Just An Idiot ~Liam Payne~ *TEMPORARY HIATUS*

You know what people say about Love Hate Relationships? Yeah, well, they're true. You fight like a married couple, yet find yourself making up both apologizing. It's a stupid thing actually. The funniest part was, it started with an accidental kiss.


23. Chapter 20

"Thanks for the ride again." Liam nodded at me through the rolled down window. After I had told him that I liked him, we were quiet for a while. He was the first to speak up, saying that he would give me a ride to wherever I was going. 


"No problem." He smiled at me as I began to turn around, "Oh wait! Morgan?"


I stopped, turning back around to look at him with a questionable expression, "Uh, would you want to go out tomorrow night? Like you know a-"


"Date?" He nodded nervously, "Yeah, that."


"Sure, Mr. Poptart. I'd love to go on a date with you." Liam broke out in a grin as he restarted the engine of his car. "Great, see you then."




I collapsed next to bed in exhaustion. Sure, Liam had given me a ride to the shops, but I completely neglected how I was going to get home in the heavy rain. Right now, my clothes were sticking to my flesh as if life depended on it, and my hair was dripping water onto the floor mercilessly. 


My phone rang in my pocket, which surprised me quite a bit, seeing that I was drenched in water. You'd think my phone would be lifeless right now. I clicked the answer button, not bothering to check the caller ID.


"Hello?" A person stifled a laugh as I spat a greeting into the speaker.


"Uh, this is Morgan, right?" A deep voice talked through the phone, and I immediately checked the screen for the name of who was calling.


"Who the hell are you, and why are you on Quinn's phone?" 


There was a few seconds of silence before I heard rustling and a few playful shouts, "Give me back the damn phone, Styles!"


Oh, so I was talking to curly-face, the youngster of the group. If I can even technically call him a youngster. "No, wait! I wanted to bond with your best friend!"


"Phone. Now. Or I'm stealing your boots." The background was silent, until I heard Quinn speak up more clearly.


"Hey, Morgan. Sorry about uh - that. He's being a -"


"Creep?" I could hear her giggle at my choice of description for his actions. I could almost imagine her nodding her head at me through the phone. "Yeah, he's being a creep."


My response to her was cut short as a light knocking came from my bedroom door. I stood to my feet and opened the door wide enough to see who was standing outside. When I spotted the girl in front of me I froze, "Hey, Quinn I'll call you back."


I opened the door wider for her to step in and she reluctantly walked into my room. Closing the door behind her, I sat on my floor once again staring up at the short child in front of me.

"Do you want something, Sarah?"




SHITTIEST CHAPTER EVER. I apologize that you guys had to read this poor excuse, but it just leads into something else. This chapter was all over the place, and I'm not very proud to say I wrote this one. Ugh, I'm so sorry.


- Melody xx

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