Once Upon a Dream

A collection of short stories, poems, and ideas.


10. The Perfect Race

Up behind the block, my heart pace quickened

Slowly but surely, my stomach sickened

A deadly poison, a spreading fire

But in my mind I held one desire


To get to the end of this race

With nothing but a speedy pace

To get ahead with a large burst

And to finish in nothing but first


But then a drawn out screech bit through the night

I lumbered onto the block, my muscles still tight

And I then bent down a gripped its plastic

And with the sound of a buzzer, I leapt off, ecstatic


The water soon slapped me in the face

And my underwater kicks left a bubbly trace

I quickly surfaced, my arms spinning

Little did I realize I was actually winning.  


I reached each wall and did each flip

And before I knew it, I was on my last slip

Of water, stretching before me

I sprinted on, unable to see

The finish line, a solid wall

On slammed my hand, my arm stretched tall


I looked at the clock with a hasty glance

And climbed out of the pool with a shaky stance

I wanted to dance because of what I saw;

Not only was this time my best but I beat all!



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