Your secret will be safe with me.

Laura is 16 beautiful and popular but when something happens and she realizes the situation cannot be undone other than remaining silent. Watch the journey of a aspiring 16 year old become someone she never dreamed she could be all because of one secret.


1. 16.

"Happy Birthday to you..." The room gets quiet and I blow out my candles little swirls  of smoke move around the room. Everyone cheers. I'm finally 16 I know I should be excited but, if you really wanted to know what I wished for it was that No one ever finds out my secret......


*2 Week Earlier*

I cry as I grab my razor and cut tiny slits onto my skin. I cry and try to numb the pain away by cutting it feels good. This is my second relapse. I stand up and walk into my bathroom and looked into the mirror and cried. I let the mascara an whisper 'Your secret will be safe with me, Your secret  will be safe with me" I get into the shower let the water run through my brown hair and down my skinny body letting the water take away my pain down the drain. I step out getting ready for school to fake the biggest smile I ever could.***

I start to walk around the room and talk to my friends when someone grabs my waist and blindfolds me. I giggle not knowing where they were taking me 'Where are we going?" I ask, "Somewhere alone". I freeze  and my stomach drops I wiggle around and scream "LET GO OF MEE!"," Haha you remember me huh?" he says timidly, "Ugh no shit Sherlock! Now let me go now!". I let myself fall to the floor and it takes him off guard causing him to let go of me and fall "You little bitch!" I run ripping off my blindfold and screaming I don't turn back to afraid to see where he is, once I feel he was far away I turn back and see him running in the other direction. I run back inside into my room and bawl letting tears spill out. After crying I put on make-up to cover up my puffy eyes and put on a fake smile and go back downstairs where I act like nothing happened. I danced my heart out that night trying to cover up the fact that  I am fearful for my life. * "Okay mom I love you to be home soon bye." I was walking down the street to get to my house never thinking that it would change me for the rest of my life. BAM BAM BAM the noise sounded like a stray firework and I ran to the source thinking someone would be hurt. I never thought I would see someone being murdered. At the end of the alley I stood at was a man covered in blood and the culprit standing over him looking up at me he started to run I was paralyzed in fear and didn't realize to run until he grabbed me and told me "Never tell anybody I know what you what you look like and will do the same to you as I did to him" a single tear spilled down my face as I heard those words. He let go of his grip and ran off leaving me with the mess of a dead man.* My alarm beeps and  I wake up panting sweat dripping down my face as I try to calm down and realize the dream I just had was how I have to keep my secret

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