Once Upon a Dream

A collection of short stories, poems, and ideas.


6. Into the Light

               Darkness swarms your senses, pressing down on you, swallowing you whole. An eerie echo follows after each steady step. You are blind, helpless, as you wander in an unknown direction, you hands reaching out in an endless black. Your heart is cold, unrelenting, stubborn. You continue to drift, solemnly, through the damp air, letting the smell rot in your throat. Your lungs begin to quake with each breath; oxygen is diminishing the deeper you go. Feeling your way in the darkness, a sharp, slimy edge separating empty space conveys a new path you can take. To death, to life, to heaven, to hell, to prosperity, to poverty. From what you can see, there is no light at the end of either. Your soul struggles to push back feelings of doubt, fear, loneliness. Your mind grasps onto thoughts of failure, mourning, loss, but then throws them back into the darkness from whenst thee came. Your limbs know there is no going back; there is no return journey. You have come too far, too long. If your determination fails, then so will your heart. And now each step has turned to a drag, for your limbs have betrayed you. They wish to give in to the darkness. To death. A gust of wind brings you crumbling to your knees on the jagged ground. Your strength fails and you collapse on to the slimy rock, scraping your face. You taste blood. But suddenly your mind latches onto a new thought. Wind. And with frail arms, for your legs are numb, you begin to drag yourself. The numbness begins to seep into your shoulders, but you persevere. Through all hell and misery, you persevere. And suddenly, a shadow of light pierces its way into your vision. It has been so long since you have seen light, that you almost don't recognize its comforting glow. But once identified, the numbness seeps out of your body. Slowly but surely, you shakily stand to your feet, clutching the walls for stability. The music of the trees, of the earth you have for so long missed, it reverberates in your ears. It is a song of beauty which you have forever missed. You eagerly walk towards the end, with small, meticulous steps; they carry a new meaning. As your trembling steps reach the light, the sun's glow prances to your eyes, a luxury of comfort you haven't experienced for too long. It's rays absorb into your skin as you stand, observing the scenery before you. This tunnel has lead you to a ledge on the side of a cliff, one that will be difficult to maneuver down, but this is not important. Mountains, as far as your eye can see, embellished in a sea of tall, ember trees. In the presence of you, a stranger, the sun hides shyly behind them. But you sit back, admiring these mountains as though an old friend. You throw off your ragged, tattered, practically useless shoes as you sit on the sun-baked earth. The trees scent lazily lingers past your nose and you breathe it in deeply, letting it clear your mind. Absolve you of your sins. Ease out your memories. Thoughts of your hardships scamper out through your exhales. While scars of your journey still remain, all is ignored as you fall back onto the soft, warm earth, drifting into a long-needed rest. 

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