Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


35. well hello again

Doctor's POV
Niall yelled for me and I came in the room to see that Louis' heart moniter had a rising and falling line. I called some doctors and told everyone to leave the room. This was critical. He was alive. But barely. We had to perform emergency surgery. Like now. We got the equipment. A nurse put anestisia in his arm in the IV that was already there. He was uncontious. Most likely still in a coma. But we couldn't risk it. We quickly brought in a portable Xray and discovered that the internal bleeding was in his chest. We quickly made the insition and imediately blood poured out. A nurse quickly tried to blot it and we started to work. We discovered that his lungs were badly damaged. We needed a transplant. We found one. Thank God. I asume this happened because of when Dallas kicked him. She kicked him hard. We soon finished and took him to a mew room. they caught us on the way there.
Niall's POV
We were sitting. Still crying a little. When the doctor. Louis doctor. Came walking by with a stretcher. We all stood up. "Well." I asked "He'll be okay. Most likely. But we had to give him a new lung. We're moving him to another room now. Follow if you'd like." He said. We followed him to his new room. He was again laying lifeless in the bed. He wasn't in a coma anymore. Just uncontious. The nurses had just finished hooking Louis up to a lot of machines and the doctor was leaving when I stopped him."Wait!" I said. He turned around and said "Yes?" "You never told us. What happened to him." "Well." he started "You'll have to ask him how it happened exactly but I do know that the knife bursted a blood artery. That's why there was so much blood. But why it happened I don't know." he said "Thanks." I said and he walked away.
I kept falling until suddenly I landed. I felt no pain. When I landed I imediately opened my eyes. I heard who I tbought was Niall scream something about a doctor but the light above me was so bright I couldn't keep my eyes open more than about two seconds. I heard some people come in and felt a sharp pain in my arm. I felt drowsy again and everything went black. Well...
Avery's POV
We'd been in Louis' room waiting for him to wake again. After about three hours he finally opened his eyes. We all ran to his bed side and Niall screemed for the doctor. Again.
Louis' POV
I opened my eyes again. It took me a few seconds to get used to the bright hospital light above me. Wait hospital?" I'm in a hospital?" I said outloud surprising even myself. "Yes honey you are." My mum softly said. Wait. My mum?! "Mum?!" I said smiling alittle. she came foward with my sisters. "Yes it's me." she said I hugged and kissed them all. Happy to see them them the doctor came in. "Look who's awake." he said. "Who?" I asked cheekily. everyone laughed. "How are you feeling?" He asked "Well now that you ask my leg is killing me and so is my chest. What happened anyways?" I asked. "Like last time we need answers. All we know is that Eleanor found you uncontious in a pool of blood with no pants and a knife." He said I blushed a little and she smiled at me. That was when I noticed Stanley. "Stanley" I asked "You're here too?" "Yeah mate I am." he said and hugged me Then the doctor said"Great but like I said we need answers. What's the last thing you remember?"He asked "I remember a sharp pain in my leg and blacking out last." I said avoiding the obvious "Come on Louis we've been through this before. Wht do you remember before the pain in your leg." He sternly said. "Okay fine." I said "You know how you said I'd have four to five more seizures?" "yeah." hesaid "Well." I continued "I had about ten in the four days after. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want them to worry more about me. I" "Well why did you have the knife?" He asked " Well I tried not to show it but I was still really upset and depressed about killing Dallas and...""WAIT YOU KILLED SOMEONE?!?!" my mum yelled my sisters and Stanley looked equally shocked. I hadn't told them. I didn't plan to. Oh well I have now. "It's a long story but yes." I responded holding back tears. She looked faint. She backed away from my bed and sat in a chair across the room. I continued with the story. "I felt bad for what I did and wanted to feel pain like her so I began cutting my legs." I lifted the blanket to show them but there was a bandage on one leg.But they saw the other and gasped. "All that in four days?" Carter asked "Yes." I answered "Did you atempt suiside?" Liam sudenly asked "What? No" I responded "Then why did you have the knife?" My sister Lottie asked. "I was cutting. I started to have a seizure and I don't know what happened." I said "What did happen?" I asked "Well." The doctor said."When you had the seizure the knife went in deep and cut an artery. Youlost a lot of blood and had to have surgery to fix it." He said he continued " Louis you died." "I what?" I asked taken aback by his words "You died. You had internal bleeding we didn't see before in your lungs from Dallas' kick." "But I've only been her for an hour "I said "No Louis you've been hear for three days. You were dead for twelve hours." Sudenly I remembered "I remember." I said "Remember what?" Harry asked "Heaven." I simply said. they all took a step back and my mum came to me and took my hand. "What do you mean Heaven?" she asked "I was in a beautiful place with gold brick roads and I had a beautiful mansion. I even saw granddad! I was eating a carrot. Best carrot ever by the way. When an angel came to me. She told me that I was needed down here and I looked down and saw you all crying. She then pushed me off a cloud and while I was falling my white robe was replaced by a hospital gown. I kept falling until I landed. I felt no pain and imediately opened my eyes but soon shut them when I saw that light up there. It was tol bright and it hurt. I thenheard Niall call the doctor and I felt something went into my arm. Everything went black." I said " Louis are you sure honey?" My mum asked "Yeah maybe it was just a dream." Daniellensaid " It wasn't a dream.No way. You said yourself I died for twelve hours. Where do people go when they die? Heaven" I said "Actually a lot of patients who have died a while and come back say they experienced almost the exact same thing."he said "See." I said After that the doctor checked me and said I could go home in two days. Then everyone left. Everyone except my mum, sisters, Stanley, and... Hannah? What the fuck was she doing here? Oh well I'll ask later. Right now I had bigger problems. They would want to know what happened to Dallas. Shit
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