Once Upon a Dream

A collection of short stories, poems, and ideas.


2. Flying


              A frequent dream of mine has been to fly, to stretch my arms and soar into the air. I imagine myself rooted to the ground, feet bare, soaking in the damp air. A breeze exhales through the trees, quivering through the branches. My mind is clear, calm, as I let the wind carry me into the sky. My feet are gently lifted into the air and I hover lightly above the ground. It feels unreal, as though I am held steady by a bending barrier, twisting as I walk on it. It is an invisible ocean, me walking on the rising and falling waves of air. The small tide becomes a tidal wave and I rise high into the air, soaking in the sun. I spin around in the air, floating lightly on my back and sinking into the waters. My heart feels as light as the wind. I soar through the air, sinking and spinning, the wind now carrying me fast and strong. But then the tide falls, and me along with it.

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