Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


63. Game

Harry's POV
We were sitting in the room. Everyone was awake except Louis. He still hadn't woken up since screaming and passing out about three hours ago now. I was a little worried so I kept my eyes on his chest as it rose in fell to make sure he was still alive. At least when he's asleep he's not in pain. I think pretty much everyone was doing the same thing. Just watching Lou. Not saying a word. After a little while longer Rachel slammed the door open with the three guys behind her. They ran in. Tim grabbed Perrie and Hannah. Keith grabbed Avery. Zach grabbed Danielle and Carter. And Rachel grabbed Eleanor. We all screamed and protested. Which woke up Louis who when he started joined us but our protests were ignored as they took them away. We were all crying then I got an idea. "Hey let's look at the screen." We all looked and saw the girls being dragged the stairs. Then all of a sudden they all passed out at once andwere all again dragged off.I wonder where they took them. After about fifteen more minutes my question was answered. Well sort of.
Niall's POV
That bitch took my Eleanor! But where? Then I got my answer. Well sort of. Rachel came on a loud speaker. "Attention. I need the following boys to report to the basement immediately. Andy Samuels, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Stanley Lucas,Harry Styles, Niall Hoan, and Will.And don't you dare try escaping or I'll kill your families. And anyways the boys will be following you. "She said then the speaker went off.No one moved for a minute until Liam said "Well shall we get this over with lads?" We all nodded and made our way to the basement. I felt bad for Louis. He groaned in pain with each step even with Stanley and Zayn practically carrying him. Sure enough Tim, Zach, and Keith were following us. When we got to the basement we hesitated going in. Tim pushed us in and locked the door behind us. It was just us in the room I was beginning to think we'd be left to die down here then Rachel walked into the center of the room. We all took a few steps back a little afraid.Okay really afraid. "Well boys it's nice to see you again." She said in a sickly sweet voice. "Where's Perrie?" Zayn spat. "Somewher." she replied simply. "Well?" Will asked "Well what?" she said "Well where are our girlfriends?!" Stanley said getting impatient. Him and Hannah had been dating since Louis got out of the hospital. "Oh them."She said "That's why you're here. To find them"She said "You boys are going to play hide and seek. You have two hours exactly to find them and those you don't will die. And the boys are guarding the doors and there are no windows so don't try escaping."She said. We all stared at her in shock. Only two hours? Is that even possible. I mean we're already weak from mallnurishment. And Louis. He can barely walk. This would be difficult. Very difficult. "What about...our families?"Louis stuttered.I guess it was still hard for him to talk. "They'll stay in the room until the two hours is over. They won't even know what's happening until or if you tell them."She said "Any more questions?"She asked We shook our heads 'no.' "Good. Then let the games begin!"She spoke into the loud speaker as she walked over to a door. She moved a brick and pressed a button. Then a door appeared. She motioned us over and opened it. She said "Good luck" and pushed us in laughing meniacly.
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