Just An Idiot ~Liam Payne~ *TEMPORARY HIATUS*

You know what people say about Love Hate Relationships? Yeah, well, they're true. You fight like a married couple, yet find yourself making up both apologizing. It's a stupid thing actually. The funniest part was, it started with an accidental kiss.


6. Chapter 5 (Plus Note)

A Somehwhat Important Note (that would appreciate it if read)


Thanks for reading this story guys. I just wanted to say that I really didn't expect to get so many comments, favorites, and likes. So thank you all for that.





I walked back into the pizza shop and sat down. My hands were shaking from the thought of what had happened. Why the hell did I slap a famous guy that I was obviously partially attracted to?! God, I'm an idiot. 


Wait, no I'm not. He's the idiot. HE kissed me. He deserved that slap a hell of a lot more than I deserve the guilt I'm feeling right now, I think. Wonderful, I slapped a celebrity. No, not just any celebrity I slapped Liam Fucking Payne. 


Why Me?






"Sorry about that..." He mumbled whilst looking at the T-Shirt which made me look like a crazy obsessed fan girl. Well, in my eyes I probably do look like a crazy obsessed fan girl.


I stared at him, "Seriously, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to kiss you it. It was just those girls were crazy. They looked like they were going to kidnap and even worse, rape me. I am so so sorry, love."


The next second all I could do was raise my hand and slap him, I had to. It was either instinct or of plain curiosity. I mean, he couldn't have kissed me. He wouldn't have. He shouldn't have. 


He clutched his cheek with his hand as I stared at him with a new found anger bubbling inside of me.


"Why the hell did you do that?! Do you think just because I'm wearing your fucking T-Shirt that I'm a fan of you?! That I would enjoy kissing you?! No! I wouldn't!" I took in a breath before continuing. 

"You inconsiderate," slap, "asshole, " slap.


 "You are a complete," slap"fucking idiot!"


Before my palm could make contact with his cheek a fourth time in the last 5 minutes, he grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes.


"Please don't slap me again, that hurts." He whispered. His eyes was mesmerizing, and actually resembled a cheerful little boy. Okay, at this moment it was more of a sad puppy. But, I'm sure if he was smiling it would look like a little boy.


I pulled my hand from his grasp, and forced myself to glare at the celebrity in front of me, "Don't do it again, jerk."




The waitress came back with a check after we had finished eating. Well, I more of shoved the food in my mouth, trying to get out of here as soon as I could. I paid as quickly as I could and soon I was dragging Sarah away from the booth we had been sitting at. 


We got outside and rounded the corner that I had made the terrible encounter, "What's with the ru- oh my gosh."


She whispered the last 3 words, it seemed as if she was afraid to speak any louder that the small whisper. I turned around to see several figures standing by the wall. Almost all of them seemed too familiar. Maybe doppelgangers, right? 


Okay, no now I'm being stupid. I slowly tugged Sarah's hand to turn around, but regretted it as soon as it had happened. She let out a squeal, making all 6 heads turn around. A large man stood in front of the five other figures, obviously guarding them.


A hand was placed on his shoulder as a familiar feathery haired boy said, "She's like, 7 Paul, I think we can handle a 7 year old." 


Sarah put her hands on her small hips, "I'm 9. Nine." I rolled my eyes at her.


The man, known as Paul, stepped aside for all five boys to stroll over to us. I looked at the five boys and then back at Sarah, "Yeah, she's nine. And oh look it's way past her bed time. Let's go, Sarah."


"Sarah that's a pretty name." I mentally groaned as she giggled. Her giggle was the most annoying thing I had ever heard in my life, and I hated it when she giggled.


The five of them talked while one of the boys, Liam, was staring at me. I took notice of the ice pack he was holding up to his cheek, and the slight tint of red that was visible. He looked at me and attempted to smile.


'Why the heck are you smiling at someone who basically made your cheek as red as a tomato?'


"This is my older sister, Morgan. She took me to the concert tonight." I looked at Sarah and realized all attention was on me now. 


"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You got to talk to them. Let's go. Bye."


I grabbed her hand started speed walking back to where I had parked the car. 


"Remind me never to take you to a concert again. Ever."

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