Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


45. Tell them!

Zayn's POV
"They couldn't save my leg." Harry said lifting the sheets. "Oh my God!" I said. Sure enough his bottom righ leg had been bitten off from mid-calf. "Did the shark do that 'cause I didn't see it before." I said shakily. "No." He responded "The shark just chewed it up so much that they had no choice but to amputate." He explained "Are you in pain?" I asked still shocked "Zayn What do you think? Of course I'm in pain! The doctor just gave me enough medicine that it doesn't as much." he said "Wait why didn't you tell us? I mean why'd you just tell me?" I asked. "Good question. Honestly I didn't want them to feel worse than I knew they would so I got the doctor to say I just lost a toe." he said "But you'll have to tell them eventually. Aren't you getting out tomorrow? They'll notice that half your leg is missing!" I said "Yeah I know but I'm getting my prostetic tomorrow and I'll wear it with jeans to cover it up."He said "This is stupid. When are you gonna tell them the truth?" I asked a little angry. "I'll tell them when the time is right. Maybe after Lou's healed." He said "Fine but if you don't tell them before we get back home I'm gonna."I said "Fine. fair enough." He said After that I left the room.
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