Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


54. Simon Skype

Niall's POV
After we had gotten back from the interview Louis just went to his room without saying a word. I assume he went to sleep. While he slept the rest of us talked. We agreed that he was really upset and we were worried about him. Just when he was starting to feel better too. Well tomorrow we were leaving Vegas and going to Atlanta. Then to Florida. Then home to London. The girls were really excited about Florida. We arranged it so we could do a concert closer to their homes. Anyways after talking for about half an hour there was a little beep sound from my laptop. I opened it to see that Simon wanted to skype. I told the others and we started. "Hello again boys and um girls." He started "Hi." we all replied. Before he could say anything I said. "Let me guess, you saw the interview." "Yes. That's what I wanted to talk about. By the way where's Louis?" He said "Sleeping."Harry answered "Not surprised. He looked pretty upset tonight. Anyways I'm not mad at you boys. It may have been a little over the top but he was asking very personal questions and hit a very sensitive spot with Louis. I'm glad you tried to stop him Liam. And I appreciate the rest of you boys for also trying. But it just didn't work unfortunately. I would have done the same thing." Simon said "But you said it was over the top." Avery said confused. "Yes. It was for a live TV show but just a very little bit. I understand. Anyways we have bigger problems. He could sew us or worse even though Louis didn't finish it doesn't take a genius to figure out that he killed her. So if that appears in any tabloids whatsoever I'll have it removed or if you see it call me right away. This is very bad publicity for the band. Tell absolutely no one. Not even your families or closest friends. No One." He said sternly we said okay and ended the skype. We all talked for a while longer then went to bed."I''m glad Louis didn't hear it. It may have made him more upset."I said and everyone agreed
Louis' POV
They thought I was asleep but I was crying myself to sleep so I heard what they were talking about. I heard Niall say that it would upset me and he was glad I didn't hear it and he was right. It made me a lot more upset. Sometimes I wish I had never tried out for Xfactor. I mean I love my life. But I just miss having a private life. After the skype was done I got back in my bed since I was listening through the door and after about three more hours of crying I finally fell asleep and entered a world of endless nightmares.
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