Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


25. First "date"

Avery's POV
I had a surprise for Louis planned for today. It was the day after the beach and I knew they'd all sleep late so I got dressed, grabbed my guitar, and left. I couldn't wait! It was going to be amazing.
Louis' POV
I awoke to the smell of bacon frying. I looked over and saw that Avery was gone so I asumed she was already downstairs. I quickly got dressed and went downstairs. It was about 11:30 and everyone else was already down there. Well everyone except Avery. "Where's Avery?" I asked grabbing a piece of bacon. "I don't know. but we found this note." Niall said handing me a pink envelope. I opened it and it read:
Dear Louis,
Sorry I wasn't there when you woke up but I have something to tell you.
Come to Hyde Park after breakfast and bring noone. I'll be waiting.
I closed the note and smiled to myself. I wonder what she wants to tell me. I thought to myself. I quickly grabbed my jacket and my keys and ran out the door. "Wait!" Niall said "What'd it say!" I ignored him and drove to Hyde park.
Avery's POV
I was getting worried. I'd been waiting in Hyde park for about an hour and a half now and he still hadn't shown up. I was about to call him when I saw his car pull up. Finally. I thought to myself. I fixed my dress and hair while he was walking towards me. "What's all this?" he asked pointing to the rose pettles scattered on the ground. "Just sit down." I said pointing to the park bench. He did as I said and I took my guitar in my hands and began singing 'The greatest prize' by Nat Wolff. (a/n You probably don't know this song so if you want to hear it there's a video to the right.Actually it's Avery aka Laurel aka Me singing it. Sorry my face doesn't look very good and itdoes't sound good in a few places but yeah)
"I'll intend the August sun the light shines in you eyes and I have won. I have won." I began I continued then got to the chorus."Never look away. I'll never leave this plac. If you're still standing near and I can see your face. Oh I have won the greatest prize. Oh I am in my paradice." I looked at Louis who was smiling and continued withe the second verse. "And when I am around you all my worries wander off in different times. Different times." I then finished the second verse, sang the chorus and then the third verse. "Lift me up. shot me down. Turn my hands spin me round. Shake my heart twist my world. Pleqse just stay right wher you are boy.(girl)" I then sang the chorus and ended with" na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na." after I was done I smiled and Louis ran over and hugged me. He actually had tears in his eyes. "That was so beautiful!" he said wiping his eyes. "I mean I've heard you sing before but you're always with Carter. Never alone." He finished "Thanks glad you liked it." I said "But why are you crying?" "I don't know." He said laughing. He then took my hand and we walked to Nandoes to eat lunch.
Louis' POV
Noone's ever sung to me before. Not even when I was dating Eleanor. Yes I know. I dated Eleanor for over a year but we broke up when my music carreer was becomming big. But it's funny that though we broke up because of that she started dating Niall who was in the same situation. huh? It took me a long time to forgive them for that and I was still sore about it but I but it behind us and we stayed friends. Good thing huh? I was knocked out of my thoughts when Avery said"What do you want to eat?" "Oh I'll just get the spicy chicken." I said "Okay me too I guess I've never actually been here before." Avery said "Never?!" I asked stunned "Never." She said " They don't have them in America." We placed our order and ate our food . She seemed to like her's. A lot. When we finished I decided it was now or never. "Avery?" I said "Yes Lou?" she asked "You know how I killed Dallas?" I whispered. "Yeah but you shouldn' t talk about it. It makes you upset." She said "I kno." I said "but I didn't kill Rachel."
Avery's POV
Oh my God. We completely forgot about Rachel. How could we be so stupid! "Do you think she'll try and kill us?" I asked after a minute of silence "I don't Know." He said " But maybe you , Carter, and the girls should move in with us for awhile. At least until the tour." He said "Just to be safe." He continued "When should we tell the others?" I asked " As soon as we get home" He said and with that we left. I was worried and nervous about Rachel. But while my new charm bracelet jingled on my wrist I couldn't help smile. I just had my first date. With Louis Tomlinson.

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