Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


66. Screams

Eleanor`s POV

"One more hour" I heard Rachel`s` voice say over the loud speaker. One more hour? One more hour for what? Then it hit me. One more hour till I die. Unless someone saves me. But would she let them look for me? I just stood there tied up staring at the clock. Crying and counting down the minutes. Counting down the minutes untill my death. Then suddenly I heard something drop right beside my head. I cautiously turned my head to see, dangling from a rope in the ceiling. a severed head. But not just any head. Dallas` head. It scared the shit out of me. That was when I lost it. I just screamed and screamed. Praying someone would hear me.

Danielle`s POV

We had one more hour. One more hour until we died. I looked over at Carter. She was crying. Which made me cry. I had been holding back since I`m actually the oldest of the boys and the girlfriends so I was trying to be brave. But hearing one more hour and seeing Carter just made me burst out in tears.We just sat there. Crying. When suddenly the door slammed open. I was hoping it was our rescuers but alas no. It was Zach. "This is gonna be fun." he said walking over to me. 

Carter`s POV

Danielle and I were just sitting and crying when suddenly the door burst open revealing Zach. "This is gonna be fun." He said walking towards Danielle. She scoted back with each step he took towards her. "No don`t hurt me. Please don`t hurt me." she cried. But her protests were ignored as Zach got closer and closer to her. He harshly grabbed her shoulder to stop her from moving and pulled out a knife. He then proceded to cut her face. As she was bleeding he came over and did the same to me. He alternated cutting her then me deep on different places on our bodies as we screamed for him to stop  until two people burst through the door. Our rescuers.

Avery`s POV

I was sitting tied up to the pole with one hour left on the clock. When suddenly Keith burst through the door.  He smiled and told me to stand up. When I didn`t he came over and yanked me off the ground. "You`ll thankme later." he said and took down the knife from in front of my face.  He tied my arms up above my head and lifted me off the floor a little putting a little stool beneath my feet. He then slipped a rope around my neck. "Rachel thought it would be more fun if you waited to be rescued this way."he said with an evil smile. "Wait they`re looking for us?" I said. "Yeah but you see that timer over there that`s how long they have. You don`t have a chance. So I get to enjoy myself while I wait to kick that stool out from under you." He said. He then took out a knife and began cutting me all over my body."They will find me." I said between the screams. "Yeah good luck with that." he said and continued torturing me.

No one`s POV

As the boys walked down the endless hallways they heard the girls` screams. They walked through the dark hallways only guided by the screams. They continued on praying that they`d find their loved ones alive, unharmed, and before time ran out.




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