Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


71. We made it

Louis' POV
Stanley, Eleanor, and I finally made it to the door at the end of the endless hallway that went into the basement. I paused. "Well guys. 'Ya ready?" They nodded and I slowly opened the door. We looked inside and everyone was there. Everyone was alive! The girls were all bloody and asleep in the corner. Eleanor had already joined them. I guess the same thing was done to them as Eleanor. I went over and kissed Avery. She was still asleep. So I walked over to Liam. "Hey.It looks like everyone made it! Who'd you save?"I asked "Avery."He said. I hugged him. "Thank you. How is she?"Like the other girls she's uncontious from the blood loss. They and you all need to get to a hospital."He said. I'd forgotton about my injuries. I found out who everyone else saved and then Niall hugged me and said "Thank you so much for saving El. I know it must be hard since she's your ex."He said. "Nah. I still love her. But as a friend. I'm with Avery now."I said "What took you guys so long anyways?"Niall asked. Before I could answer he added. "And how was she when you found her?" "Well."I began. "I don't really know how she was because I sorta passed out..."I started but he interrupted me. "What?"He asked. "Well when Stanley and I walked in I looked at her and saw Dallas'...severed...head. And all I could think was I did that. Then I started to feel light headed and I said to Stanley. 'I can't do this.'And everything went black. Next thing I know I'm waking up in Stanley's arms. He put me down and we rested a bit while they told me what happened. You'll have to aske Stanley about how El was though."I said He laughed at me a bit and went to talk to Stanley. As he left I realized I hadn't yet seen Harry. I looked around the room and saw him sitting with his head in his hands in the corner. I sighed and walked over to him and sat down. He looked up and he was crying.
Harry's POV
After my little group made it back to the basement I just went in the corner and cried. I mean I killed someone for God's sakes! After a while. Probably an hour. I heard some other people come in. It was Lou, El, and Stanley. I just kept my head down. I only knew it was them by their voices. After a while someone came and sat beside me. I looked up and saw Louis. "What's wrong mate? Carter's alive. Everyone is!" he said. "Not everyone."I said barely audible. But he heard. "What do you mean?"He asked. "I mean Tim. Louis...I...I....I stuttered but couldn't finish my sentence. "You what?"He asked gently. "I...I...killed him okay. I killed someone!" He stayed quiet for a minute and then hugged me. I know how you feel Haz. I did the same thing remember." He said. "Of course you understand! That's the problem Louis! I'm gonna end up like you!"I said and immediately regretted it. I saw the hurt in his eyes and tears brimming. "No Lou that's not what I meant..."I started. But was interrupted. "No Harry I know exactly what you meant!"He yelled and walked to the other side of the room. I cried harder. Now I've lost my best friend.
Louis' POV
"Of course you understand! That's the problem Louis! I'm gonna end up like you!" Harry said. That hurt. Bad. I can't believe he said that. I felt tears starting to brim beneath my eyes. "No Lou that's not what I meant..."He started "No Harry I know exactly what you meant!" I yelled and walked away to the other side of the room. I felt some tears fall down my face. I was just trying to help.He's my best mate. What he said was a very sensitive subject for me. I can't believe he went that far. You know I'm hurt really bad emotionaly too. I know what he's going through. I did the exact same thing. But he doesn't care. At least he didn't see Tim's severed head hanging from the ceiling. When I saw Dallas' head it just brought back all those bad memories. I'm not saying anything but seeing that really hurt me emotionaly. And physically aparently. I just can't wait to get back home. First thing I'll do. Visit my theropist. He's really helping me and I was going to offer to let Harry come with me next time but he blew up at me. So I guess I won't My back still hurt really bad too. I've been holding in my pained screams. It constantly hurts and I constantly want to scream. I was just sitting and crying when Rachel came in. We all looked at her with scarred expressions. That was when I noticed all the girls were awake. Yay. But they still really need to go to a hospital. Me too actually. "Well it looks like you're all alive. That's good for you except it also means you'll have to stay here longer because you're not leaving unless it's in body bags. And Harry I know what you did. I have a special plan for you tomorrow. Now Keith and Zach are going to bring you back to your room and for now on I'm helping with the guarding. You all have a break. Until noon tomorrow." She said and left. We followed her men who had to harshly pick Harry up because he didn't wanna move. We were a mess. We could hardly walk from weakness and the girls especialy with the weakness and blood loss. We made it to the room and hugged our grateful families if they were with us. Then we went to sleep. After probably four hours I woke up to everyone talking. "What's going on?"I asked. "We're making an escape plan before she tries and kills Harry." Carter said. Harry was in the corner crying. I went over to him. "You okay?" I asked. "No." He replied simply. "After a minute he said. "I'm sorry about earlier. I don't know what happened. I didn't mean it." He said. "It's okay Harry. It hurt. Alot but I understand. I understand exactly how you feel and you and I are going to my theropist first thing when we get out of here. We both need it."I said. "You can. I'm dying tomorrow."He said sadly looking at the ground. "No Harry. We're getting out alive. All of us. Including you. We're figuring out a way right now."I said sternly. "Okay thatnk you. I hope you're right."He said. And we walked over to the others to figure out how we're getting out. Then we had an idea.
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