Just An Idiot ~Liam Payne~ *TEMPORARY HIATUS*

You know what people say about Love Hate Relationships? Yeah, well, they're true. You fight like a married couple, yet find yourself making up both apologizing. It's a stupid thing actually. The funniest part was, it started with an accidental kiss.


24. Chapter 21-Continued-

Silence filled the room as Sarah stood in front of me. We didn't utter a single word to each other, instead we just stared. Sarah shook her head slowly before turning around and leaving my bedroom, leaving me in a state of confusion. What the fuck was that all about?


I stared at my door for a couple seconds before blinking. Probably just another strange thing the little girl wanted to do, creep the shit out of her sister. Because every little sister does that... 


My hands fumbled for my phone as it began to ring, this contraption was going to be the death of me. It was so fucking annoying with it's constant ringing and shit. No, I take that back, it's constant vibrating. Don't get me wrong, I love my phone, it's awesome. But, I have a slight problem when it just keeps buzzing and buzzing and buzzing over and over again. 


Putting the phone to my ear, I answered, "Hello?"


"Morgan? We have a slight problem." 




"Problem, what problem?" The same voice spoke again, not as clearly as it did the first time; but the voice was still strong with the slightest bit of nervousness in the tone. "The date."


In the few brief seconds of silence before he responded I had wondered what he was going to say, but of all the things this was not on that list. "You just love pushing my buttons, Payne. So what, you can't go out tomorrow? How about the day after that?" 


The long silence before he spoke gave me a bad feeling about the situation, which I shouldn't even be in to be completely honest. I mean, who goes from hating, to kissing, to liking a person? What the fuck? "How about a few months?" 




"I got back, and apparently. Apparently we have some stuff to do back in-"


"A few months? Mr. Fucking Payne. Mr. Poptart. Stuck-up-ass-hole-motherfucker. I'm not going to wait a few. fucking. months. And what am I supposed to do in that time, just hopelessly wait until you call and say 'oh only one more month until our first date'? I'm not that type. I'm not going to wait for a date like a lovesick puppy." I spat into the receiver before hanging up on the popstar. 


A few months. Months. Not days. Days I can handle, but months. Months of doing what? Waiting to go out while he probably goes off and fucks some girls, I don't think so. 


I'm not that type.

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