Just An Idiot ~Liam Payne~ *TEMPORARY HIATUS*

You know what people say about Love Hate Relationships? Yeah, well, they're true. You fight like a married couple, yet find yourself making up both apologizing. It's a stupid thing actually. The funniest part was, it started with an accidental kiss.


18. Chapter 15

"Liam Payne, why are you wearing a Woody costume?!" I whisper-yelled at the teenage boy who was proudly displaying his love for a toy inside a costume shop. You see, after we left the others we went straight for the toy store. While we were inside, I learned that Liam loves Toy Story, quite a bit actually. Afterwards, we saw this cool costume shop and now here we are.


"I don't look good as a cowboy?" He pouted a bit, looking directly into my eyes. I rolled my eyes at his childish behavior and answered, "Yeah, fucking fantastic. I would screw you in a second."


His eyes widened at my last statement and I mentally slapped myself, he probably wasn't used to that kind of joking. Seeing that he basically lived with 4 other guys, who not to mention are probably all straight. At least, I think they are. "I was joking, don't flatter yourself."


"Oh, right." He walked back into the changing room and left me outside to skim through all the girl costumes. I smirked once I saw an Alice in Wonderland costume, believe it or not, I secretly love that movie. I made haste as I quickly grabbed it and ran into the girl's changing room.




"Morgan?" I heard Liam call me from outside and I smirked while walking out into the open. Liam's eyes widened as he saw me come towards him. He was dressed back in blue jeans and an American Flag tank top, which might I say showed of his biceps nicely. 


"Alice in Wonderland?" I nodded and glared at him, "What, you can wear Woody and I can't wear Alice?"


Liam anxiously rubbed the back of his neck, "No, it's not that at all. I just didn't see you as an Alice type of girl."


"What type of girl do you see me as then, Mr. Payne?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him. 


"A rude, violent...." He coughed awkwardly before continuing, "I mean, an awesome, great, sweet girl." I nodded at him and let out a small laugh, "That's what I thought."




"Where the hell have you two been?! Niall said that you two went off on your own, you could have at least told us BEFOREHAND." Quinn said, obviously very angry at us. Her anger wouldn't last long though, she couldn't hold a grudge for too long. She glared for a few more seconds before huffing and smirking at me. Oh god, I know that face anywhere. She's going to say that we're 'totally falling love'. Yeah right.


"Sorry?" I heard Niall chuckle as Makyla grabbed a hold of his hand. Quinn rolled her eyes before leading the way to the entrance of the mall. Liam looked down at me as I looked up at him before we both burst into silent laughter. 




-3rd Person-


Morgan was quite surprised how easily she got along with Liam now that the whole "Kissing Fiasco" was settled between the two. Liam on the other hand, wasn't surprised at all. Like he had said a few days ago, he thought Morgan was one of the most beautiful girls he'd ever seen and quite frankly he was anything but surprised. Her attitude was still there, but he saw a side of her that he hadn't seen when they were always fighting against each other. 


The car ride back to Morgan's house was quiet seeing that Quinn decided to let Morgan dream away in her own wonderland. Quinn couldn't help but feel a tiny bit of jealousy towards Morgan. As much as the blonde girl denied her liking towards Liam, it was obvious there was some type of feeling that was stronger than friendship. Whether it was lust or just pure liking towards him, she might never know. Quinn had known Morgan for about ten years now, and it was a bit obvious to her when Morgan had a crush. Even if she herself didn't know it yet.


Five miles away, Niall was driving Makyla back to her hotel. The car ride was made of small talk and small smiles, but other than that nothing really exciting happened. Niall was concentrating mostly on the road as Makyla sat and thought about Liam and Morgan. The two of them obviously weren't very friendly the day before, but today they seemed like the best of friends. Was it possible that the two were a couple and were just having a small misunderstanding? No, Niall would have told her right?


Liam turned a corner as he drove back to his hotel that the boys and him were staying in. His focus was mostly on the road, but a small part of his mind just reminded him of Morgan. Something was different about this girl, and if he couldn't see the difference between her and all the other girls he had met, he'd be a bit oblivious. She had an attitude, and it was frustrating to him because he wasn't used to be treated that way. He wasn't used to her humor, as inappropriate as guys can be, he had never heard a girl joke around about sex. Strangely enough, these things that she did only made her more attractive to him, but Liam would never admit that he could possibly be starting to have feelings for this girl. He had to admit, she wasn't half bad of a kisser though.


Liam stopped the car at a stop sign before carrying on. Except, he couldn't carry on. Instead he honked his horn as he almost hit a blonde teenage girl who was blindly walking across the street. He groaned as the girl looked at him before raising her hand in apology. She hurried along the street before she could get hit for real this time. As she walked away though, Liam could barely make out the name that was displayed on her bag, "Rebecca".




The car door slammed behind Morgan as she walked up the driveway into her house. She waved briefly at Quinn, who still sat in the driver's seat. She waved back before pulling out of the driveway and driving down the street. Morgan walked into her house and shut the door behind her just as her sister made her way down the steps. 


Sarah still couldn't believe her sister would force herself onto a celebrity, but Liam Payne said it himself and he most definitely never lies about these kinds of things. He wouldn't, not now, not ever. But, she couldn't help but feel like maybe he did. After all why would Morgan kiss a guy she didn't even like?




ANOTHER UPDATE!! I was really happy to see the comments that said you guys were proud of me. You guys seriously make me laugh. Anyways... here :)


Lovestowrite_1d I hope you noticed the name "Rebecca" because it's you!!! No, you aren't JUST a person who almost got hit by Liam Payne. You're going to show up again, I promise! :)


HAPPY JAI DAY. Lol, no that's not going to be a holiday. No. Unless it's February 6th. That holiday doesn't exist. 




- Melody xx

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