Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


53. interview

Harry's POV
We were in Vegas getting ready to do an interview. We were all nervous. It was our first interview since the shooting. We didn't know what the interviewer would ask. Would they ask about my leg looking funny or why Niall was shot or even... "Harry?" I waa taken out of my thoughts when a woman with a headset on said my name motioning that it was almost time for the interview and to go over to the boys to walk on stage. I nodded and went to them we walked on stage and all sat on the couch. It's amazing that we're all able to squeeze on a couch together.The interviewer, who was a tall skinny man with very pale blue eyes and dark brown hair, introduced us as we sat down. He then proceded to ask the usual questions. Such as who's single, What do you look for in a girl, Who would be your dream colaboration, That sort of(kinda annoying after a while) stuff. Then it got interresting. "Okay so boys." He began "What's been going on lately. Like where have you been?" We all stared then the cameraman made a signal and the interviewer said "We'll find out after the break." He then went backstage and I motioned for the boys to come to a corner of the stage ignoring the screaming fans. Louis took the words right out of my mouth when he said "What are we gonna do?" We stayed silent for a minute thinking when Liam spoke up. "We could just ask him to only ask each of us one question." We all nodded in agreement and went to ask him. He agreed and just in time to. We were being called back to stage."Welcome back everyone! I'm gonna play a little game with the One Direction boys. I'll ask them each one question that they'll have to answer completely honestl." He said emphasizing the word completely. We all shook hands and swore we'd answer honestly then he asked the first question. "So Harry. A photo of you uncontious in a hospital in Sydney has surfaced. Can you tell us what happened?" He said as a picture of me asleep in a hospital bed came up on a little screen by my head. "Well while we were in Austrailia we rented a yachet just like last April to go around Sydney harbour. It was beautiful. It had a trampoline raft and everything. Well what we didn't know is that there are bull sharks in the harbour. And well..." I said lifting my pant leg." I was attacked by a shark. It did so much damage that the doctors had to amutate. They said that if Zayn hadn't saved me I could have very well died." As the audience awed He went over to Niall.
Niall's POV
As the audience awed over Harry's story the interviewer went to me. I was nervous. But I knew that if Harry could answer that so calmly I could answer whatever he threw at me. "So Niall."He began. "As we all probably know by now you were shot at your last concert. Can you tell me what happened? Like who you think did it maybe." He asked. I was relieved. I could answer this complety honestly for sure. "Well we were doing Twitter questions when the lights went out and I heard a gunshot. Then I felt a sharp pain in my arm and fell to the ground just as the lights went on. I really don't remember much of what happened next except a lot of commotion and felling really tired and Louis telling me that he knew it was hard but I had to stay awake. Next thing I know I'm waking up in a hospital with a cast on one arm and an IV and the other. And no we do not know who shot me yet. Then he went to Louis. I knew this woyld be hard for him.
Louis' POV
As everyone cheered for Niall the interviewer went to me. I knew he'd ask me a hard question. I mean I know that I told people about it on the Twitcam. But not everything. I knew he'd find a way to get something else out of me. He's an interviewer. Interviewers are like that. "Now Louis. We all know that you talk a lot about what happened on the Twitcam the other night, but what you forgot to mention is what happened to the girl that kidnapped you. So my question is what happened to Dallas?" Boom. There it was. I knew he'd ask something like that. All the boys looked at me with shocked expressions. I chose my words carefully as I answered. "Well I don't wnat to say too much but...um Dallas..." I took a deep breath and Liam nudged me to continue. I did. "Well Dallas she...um...after she kicked me I fell to the ground in pain. While I was lying there she strattled on top of my chest and held a knife over me. I didn't know what to do. I had to defend myself. So I did the only thing I could think of. I grabbed the... um...saw that we'd used to escape and I for somereason still had... and um..." I started crying a bit. Yes I cried. On live television. How much more embarrased can you get? I looked at Liam for moral support and to my relief he said "I don't think Louis wants to talk about this. He's still recovering from hos injuries and he doesn't like to think about the kidnapping. So please just skip him and go to me." He said. I mouthed thank you to him and smiled a bit. But it wasn't over. The interviewer wanted me to answer. "I'm sorry,Liam but he has to answer. He promised." He said firmly "Well not if it's that private!" Harry yelled. "I'm sorry but I must do my job." He said sternley "Screw your job!"Zayn said "If you make someone as happy and as fun loving as Louis cry You shouldn't keep asking a question!" Liam said "No answer the damn question!" the interviewer said "No. He won't and he never will!" Niall said "Come on lets go!" Zayn said and we all followed him off the stage. Just as we were about to exit stage Niall added "You're a dick." After that Paul looked mad but sypathetic as he quickly rushed us out of the building and into our van. We got in. "Why can't we have anything private!?" I cried We drove to the hotel in complete silence. Once there I went straight to my room and cried myself to sleep.
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