Just An Idiot ~Liam Payne~ *TEMPORARY HIATUS*

You know what people say about Love Hate Relationships? Yeah, well, they're true. You fight like a married couple, yet find yourself making up both apologizing. It's a stupid thing actually. The funniest part was, it started with an accidental kiss.


14. Chapter 11

I walked down the streets, not giving a shit about anything at this point. My feet carried me, basically making it feel like I didn't have to do any work whatsoever. But, halfway through my walk, popstar boy caught my eye. Again.


I don't know what is with me and him running into each other all the time, or just seeing him. But, it needs to fucking stop. I'm already sick of him, and his cute dog-like expressions! I hate him, but I will admit, I'm still attracted to him by an invisible thread. An invisible thread that is choking me every time I go near him. 


I kept walking, ignoring the tall lankier boy walking in the same direction as me. Checking my phone, I mentally punched myself for leaving five minutes later than I intended to. As I got closer to him, I looked the other direction, hoping he wouldn't recognize me. 




After the long walk to Starbucks, I finally lost sight of the popstar. I looked around the coffee place and saw the short brunette I hadn't seen in so long. She was accompanied by two other figures, one more than I expected, and looking right at me. Her hand jolted up in a wave, instructing me to go towards her. 


I gladly obliged, taking a seat across from her, next to one of the people with her.


She gave me a shy smile, which obviously meant that her boyfriend hadn't changed her all too much. 


"Hey, Makyla and..." The boy turned and put his hand out towards me (how professional), "Niall."


I nodded and shook his outstretched hand, "Nice to meet you, Niall. I'm Morgan Carter."


I could almost feel the tension that overcame Niall and the person sitting next to me. I sat still, wondering what had caused the sudden change in atmosphere. Niall gave me a strange look before looking at my neighbor. 


He cleared his throat and talked in an Irish accent I hadn't noticed before, "Nice to meet you... Morgan. The guy next to you is my bandmate."


"Band?" He nodded and gestured to the boy who now had his hoodie pulled off his head, and was looking at me with disgust.


My eyes widened and I mentally punched myself for being so oblivious. That accent, the blonde hair, the name, DAMN IT, of course she would be dating the band mate of Liam Payne. Is this karma for hurting a stop sign?! IT FELT NO PAIN!


I gave a death glare to "Mr. Innocent" next to me before turning back to look at Makyla. She was looking at me with a confused expression, completely unaware of the past few days' events. 


"So, Makyla, what brings you here? I mean-" She interrupted me with a smile.


"Niall was here, so I wanted to see him." I nodded looking at the Irish man who was looking a bit flustered.


"Well, I'm glad you contacted me or else I wouldn't have known you were here at all!"


I continued my conversation with her, completely ignoring the boy sitting next to me. Sadly, halfway through the conversation, Makyla announced she had to leave. Of course, her boyfriend wanted to see her back to her hotel, or wherever she was staying.


As the two got up I motioned for Niall to lean down towards me. I said something very simple, but very threatening.


"You fucking hurt her? You're a dead Irish man, got it?" He nodded at me, slightly taken aback, before escorting my friend out the door. Leaving me with the annoying prick.


All good things must come to an end, don't they?


I stood from my seat, getting ready to leave the Starbucks. As I walked out the door, a presence next to me was felt. I ignored it at first, but soon realized this person was intentionally following me. I stopped abruptly, and so did the person. Getting ready to run from the creep, I took a step forward. 


A voice stopped me, "Hey." 


I groaned, great, I would rather be kidnapped and then brutally murdered than talk to this guy. "What do you want, Payne?" 


A sigh escaped his lips as he stood in front of me. "Listen, I'm actually not here to rub anything in your face, okay? I'm here to...." the last word came out in a mumble.


"To what? Forcefully kiss me again?" I snarled.




"Because I'll be more than happy to be the one reporting this time. Saying how you lied, and then have your reputation ripped to scraps. Your image completely ruined and people hating you left and right. I'd totally be up to the task of ruining your damn perfect life. Your name as Mr. Innocent being no m-" 


Surprisingly enough, he did it again. Pushed his annoyingly perfect lips to mine, shutting me up completely. His strength overpowered me, making it impossible to escape his trap. Unexpectedly, I really didn't want him to stop. But... he did.


"Just shut. up. Would you?" I stayed silent, dazed from the kiss. 


"I came here to apologize about what I did. I was walking down the street and paparazzi just showed up asking me about it and I freaked out. I didn't have time to think and I made it sound like it was ll your fault, and I'm sorry. I couldn't clear it up with them because they left once I told them a lie that they wanted to hear. So, if it works for you, can we just act like it didn't happen?" 


I contemplated over his question and smiled....




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