Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


75. Life sucks

Liam's POV
"What's the date?" Zayn asked me. "Um August forth." I replied. After I said that the whole Tomlinson family and Stanley went into hysterics. "What's wrong?" Harry asked. "August forth is Lottie's Birthday. She died on her fifteenth birthday and it's all my fault!"Louis said crying even harder. "Come on mate. It's not your fault. Why would it be your fault?" I asked him. "It is Liam! I asked her to keep guard thinking she wouldn't get hurt! I heard noices down the hall from where I was and ignored them!" Louis yelled. "No Louis it is not your fault! Stop saying it is!"Harry yelled. "What do you know Harry? You weren't even there!" Louis yelled back. "No Louis. I wasn't. At least not the whole time but I was with Lottie as she died. I heard her last words. I..."Harry said but was inturrupted by Louis. "i heard them too Harry!I was there too!" "If you'd let me finish Louis. I was there longer than you! She said and I quote 'Harry listen. Tell everyone that I love them but most importantly don't don't let Lou blame himself'" Harry said. "No she didn't!" Louis replied "Yes she did! I swear!"Harry said. "Yeah right!" Louis said. I couldn't take this fight between two bestfriends. I had to step in. "Louis. Harry. Listen!"I started. They turned their heads to me. "Louis Why the hell would Harry lie to you about your siste's dying words? I believe him. It totally sounds like something she'd say! So please believe him and go back to being friends again. And anyways Lou You're in no condition to yell at him You're severly injured. Okay?!"I said they nodded and then Louis kinda just passed out. I think he's sleeping? I hope he is.
Louis' POV
I opened my eyes. Where am I? I wondered. Then I noticed the bright lights and the bandages and then figured it out. I'm alive. I made it! I'm in a hospital. Just after I realized this the all-to-familiar doctor came in followed by my mum and three sisters. Then I remembered. Lottie died. I began crying. My mum came over and hugged me. But that just madevme cry harder. She was really hurting my injuries. After she realized she pulled away. "Well good to see you again Mr. Tomlinson." The doctor said. "What happened? Last thing I remember was fighting with Harry and Liam yelling in the car." I said. "Well you were on the way here and your friends say you basically passed out in the car. I assume from stress and the shock of loosing your sister. Anyways after you all arived the nurse saw your condition and brought out a gurney, gave you some anestishia to make sure you'd stay asleep, and you were rushed into emergency surgery. Your friends told me what happened to your back with the thirty-nine whip lashes. You're lucky to be alive. One more and you would have died. When they brought you in you were in nothing but very thin and very worn boxers and your back flesh was completely torn up from the whip. You needed surgery to repair it. That was two days ago. You've been uncontious since you passed out in the car. You've certainly been through a lot Louis. I'm actually quite worried about you and so are your family and friends. Harry told me how you didn't want to live after your sister died and I can tell just by looking at you that you're already starting to become severly depressed. So please keep seeing your theropist and stay out of trouble."The doctor said "I'll try." I said barely sitting up. "No you must. By the way I was wondering. How'd you endure all the pain from your back and still manage to move around and save Eleanor and get the keys and all that stuff? How'd you do it? You were and still are extremely hurt." He said. "Well it's simple. I always put others before my own problems. I always make sure everyone else is okay before I complain." I replied. "Well that's very brave and kind of you but this time it may have hurt you more." He said. I just nodded. "By the way the girls are fine they just lost a lot of blood. They along with you are going home tomorrow." he said. After that he left and everyone else came in. They kept trying to talk to me but I didn't want to talk so I said. "It's nice to see you too but can I be alone. I'm tired and in a lot of pain. See you tomorrow though." they nodded and left. I just sat in my room and cryed. Thinking about my sister and what's been happening lately. Basixally my life sucks right now. I screamed out in pain from my back and then fell into a deep sleep plagued with nightmares.
A/n Haha I know this chapter sucks so sorry. Hopefully it'll get better soon! I promise it will! Thanks to all my lovely readers! xx
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