Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


58. no luck with suprises

A/N I'm getting board with this happy shit. More drama time!!!!! BTW this should be the Chapter I greach 1000 views from!!!!! Thank ya'll sooo much for reading! Please remember to give me feedback and share with your friends!!!!! I know no one likes author notes (why I never do them. Well that and I'm too lazy!) So here's the next chappie! Xx

Stanley's POV
We heard the boys and Avery and Carter were back in town. Well Louis texted me that they were. But anyways. We knew they had a new house and all but Hannah and I wanted to do something from us to welcome them back and to try and get their minds off things. We had a plan. I called Andy Samuels, Liam's best friend, and Will, Harry's best friend who were in on it too. Unfortunately nome of Niall or Zayn's old friends could come. Oh well more fun for us. We were invited to see the new house today at 12:00 and we were arriving in style...
Louis' POV
We had been in the new house for about three days now. We'd hardly even left we loved it so much! In fact the only time I'd left was to go to theropy. Which by the way is definately helping me cope. I've been going everyday since we got home and had gone everyday before the tour and called almost everyday during the tour. I didn't feel as guilty now. I was actually happy again. I still sat in my room crying or cried myself to sleep somenights. But not nearly as much as before. Today Stanley and Hannah were comming to look at the new house. It would be kgood to see them again. We were all sat in the living room. I looked at the clock. 11:57. Only a couple more minutes now. At exactly 12:00 there was a knock on the door. I yelled "I got it!" and ran to the door. I opened it and couldn't believe who was there.Not only Stanley and Hannah but Andy and Will too. Before I could say anything everyone else came out of the living room.
Liam's POV
At exactly 12:00 there was a knock at the door. It was Stanley and Hannah. Louis jumped up and answered the door. A second after he opened the door the rest of us got up and went to the door. As soon as I saw Andy I ran up and hugged him. "Oh my God! What are you doing here?!" I said after we broke the hug. "Stanley invited me." He said.
Harry's POV
A second after Louis went to open the door the rest of us walked to it. There stood Will along with the others. I ran up and hugged him. I already heard Andy say why they were here so I didn't have to ask. I just hugged him. Well until Stanley spoke. "Hey this little reunion is cute and all but when can we see the house?" He said. We showed them around. By now the whole house was furbished. They were all amazed. And a little jealous. After that we headed to the living room to sit down but Andy, Stanley, Hannah, and Will just walked to the door. " Are you leaving already?" Avery asked. "No. Just follow us." Will said and we walked out the door. There stood a huge limo.
Niall's POV
It's too bad none of Zayn or my friends could make it but oh well. We were still really good friends with who could. We walked out the frount door and there sat a huge limo. "Is this for us?" I asked. "Yeah we thought we'd do something nice for you guys on one of your few breaks so we rented this limo for the day to take us wherever you want to go." Hannah answered. We all ran to the limo and got in. "Where to?" Asked the driver after locking the doors. The windows were tinted and we couldn't see outside. We couldn't see the driver's face either. We discused it before answering Lazer quest. He said okay and we were on our way. We were talking and listening and singing to the music. It was so much fun.
Avery's POV
We were in the limo headed to lazer quest. It was so much fun. We were excited. We talked, and listenened to and sang music. After about thirty minutes I started to smell something. Something unusual yet familiar. "Hey what's that smell?" Niall asked. Okay so I'm not the only one. Then it hit me. Then I remembered why I recognized it. Shit not again. I thought before everything went black.
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