all the boys were and smiled greatly when the girls complimented her. When we all came to sit on the couch, I was leaning against Niall when Cori came and sat on top of me. She whispered in my ear, "Is he your boyfriend?!" She must not have been too quiet because Niall was laughing and whispered back, "Yes, I am." We all talked for almost 1 hour when my mom came in to tell us it was dinner time. After sitting through an amazing dinner,
we watched yet again, Toy Story. I don't know how the boys put up with it. It was an insane obsession. But I guess Cori had come to liking Toy Story as well because her and Liam were chatting up a storm about it. I smiled and checked my phone. 
it was almost 11 and we all decided it was a good idea to get some sleep if we wanted to do something fun tomorrow before 1 in the afternoon. cough cough Zayn. sleepy head. I went in my room after kissing Niall good night and fell asleep soon after thinking about how great my day was. Mom, Dad, Cori, Niall, the boys, El, Dani, and Tiffany all here with me. How much better could my life get?!
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