Just An Idiot ~Liam Payne~ *TEMPORARY HIATUS*

You know what people say about Love Hate Relationships? Yeah, well, they're true. You fight like a married couple, yet find yourself making up both apologizing. It's a stupid thing actually. The funniest part was, it started with an accidental kiss.


13. Chapter 10

A/N: I am a total ass to you guys, sorry. I've been so busy I barely get to sit on my computer these days. I apologize for such a late update, even though I already updated. BUT, it decided to delete itself and disappear into oblivion. So, here is the re-written Chapter 10. 


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- ClearlyMisjudged




I slammed the door to my house and stomped up to my room. The last few hours have been the most frustrating hours of my life, no joke. My head was throbbing with thoughts and schemes on how to kill the popstar known as Liam Payne. If only I could put them into action, then I would be the happiest person alive.... until I get sent to prison for homicide. 


My phone buzzed repeatedly in my pocket as I dragged myself up the stairs. I groaned halfway up the stairs and took out my phone. 


"What the fuck do you want, you annoying bastard?" I growled into the speaker.


A giggle sounded in my ear and I immediately knew who I was speaking to, "Makyla? What are you calling me for?"


"I'm in the neighborhood and thought it would be nice to see if you wanted to meet up with me.. and my boyfriend." Her voice filled my ears and I paused.


"Boyfriend?" I could almost see the petite brunette nodding with a huge smile on her face.


"Yeah, he's so nice, and he's just.....great." I smiled, my nice side kicking in. 


It wasn't common for her to say she had gotten a new friend, let alone a boyfriend. I felt happy that she opened up to someone other than her group of friends. Of course, I didn't live near her, but I occasionally spoke to her through the internet or phone. 


I stood from my sitting position on the steps and walked towards my room, "Who is he?"


"I'm not telling you." She whispered, as if she was carrying a deep and dark secret.


"You'll just have to wait to meet him! Meet us at Starbucks in an hour." And with that she hung up.


What ever happened to her shy attitude? I sure as hell hope that guy isn't changing her. I glanced at the time and sighed, Starbucks is about a 10 minute walk so I should leave in about 40 minutes. Knowing me, I'd walk slower than that old lady with the cane, who always stops every 5 steps to breathe in. 


I looked down at my clothes and thought, Do I look decent?


I gave myself a shrug for a reply and decided to just change into something else. 

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