Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


64. Let the games begin

Liam's POV
After the door shut on us the room was completely black. Then a few tiny little lights came on going down the walls. But they were faint. It was still very dark. We looked at each other and Andy said "We need a plan." We nodded in agreement. "Okay." I said "We have six girls to find and eight of us. I think we should split up into groups of two."I continued. "I agree with Liam."Niall said. "Okay.How about Harry and Will, Louis and Stanley, Liam and Andy , and Harry and me."Will said and we agreed.So we split up in our groups and made our way down the endless hallway that split into two directions. We wished each other good luck and made our way. Andy and I went down the same hallway as Louis and Stanley. After a while it split into two more directions and we split up once again.
Danielle's POV
I was in a room. A dark room. I was tied up standing up against a hard cold cement wall with very old ropes that burned my wrists. I had just woken up. The last thing I remembered was Tim turning a nozzel on some kind of tank, smelling the same thing I did in the limo, and passing out. I just hope Liam finds me. Or anyone really. I looked across the room and I could just barely make out another body. I looked closer and saw it was Carter. "Carter?" I said
Carter's POV
"Carter?" I heard someone say. Danielle. "Dani?"I asked "Yeah it's me. Do you know how or why we're here?" she asked. "No you?" I responded I could barely see her face drop."No." She said sadly and we were silent. I had just woken up. I was, like Danielle, tied to a wall with coarse ropes. Last thing I remembered was passing out after smelling that far-to-familiar smell. I just hope Harry or anyone really finds us.
Perrie's POV
I woke up tied down to a table. What the hell?! Last thing I remember is passing out in the basement. What happened? I heard someone groan. I turned my head slightly and could just barely make out someone's face. Hannah's face. "Hannah is that you?" I asked
Hannah's POV
I had just woken up. I groaned then realized I was tied to a table when I tried to move. "Hannah I s that you?" I heard someone say next to me. "Perrie?" "Yeah it's me. Do you know what haplened?" "No."I replied sadly. I wonder why we're here.
Avery's POV
I opened my eyes. I was tied to a pole like the first time we were kidnapped. What happened? I looked around. It was completly dark. There was a clock on the wall. Wait that's not a clock. I squinted my eyes to see it was a timer. Why's there a timer on the wall? I wondered. The I looked around some more and noticed something a few feet from my face. It was moveing closer and closer to my neck as each minute ticked by whatever it was. I looked harder. It was a knife. I screamed for Louis and hoped he heard me. But I knew I was alone.
Eleanor's POV
I opened my eyes. I was tied, very tightly might I add, to a hook above my head. I was dangling about six inches off the ground by my hands above my head. It was very painful. I looked around the dark room I was in. I noticed something on the wall. A timer. I don't know what it's for but whatever it is has one hour and forty-five minutes left. I looked around some more. Then I realized that there was something in front of my chest. Something that moved closer with each minute that ticked by. A knife. All I could do was scream and hope someone hears me. "Niall!" I scream.
Ruth's (Liam's sister)POV
"And let the game begin!" We heard Rachel announce over a loud speaker. What game? I looked next to me. Gemma, Harry's sister, looked equally shocked. We all just looked at each other. We didn't know what this 'game' was but we did know that we had just lost our brothers who had just lost their girlfriends previously. Each person that had left the room was a friend, a sibling, most were even a son or daughter to someone else in this room. This game has to do with them. I know it. I just hope my baby brother's okay. I know everyone else was thinking about the same thing about their most loved one. We all loved all of them But of course we all had those who we'd grown up with that we loved the most and wanted to get out the most. No one said anything. We just sat and cried. God let them be okay. Oh please God
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