Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


79. Forgot and telling the story

Carter's POV
I awoke to the smell of bacon. "Bacon!"I whisper-yelled. I quickly threw on a robe and slippers and ran down stairs. As I reached the bottom the doorbell rang. Shit. I thought to myself. Do I answer the door or go for the bacon? Bacon! I started walking towards the kitchen when the doorbell rang again. I groaned and walked over to the door. I turned the doorhandle and couldn't believe who was standing there. Mine and Avery's families along with our friends Paige, Leah, Phoebe, Sam, Voilet, and Sophia. Shit. I forgot they were supposed to visit this week. None of us are in any condition to have company. We just escaped being kidnapped and lost a loved one. We're seriously a wreck. "Aren't you gonna let us in?"My brother said "Or say hi?"Violet said. "Oh yeah sorry."I quickly said and let them in. "So where is everyone?"Paige asked. "Still sleeping I think."I said. "Do I smell bacon?!"Sophia asked. I forgot about the bacon! "Yeah I'll go get it make yourselves comfortable."I said hurrying to the kitchen. I walked in and Avery and Louis were making breakfast and talking. "Who was at the door?"Louis asked. "um. Mine and Avery's families and friends."I said. They looked shocked. "Shit I forgot!"Avery said. "We can't have visitors. We're a mess right now!"I said. They nodded. "What are we gonna do?"Louis asked. "I don't know."I said. "Do we tell them what happened?"Avery asked. "I don't know. Shoild we?"I asked looking at Louis. "why are you looking at me?"Louis asked. "I don't know. I guess it's cause you're the oldest?"I said more as a question. "Let's just take the bacon out, get everyone else up, and tell them all at once."Louis said. We nodded and went to wake the others up while Louis went out to see them. We went through the halls banging on each door telling them to come downstairs immediately. After a lot of complaining they finally did and we all sat in the living room. Our mothers and fathers talked for about five minutes then we started to tell them. "We have some bad news guys."Avery began but there was another knock on the door. I groaned then went to answer it. I couldn't believe it! It was Ed Sheeran. I forgot him too. "Come in."I said. Might as well tell him too. After all our friends and us saw him we were excited but knew we had something more important. We decided to tell Ed because he was going to stay a while with us as well as our families and friends. "Well now that everyone's here and seated we have something very important to tell you guys."Avery started. Everyone got seriois faces and turned to face Avery, Louis, Harry, and I who were infront of everyone. "Last week we were kidnapped."Avery began. Our families and friends were shocked. They all gasped. "We were going to suprise them and take them wherever they wanted in a limo but the limo driver ended up being Rachel, who had helped kidnapthem before,'s accomplise. Well one of them. We were sitting in the limo going to lazerquest when suddenly we smelled something. It knocked us all out and we awoke in the basement they had been kidnapped in the first time."Andy said. "After a while the kidnappers Tim, Rachel, Keith, and Zach came in and told us to follow them holding a gun to our heads. We did and entered a room with all our families in it."Liam said. "We found out that some of them had been in there for weeks they just kept knocking them out with toxic gasses."Niall said. "Eventually one of them came in and grabbed me to take me away."Daisy said "But I voluteered to take her place. I was then dragged out of the room and stripped of all my clothes but my boxers and put into a midevil stockade thing. He then proceeded to whip me. Thirty-nine times. With a whip with something sharp in it. How do I know how many times? Because I counted. I counted everytime that whip came down apon my bare back. At about thirty-eight I satarted to black out. I blacked out as the thirty-nineth came down upon my back. I assumed I was dead. Forty will kill you. But I woke up in the rom and found out That my faminly and all of them watched it all happen on a little TV screen. "Louis said. His mum, sisters,and Avery were crying. Even he was a bit remembering the awful memories.Next Danielle spoke. "After a few hours the kidnappers came in and each took one or two of us girls. They dragged us to the basement and druuged us. We woke up each in different rooms with one or no other girls tyied in different possitions to keep us from leaving. "she said. "We boys had two hours to find them or they'd be killed. After we found one or in some cases two of them in a room we'd be locked in so we couldn't find another girl. "Will said "While we were locked in we each had a kidnapper per room and they cut us deep with big knives."Hannah said shuddering. "They were obviously all found."Zayn said. "Lou and I found El at the last minute. Litterally. Louis passed out though because he saw Dallas' severed head hanging in front of her. He didn't wake up until I'd rescued her and we were on our way back to the basement."Stanley said. "Wait who's Dallas?"Avery's dad asked. "The girl Louis killed the first time. She was one of our kidnappers."Avery said. Her dad looked at her disapprovingly but she just ignored it. "When Harry and I found Perrie and Hannah theywere tyed to tables. We had to get past one of our kidnappers so we ran in oposite directions. It distacted him and he ran after me. Harry stuck up behind him and stabbed him. In the heart. He killed him. I was grateful but he was and still is a mess. Like aLouis when he killed Dallas. Even you hate the person it's still painful and scarring to kill them."Will said. "After the game as she called it was over we were escorted back to the room. While we sat there Rachel announced that Harry would be killed in the morning for what he did. That was when we thought of our escape. Zayn noticed the machine they used to knock our families out before we came and questioned what it was. That was when Liam had a plan. We put the nozzel under rhe door and turned it on. That knocked out our kidnappers who guarded the room 24/7. Or so we thought. We escaped easily since the door was unlocked and went out to their car. Againforgetting to get keys. Lottie and Louis went in the house to get them and I think if he can that Louis should tell you what happens next 'cause he's the only one who knows exactly what happened."I said. He wipped a tear from his eye then he spoke. "Well we um walked into the house and I told Lottie to keep guard thinking she'd be safe. I went to her room where the keys were the last time and took them along with our phones in a bag I saw on the floor. I heard a noise while I was in there but ignored it. Worst mistake of my life. I walked out to see a dead Rachel and my almost dead sister lying beside Harry who had come in after we'd been gone awhile. I ran to her and took her hand. As I did this she said her last words. 'I love you.' She had killed Rachel. Rachel had cut her so much that she bleed to death. I assume that Rachel hadn't passed out for some reason or woke up soon enough to hear us come in and she snuck up on Lottie and cut her. I tried to wake her up cause I couldn't believe she was dead but she wouldn't wake up. She never would. We walked to the car and during the driveI fell asleep or what I would soon find out I actually passed out and woke up a couple days later in the hospital. During the night while I was there Lottie visited me and wrned me that Zach and Keith were after us."Louis said. "And because of this we can't leave the house unless we're guarded. We need to stay away from the press and other people for a while.So we're sorry but we can't really take you around London and they actually know wht you guys look like they said and you also need to be careful."I said. We were all crying by this point remembering what happened. "I can't believe this."My mom said. We all hugged our families and friends.
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