Once Upon a Dream

A collection of short stories, poems, and ideas.


1. Colorado Skies


              A simple room able to take me anywhere I desire, able to heed my every longing for a new world. But with so many options, my mind struggles to distinguish one memory I want to relive. As I clasp onto once of my favored recollections, I feel the atmosphere of the room start to change, beginning with the air. It gets colder, only barely, but just enough to send a small shiver crawling up my spine. I take a deep inhale to find the overwhelming tang of burnt hotdogs sticking in my throat. The wind whittles its way to my ears, a shrieking tune. My eyes are still closed, wanting to absorb everything before relinquishing myself to the tantalizing anticipation of the scenery. But I can’t take it any longer. My eyes snap open, thirsting to remind me of why I chose this, of all places. And I find myself still stunned by picture in front of me: A black quilt coats the sky, light piercing its way through the threaded fabric. The stars are children’s eyes, twinkling at every angle. A large tent stands sturdy in the ground of the Colorado campsite. Dark trees line the clearing, dancing softly with the breeze. I sit down in the grassy ground, craning my neck back to the stars. There are so many. So many. So many. Time passes, I know not how much. A howl pierces the air, followed by another. I come to my senses, stand up, barely able to tear my eyes away, and open the nursery door, stretching my neck as far as possible so as it’s image to not leave my grasp. A small hand grabs mine gently and helps it close the door. The sky is gone forever. Forever… I find tears welling in my eyes but they quickly disappear when I remember where I am. I look to see my child, eyes twinkling like stars, gazing up at me. Back to reality.


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