Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


55. Fun times.

Avery's POV
It had been about three days since the interview and Skyp with Simon. Today we were leaving Atlanta and heading to Florida. Carter and I were extremely excited. We actually had two concerts today. Orlando and then Fort Lauderdale. We drove to Orlando and did the concert and then we were off to Ft. Lauderdale. Tomorrow we had a day off so Carter and I could see our families then we were all going home since it was the last show of the North Americanportion of the tour. After that we'd have about two more weeks off, rehersals, then we were going to Australia for about a month for the final part of the Take Me Home tour. Anyways we were now at the BB&T center, which was once the Bank Atlantic center, and getting ready. Of course Carter and I went on first since we were the opening act so as soon as we were ready we went on stage. We did our usual set that lasted about half an hour then went back stage. Carter and I just stared in shock at who we saw infront of us. "Aren't you gonna say hello?" They say.
Liam's POV
When we found out we were performing in Ft. Lauderdale, which we knew was about an hour away from the girls' hometowns a few months ago we called their families and friends and got them tickets. We planned to surprise them. After they went on stage we called their phones and told them to meet us backstage. After their set was over they came back and stared in awe at who they saw. "Aren't you gonna say hello?" They said almost together. Creepy. They ran and hugged them and then asked how they got here 'cause they were going to just go see them tommorrow as our concerts tend to be very... loud. We explained quickly then went on stage. We performed our concert and went backstage.
Carter's POV
After our set we went back stage and saw our families and a few friends standing there. Avery and I just stared in shock 'cause we weren't supposed to see them till tomorrow. "Aren't you gonna say hello?" They asked almost in unison. Creepy. We both screamed a little then hugged and kissed them. The boys explained quickly what happened then went on stage to perform. We all just sat backstage watching the concert. "So how'Harry at kissing?" One of our old friends, Paige asked. Who was there was our old friends, Paige, Leah, Phoebe, Sam, Violet, and Sophia. Also our parents and siblings were there. Anyways "How's Harry at kissing?" Paige asked again. She was also a Directioner and loved Harry. I blushed again and my parents looked at me like you better not have kissed that boy. So I just said we haven't kissed and gave her a look not to ask infrount of my parents and she got the idea. We contiued to watch the boys and talk about old times. Avery sat in her dad's lap the whole time just smiling and I sat in between my parents holding their hands smiling. After the concert finished the boys came back stage. We congratulated them on their performance and Harry kissed me. Shit I thought and looked at my parents.They didn't seem mad but I'd find out tomorrow when we're alone with no witnesses. We decided to go out to dinner. Afterwards it was time to leave. Avery and I thought we were spending the night at our homes but we didn't. The boys suprised us again with a night at a nice hotel and a day in Orlando tomorrow. We were all going to go. Even our families. I couldn't wait!
Avery's POV
After we found out that we were going to Orlando I was extremely excited. I'd only been once but didn't go on many rides or anything 'cause I was with my parents who don't care to much for rides. I knew they wouldn't come to the amusement parks with us but I kept my mouth shut. We got to the hotel and found out even better news. The boys had made it so that our ttwo rooms connected and that they were all suites. Also the parents were in two rooms on the levelabove us. Yay! The boys all shared a room and the girls all shared a room. We were all seated in our room and our siblings had come down from the rooms that they shared with our parents. We all just sat around the room now. We were talking and I had Louis' arm around me and Harry's was around Carter's. Everyone else just sat around as we talked as if we'd been friends for ages. I was suprised at how calm our friends were when meeting them. I thought that Sophia, a huge Niall fan would practically kill him and that Paige would do the same to Harry. After talking and laughing for a while Niall said "I'm ordering roomsevice." We all laughed. Typical Niall. After about five minutes he came back."God Niall did you order all the food in Florida?" Louis asked laughing. "No. Just the necesities." He said looking at the ground. We laughed and after a while the food came. On three trays held by three people. After they brought all the food in we tipped them and sat and ate all the food. Yes we ate all of it. "Told you it was the necessities."Niall said smirking. We laughed and then decided to play truth or dare spin the bottle. Sam went first. She spun the bottle and it landed on Louis. "Truth or dare Louis?" she asked. "ummm D...truth!"He said "Aw you're no fun!" I say smiling and then Sam asks the question. "Have you and Avery ever done it?" she asked and everyone laughes as Louis and I blush. "No!" He says "Really?" Sam asks "Yes! Really!" Louis said a tiny bit of anger in his eyes. "How about kissing?" she asked. Before we could answer I felt a pair of lips crash against mine. I kiss back smiling and after about a minute we break apart and Louis says "What do you think?" "Was that tbe first time?" Violet asks "No not at all! I promice! Right boys!" I say looking at them and Niall says "I can tell you that what they've said is one hundred percent true." After Paige spins the bottle and it lands on Carter. "Okay Carter truth or dare" She says. "Truth." Carter replies. "Have you and Harry ever done it?"
Carter's POV
"Have you and Harry ever done it?" Paige asks. "Dare." I quickly say. "I dare you to answer the question." Paige says. "Okay no I promice we have not done it." I responded putting air quotes around 'it'. "But." I continue "We have kissed.Many times" I respond and kiss Harry. After a while a piece of popcorn is thrown at us. "Get a room!" Leah says and we all laugh. We contiue to play for another hour and then go to bed. Tonight was fun. No one mentioned our recent terrifying events or even Harry's leg. It was as if everything was normal. Like nothing ever happened. Everyone seemed happy tonight. Even Louis. I hope it stays like that.
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