Just An Idiot ~Liam Payne~ *TEMPORARY HIATUS*

You know what people say about Love Hate Relationships? Yeah, well, they're true. You fight like a married couple, yet find yourself making up both apologizing. It's a stupid thing actually. The funniest part was, it started with an accidental kiss.


20. Chapter 17

By the time the clock said 12:00 a.m. Liam and Morgan were stuffed with junk food and watching Grease. Morgan's feet were draped over Liam's legs as they both hummed along to "Hopelessly Devoted to You". It was safe to say the relationship between them were growing and it made both of them - well Morgan - a bit cautious. Liam was well aware of his possible feelings towards the girl, while she sat completely oblivious to her feelings towards him. 


Morgan's family had come home only an hour before. Her father had Sarah in his arms as she slept away, which was probably the best thing for the night. Who knows what could have happened if she saw Liam Payne with her sister. Not to mention the fact that they looked quite comfortable sitting so close to each other. 


Morgan kept her attention on the screen as Sandy leaned against the porch pole-thing. On the other side of the couch Liam watched as she mouthed the words to the song. A feeling overcame Liam as he gently moved her feet to settle on the ground. He stood to his feet and mumbled a simple, "I'll be right back."


He rushed quickly to the bathroom, which Morgan had been so kind to show him earlier, and shut the door. Liam held onto the edge of the counter and breathed deeply. He didn't like the feeling he was receiving, even though a small bit of him said 'do it'. Liam had wanted to kiss her. 




Liam's POV


What was getting in to me? Just a few days ago I was saying how irritated I was with this girl and now I had a sudden urge to kiss her. I wasn't liking the feeling all too much, but I have to admit I wouldn't have minded actually doing it. 


I stumbled back into the movie room, tripping over the carpet by accident along the way. The girly laugh that erupted from the other side of the room made me nervous. Why on earth am I nervous? I don't know. I quickly composed myself and walked casually towards the couch, "What'd I miss?"


Morgan didn't look at me as she answered, "Just the rest of the song." I nodded and took my place underneath her legs again, focusing on the movie. 




"Thanks for letting me stay." I said as I walked out Morgan's door and down the steps. She followed behind me as I threw my backpack in the back seat. 


She stayed quiet as I stood there. I had no idea how to say bye to her. Were we going to hug? Shake Hands? Awkwardly say bye? "Well, bye then." Her words rushed out as she turned around to go back inside.


"Wait, Morgan!" I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into a hug. It was clear that she was hesitating, but she soon wrapped her arms loosely around my neck in one of the weirdest hugs I'd ever given. We took a step away from each other and stood in silence.


'Just do it, idiot.' I shook my head as my conscious tried to get me to kiss her. I have no way in knowing how that would end. For all I know it may cause a lot more trouble then before.


"What?" I looked at an amused girl as she stood in front of me. "Nothing, I was just fixing my hair."


She laughed and moved to placed her hand on my head, "Payne, you have no hair on your head. It's like, all gone. There's just tiny needles sticking out of your scalp now."


I grabbed her hand and brought it down, "Hey! My hair looks fine!" 


"Sure it does, it looks like a porcupine that had its needles chopped off."


I pouted playfully and placed my hand on her head, "You look like...." My sentence was cut short as I realized I had no comeback this time. There was no insult I had that would be anywhere close to true.


"I look like what, Porcupine head?" She giggled, and that's where I lost it.


I pulled her closer to me and whispered quietly in her ear, "Beautiful. You look completely utterly one hundred percent beautiful Miss Carter."


Morgan stared at me, completely taken aback by my sudden movements. And that's where I gave in to my conscious. I leaned down and delicately pressed my lips to hers, not caring if she pushes me away and slaps me again. No, this time I wanted to kiss her for real.









They kissed. THEY K-I-S-S-E-D. Hehe :)


Okay.... so yeah! Is she going to slap him?! I kind of feel like a lot of you know the answer to this question so why do I bother asking? Put your answer in the comment section guys!!


ANNNDDD! What's your favorite Disney Movie if you have one?


- Melody xx



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