Make It Last

An ordinary girl working at her ordinary job until someone shows up she never imagined seeing at her morning shift at Starbucks.


5. 9 Tickets

Kate's POV


I woke up with Niall's extremely muscular arms wrapped tightly around me. i looked to down to see I was wearing Niall's sweats and a hoodie. Huh? How did this happen? I thought back to last night and I remembered that we stayed at the boy's house and watched movies all night. I must've changed sometime then. I reached over to the night stand, careful not to wake Niall, and grabbed my phone. Once I unlocked it, I checked my texts, 4 from Tiffany, 2 from my mom, and one from an unknown number, all from last night..The ones from Tiffany told me all about how Harry was the "best" and how he was soooo "flirty". i smiled to myself, knowing that "Tarry" would last a while. My mom texted me saying she missed and loved me. Also, when I was coming home to America to visit. Yes, I know you are wondering why I lives in London and my family lives in America. Well, when I was seventeen after I graduated high school, my mom took me and Tiffany here, to London, for a graduation vacation. As soon as we got here, we fell in love with it, so after begging and begging our moms, they let us move here, together. And 3 years later, here we are now. I realized the time was almost 11 AM and the girls said to be ready at 12. Crap! Before I got up and showered, I checked the unknown number text to see it was from Eleanor. 'Hey Kate! Niall gave me your number so I could tell you that we changed our reservations to 4 instead, so we could hang out with the boys and sleep late! xoxo, Eleanor' I smiled and turned to face Niall. His face is so flawless, every detail in the right spot and perfect. I pecked him on the nose and his eyes shot wide open. "Sorry to wake you, sleeping beauty." I laughed and kissed him on the nose again. He smiled and rubbed his eyes. "It's fine, babe. I was getting hungry anyways.." he replied. "Of course you were. Let's go get some food then." I said as I grabbed his hands and pulled him out of bed. He groaned, but when he got up he kissed me on the lips and pulled away, saying "Kate, I know it's only been a couple of days, but I'm falling for you. Hard." My stomach did flips and I smiled so big I thought my cheeks were going to crack. "Niall, I'm falling for you too." he blushed and we walked down the stairs into the kitchen, holding hands. Louis was slaving over the stove, cooking up some eggs and bacon and Liam was eating his cereal with a fork. I laughed and sat down on the kitchen barstool and Niall stood behind me with his hands on my waist. I turned to the stairs when I heard moans and loud footsteps, or I guess you could say, stomps, and found Harry and Tiffany walking down, rubbing their eyes, almost in sync. They were perfect for each other, they both hated mornings and loved their sleep. They each took a seat in the bar next to me laying their heads on the counter. We all burst out laughing and started to take pictures. I uploaded mine to Twitter, '@tiff_xoxo and @Harry_Styles so sleepy, lol' (A/N: Anyone in this story who is not One Direction, their twitter names will be made up, thanks!) I immediately got 1K retweets and when I checked my followers I had 16 K. I almost choked on the piece of bacon I was eating, I was in shock. Niall must've looked over my should at my phone, because he said, "Nice babe! 16K followers already!" I laughed and drank my milk. Next down the stairs were the very excited looking Danielle and Eleanor, themselves. "Helloooo everyooneeee!" Eleanor sang. We all made various sounds, "hey"s from me, Niall, Louis, and Liam and groans from Tiffany and Harry. Why were they so happy this morning? Niall read my mind as he asked them exactly what I was thinking. "Oh.. no reason.. we aren't going to AMERICA OR ANYTHING!!" they screamed the last part. AMERICA?! OH MY GOSH. That sounds so exciting! I wish I could go, but barely had enough money for food and clothes here, especially not a plane ticket. But I really did miss my family. Harry and Tiffany's heads shot up, "AMERICA?!" they both said simultaneously. "Yeah, we got the tickets last night we just wanted it to be a surprise." Danielle spoke up. "So.. who wants one?" Eleanor said pulling 9 plane tickets out from behind her back. We all screamed,  every single one of us, except Zayn.. who was on the couch sleeping, of course. We all began planning our trip to America, when and where we would be going. "Oh, I really want to go to Orlando, that's where me and Tiff used to live." they all agreed and we went our seperate ways to start packing. I realized I didn't have any of my stuff so I told Niall and he said he would drive me back to my apartment to pack and then pick me up. In the car on the way to my place, Kiss You, came on and I turned up the volume and started to sing and dance. When I noticed Niall staring and lauging, I blushed and looked down at my lap. "Boo, don't stop! You have a great voice, babe." "Thanks, I just hate performing in front of people.." I admitted. "You should really try it, it's so much fun." We carried on the same conversation until we reached my apartment, when I got out and told him to come back in one hour. He drove away and I went in to the building. Finally, I would be going to my home country and seeing my family again. I couldn't wait.

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