Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


36. Explanations

Louis' POV
Everyone else had left. Everyone except my mum, sisters, Stanley, and Hannah. Still didn't know why she was there by the way. The doctor had told them to make it quick because I needed to rest. I had been dead after all! But knowing my mum it wouldn't be quick. It would be anything but quick! I could tell that they wanted to know about Dallas. My mum shut the door and they all stood around my bed. "Well." I started. " I'm gonna get some rest I'm really tired." I said yawning and closing my eyes."Oh no you don't mister." My mum said "But the doctor said I need rest and I am really tired. Maybe we could catch up some other time." I said closing my eyes again. "Louis if you don't answer our questions I'll just have to eat these myself." Satnley said jiggling a bag of carrots. I still had my eyes closed but I knew that sound anywhere. "No you won't. You don't even like carrots!" I said my eyes still closed. "But we do." Daisy said. My eyes shot open to see her pointing to my other sisters and mum. I knew she was serious. They are Tomlinsons after all. "Give me those!" I shouted "Not until you answer our questions." Stanley sqid shaking the carrots. He was right next to me so I quickly grabbed them out of his hands. "Ha!" I said jiggling the bag but I droped them and screamed. The sudden movement shot excruciating pain through my body. He swiftly picked them up off the floor and said "Ha!" mimicking me. "This is getting rediculous! Answer our damn questions!" Felicity said we all stared at her in shock for her language. "What questions?" I asked crossing my arms. "You know what bloody questions we're talking about! Now save the bull and just tell us!" my mum shouted. That was when I knew that it was time. It was time to tell them what happened with Dallas. I told them everything up until it was time to tell them about the killing. I paused and then continued. "Well when I heard a scream I slamed open the door and told Avery to leave. She wouldn't. I told her again then she did. " I said. At this point I had tears in my eyes. "It was just Dallas and I in the foyer of the house. She was facing the other way so I grabbed her shoulder, spun her around, and punched her in the face. She quickly retaliated by kicking me in the gut so hard it knocked the wind out of me. As I was laying on the ground in pain she got on top of me. Legs either side of my body and held a knife pointed down above me. She was about to bring it down on my chest when I grabbed the saw that I'd forgotton I had and... um..." I started full on crying now. "And what hunny?" My mum pationately asked. I waited a second before continuing. "I...um...grabbed...the...um...saw and...um...killed her. I...chopped her...head...off...with the um saw." I barely stuttered and began crying again. At this point everyone was crying. It was awful. It's bad enough to cry in front of your bandmates and girlfriend. But your family. And best friend. Worse. Much worse. We finally stopped crying and I told them how Rachel was still alive. After a while they left and I went to sleep dreaming about the killing. Again. *The next day.* I was sitting in my hospital bed in pain when everyone came in. I didn't really feel like talking but let them in. I was just happy I was going home tomorrow. We talked for a while and then they left. Well everyone except Hannah. She closed the door and I said "What are you doing here anyways?" "Well we're still friends. Right?" she said "No" I said coldly. "Well Stanley and I still are and he called me when it happened. Louis you were my first boyfriend. I will always have a place for you in my heart. I'd like to be friends again." she said Honestly I did too. We were such good friends back in Doncater but then we started dating and I did Xfactor and things got complicated. "I'd like that." I said "But only friends. Nothing else." "Oh course. That's all I want. We tried dating and it didn't work. We're just meant to be friends. Not a couple." she said "Good.I feel the same way. Maybe we could get some coffee and catch up some time. But right now I need to rest." I said she said okay and left. I watched a little t.v. and then fell asleep. I woke again the next morning. Everyone was in the room waiting for me to wake up. Niall saw me wake up and screamed for the doctor. He was getting pretty good at that actually. The doctor came in, did a few test, and gave me some papers to sign. I then was free to go. Everyone left and Stanley helped me get dressed. Only now did I realize how bad of shape I was in. I hadn't gotten out of bed since I woke up two days ago and aparently three days prior to that. It hurt really bad to walk and I had a cast on my leg and a brace on my chest. After I got dressed he drove me home. On the way we talked old times and what our lives were like at the moment. He completely ignored the fact that I had just been in the hospital and dead. He had no idea how much I apreciated that. But I knew that not everyone else would. We got home and I was actually in a wheelchair that the hospital had given me. I got crutches too for when I felt I could use them but for now I was happy for the wheel chair as Stanley helped me into it. We went into the house and I was engulfed in a big hug. It hurt but it was loving so I didn't complain. I had just woken up from a nap and we were all sat in the living room. When Liam blurted out "We should go on vacation!" we all looked at him shocked. "Vacation? where?" Harry said "I don't know. Anywhere." Liam said "How bout Austrailia?" I said everyone agreed and we decided we'd leave in two days. We were going to Austrailia!
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