Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


65. I won't leave you, Lou

Will's POV
When I wanted to come and spend some time with Harry this is not what I meant. I felt like we'd been walking through this endless tunnel for hours it seemed. But of course we hadn't. If we had we would have probably heard an anouncement that they were dead. Thank God we hadn't. Yet. I hope we won't. Then suddenly I heard a scream. I looked to Hae
rry who noticed it also. We heard it again and ran in the direction we heard it come from. We didn't say anything so we wouldn't get caught by Rachel. Or one of her large scary guys.
Perrie's POV
We were still in that dark room strapped down to a table. "Hannah?" I asked "Yeah Perrie?" "Do you think we'll get out of here. You know alive. Like do you think that anyone'll save us. And what do they want with us? Why are we down here. I mean..." I was cut off by Hannah. "Perrie. I don't know what they want or if we'll make it out but I do know one thing. They will find and save us."She said. "Thank you Hannah. That makes me feel a little better."I said Just then the door slammed open and in walked Tim. With a knife.
Hannah's POV
I was conforting Perrie a little when Tim suddenly walked in holding a knife. What does he want? He walked over with the knife. "I've been given orders by Rachel to torture you so I brought my little friend here."He said holding up the knife. "You see that timer over there?"He continued pointing to a timer on the wall. How have I not noticed that yet? "That timer has one hour and fifteen minutes left. That means that your little boyfriends have one hour and fifteen minutes to find you and I have one hour and fifteen minutes to torture you."He said. I gulped. "This'll be fun"He said. He walked over to me and lifted my shirt revealing my stomach He then took the knife and sliced it over my stomach.I tried not to scream but it hurt so bad.I cried out in agony as he went over and did the same to Perrie who screamed out as he moved to me again. We continued like this,Tim alternating between cutting me then Perrie all over our bodies, for what seemed like hours. Until someone came bursting into the room. Harry and Will.I couldn't take it any longer. The blood loss got to me and I passed out.
Louis' POV
Satnley and I walked down that endless hallway for what seemed like forever. Well Stanley walked. He had to practically carry me I was in so much pain. My back really hurt. In fact my whole body ached. I groaned with every step we took. I felt really bad. I was holding Stanley up. We stopped for a second and I said "Stanley. Just leave me here and find them. I'm just holding you up." He frowned. "Louis I will not leave you. You hear me? I am not going to leave my best friend alone to die. No." After that he picked me up bridal style. "What are..you doing?" I stuttered 'cause the sudden movement sent pain through my body. "Carrying you. I told you I'm not leaving you here." He said "But it...hurts."I complained "Too bad. You are getting out of here with me and that's final. Don't tell me this hurts more than walking."He said. He was right. Walking hurt a lot more. "You're right.Thanks Stan."I said Then I laughed a little. "What?" He said "It's just. I never thought you'd be carrying me bridal style through some creepy girl's basement."I said still laighing a little. He laughed too. Then I moaned in pain from the laughter. That just made us laugh harder. He kept on walking. Me in his arms. I closed my eyes and some how started to drift off. The last thing I heard was "One more hour." Over the loud speaker.
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