Once Upon a Dream

A collection of short stories, poems, and ideas.


4. For Sophia


For Sophia...

Who once made the sun hide behind the earth,

With deep purple, warm orange, cool blue

Swirling colors that

Splashed onto the crisp white page,

With a cool steady hand

Guiding a paint brush


Who liked to visit the sand

Guarding the ocean with relentless heat

Letting the ripples in the ocean

Ease their way on to its rough edges

And then letting it slip back

The repetitious steps of

Dancing with the breeze  


Who learned to whistle

Listening to the song of birds

The wind on a bitter winter night  

The exhales of the trees

Letting the music flow past her

Mimicking their sounds


Who loved to dream  

Her thoughts consuming

Her mind dreary and restless as it was

The wind lifting her off her feet

Taking her to the sky, the trees, the ocean 

And her soft, warm pillows


Who could, like a fish,

Glide in the aqua leaves of ocean

Wrapping tightly around her skin

The cool breeze of the current 

Softly carrying her

Taking her to unimaginable lands


Who helped calm the storms

Of thunder and lightning

Gnawing on each other in the heavy clouds

That rain down pain and anguish  

Darkness that wears down our hearts

On all who dare to draw near 


Who now sits at a desk

Day after day

Carefully coaxing her ideas onto paper

Whether in writing or hasty pictures

Brought on by the monotonous drawling

Of teacher’s voices


Who will continue to grow, learn

And persevere

Through the everyday hardships

Battlefields sprung from hatred

But also the joy and wonderment

That gives her a strong drive

To continue to live









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