Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


73. Like brother like sister. (So close)

A/n Hey guys the last chap was WAY too short so this chapter'll be WAY long (actually idk if it'll be long till I write it!) Get your tissues out! Some sad shit 'bout to go down.
Niall's POV
So Liam's plan was to place the hose nozzel under the door and turn it on. Since Keith and Zach and now Rachel were guarding the door it'd knock them out while we escaped. It was an ingenious plan that we prayed to God would work. We were about to carry it out now. The girls were still knocked out. We were trying to wake them before we left and they were starting to show some signs of waking up. Louis still looked extremely tired.Like he'd pass out any second. I could tell he was holding in his pained screams. Knowing him he would hold them until everyone else was okay. He was like that. He'd make sure everyone else was okay before himself. And he'd stay strong and act like nothing was wrong with him until they were. I sat with my family as Zayn and Liam quietly and carefully placed the nozzel under the crack under the door. They looked at us. Now all wide awake and ready to go. "Ready?"asked Zayn. We all nodded as he turned the machine on. It was suprisingly quiet. We all listened silently and breathlessly and I'm sure we were all praying it would work. I definately was. Then we heard two loud thuds outside the door. Followed by a little quiet one. Liam crcked the door and looked out. "Coast is clear." He said. We all stood up and quietly, yet quickly walked out of the room hand-in-hand. We walked until we reached the front door. We all smiled to each other as we walked out into the fresh air. We all took in a deep breath and walked towards the car. "Shit. "Harry said. "What?"I questioned. "We need the keys."He said. "I'll get them."Lottie said walking back towards the house. "Wait Lottie. I'll go with you."Harry said. "No Harry I'll go.I know where they are."Said Avery ."No."Louis immediately said "You're..um..too hurt.Avery and remember what happened..um last time? I'll go. I'm her brother. "Louis said. "What about your injuries?" Avery asked But he ignored her and kept walking. He soon caught up with Lottie and they walked through the door disappearing behind it. We all just sat around the car and stared at the door. Praying they'd come out. "Please please just be safe."I said under my breath
Louis' POV
It was hard to go back into the house. Especially considering what happened last time. But I had to. I couldn't let my little sister go alone. Even though I was still in excruciating pain for the whipping, moving so much, and malnurishment I had to protect her. Even if I die doing so. We walked into the house. It was still very quiet. Hopefully they're still knocked out. We had to cover our mouths and noses very tightly as we escaped the room but we still all had headaches and felt light-headed afterwards. Anyways back to where we are now. We walked in and stopped infront of the stairs. "Lottie."I said. "You keep a look out and I'll grab the keys and phones since I know where they are."I said. I made her look out since I already knew where the stuff was and she didn't and also since they were knockex out they wouldn't and couldn't do anything. Right? I walked through the dark hallway holding onto the wall to keep my balance. I finally made it to the room and walked in. I heard some noise down the hall but ignored it thinking it was just my imagination. Worst mistake of my life. I grabbed the keys and the phones. I couldn't carry them all since I only have two hands and also because I don't know if you've guessed this or not but I was still in only my boxers. I never got my clothes back after the whipping and I'm glad we escaped 'cause there ain't much left of the boxers. Anyways I grabbed a bag that I saw on the ground and placed the keys and phones in. I then made my way out of the room and down the hall. As soon as I saw it I felt tears roll down my cheeks. "Harry what happened?"
Lottie's POV
After Louis and I went into the house he told me to be look out. I knew it was 'cause he thought it'd be safer but I didn't really care. There was no danger for either of us. Right? Anyways about two minutes after Louis left down the hallway I sensed someone behind me. But before I could even turn around they wrapped their arm around my neck and pulled me up against them. They thn put a knife. A sharp knife right up against my neck. I couldn't even scream I was in so much shock. They person who I now knew was Rachel then put the blade harder against my neck. I felt the cool knife blade go across my neck as she moved it going deeper as each second ticked by. "I'm gonna let Louis feel what it's like to loose a loved one."She whispered in my ear as she continued running the knife down my neck. She was now to my chest going deeper and deeper. I started feeling light headed when suddenly I felt a rush of adrenilline. I quickly elbowed her in the stomach and she fell to the ground dropping the knife. I picked it up and she started running towards me. I did the first thing I could think of. When she got close enough Instabbed her in the heart. She immediately fell to the floor clutching her chest and coughing up blood. Then she stopped. She was dead. I killed her. All of a sudden the adrinilline left me and I fell to the ground in pain. I still couldn't scream. Not because of shock anymore but because I knew that I'd start coughing up blood and it'd make me die faster. I wanted to see Lou one last time before I died. Yes I knew I'd die. I'd accepted it. Suddenly the front door burst open revealing Harry.
Harry's POV
Louis and Lottie had been in there a long time so I decided I'd go check on them. They were all worried and objecting 'cause of last time but I just ignored them. I walked in the door and couldn't believe what I saw. A dead Rachel. And more importantly an almost dead Lottie Tomlinson. "Lottie."I said running over to her. "Harry."She barely whispered. "Did you kill her?"I asked talking about Rachel. "Yes."She responded barely audible. "Is Louis okay? Do you want him?"I asked. "No...Harry...I..don't...want...him...to see me...to see me...like...like this."She said. I began crying. "Harry...Listen...Do me a favor...Tell everyone I love them....But most importantly...Don't....Don't let Lou blame himself...and make sure....at ...at my funeral...everyone...knows my last...words."She said as Louis walked in. He immediately began crying and as he ran over said "Harry what happened?" He sat next to us and took Lottie's hand just as she said her last words. "I love you."She said barely audible then breathed her last breath. We both cryed hysterically over her body. Louis tried to bring her back but it was too late. She was alreay gone. "I guess we should bring her to the car."I said as we picked her up carefully and brought her to the car. Crying the whole way. Poor Louis. I don't even want to know how he'll take this. He lost his sister. His poor parents and other sisters too. I thought about this as we brought her body to the car. I can't believe this happened.We were so close. So close to all making it out alive. So close. Oh so very close.
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