Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


62. Counting

Felicity's POV
I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe any of us are here. But most of all I can't believe I'm watching my brother get whipped right in front of my face and I can't do anything about it! one two. I was counting each time I heard my brother scream on the screen. Each time the whip descended upon his back. Tweny-two. Twenty-three. I was still counting. I didn't want to but I couldn't keep my eyes off the scream. Thirty-five. Thirty-six. I can't believe he's almost at forty lashes. That'll kill a person. That's her plan though. Right. Thirty-seven. How is he still contious? I can see he's fighting it though. He knows that if he closes his eyes it'll probably be the last time. Thirty-eight. Just two more than my brother's dead. As the whip was brought down upon his naked,bloody back I saw his eyes close. This was it. It was over. He was dead. He needed to hold out just two more but no he couldn't. He brought the whip down upon his back again. Why's he still going? He probably wants to make sure he's dead. Thirty-nine. And he...stopped? He stopped? Just one more would have killed him for sure. I mean I know he's already dead but why not give him one more? I mean he won't feel it. After number thirty-nine Tim opened the stockade thing and let Louis' lifeless body fall to the ground. He then rolled him over and Rachel came out with...bandages? He's dead first of all. And second of all she kidnapped us. Why would she help him? I don't know. But they wrapped the bandages around his chest then harshly picked him up off the ground and left the basement. About a minute later our door was slammed open and he was thrown into the room. Tim just smirked and left. We all went over to Louis. Since mum's a nurse she checked him over.
Jay's (Louis' mum's) POV
I can't believe that I just watched my son get whipped. My eldest. The man I gave birth to now lay motionless in front of me. We all watched it happen. We all counted each whip lash. We all saw him die at around thirty-eight. Or at least I think he's dead. I'm a nurse so of course I was first to look over my son. I wasn't expecting much but you know I should at least try. I went over and picked up his wrist to check his pulse. I felt something. No it can't be. It's nearly impossible to survive thirty-nine whip lashes when forty will kill you. I checked his other pressure points then his heart beat. I couldn't believe it! "Well?" Harry asked "Well he's alive but just barely. He's lost a lot of blood and needs to get to a hospital as soon as possible. At least they bandaged him up. That should help." I said Everyone was thrilled Louis was alive. We just hope he'll wake up soon.
*Five hours Later*
"Mum." Phoebe said "It's been five hours. When's he gonna wake up?" "I don't know honey. It could be anywhere from a few minutes to a few days." I answered. "Well I hope it's a few minutes because I miss him. A lot." Avery said tears in her eyes. "I know honey I do too." I said then was inturrupted by a loud groan then a deafeaning scream. We all looked over to see Louis with his eyes open. He screamed again.
Louis' POV
I opened my eyes. Where was I? This isn't Heaven. It looks like the room I was trapped in with my family and friends. But it can't be. I didn't survive. Did I? I groaned beginning to feel some pain then I screamed 'cause it started to hurt like hell. Everyone looked at me. I screqmed again. I had to ask the question that I'd been wondering about since I woke up. I screamed again pain surging through my body. Tears streaming down my face. Then I chocked out. "How...am I ...alive?" God it was so hard to talk. No answer. "Last thing...I ...remember...was counting...thirty-nine."I stuttered Wait they don't know what happened. They weren't there. Now wonder they didn't answer. "I...was...I...was..whipped."I stuttered again. I felt so weak. So helpless. "We know."Niall said. How do they know? "How do...you know?" I asked "Look over there." Carter said. It hurt but I moved my head and saw a television with the basement on the screan."You watched...it happen?"I stuttered again. "Yeah all of it. Louis we thought you died." my mum said now crying. "I thought I did too. I got...forty lashes. Enough...to kill a ...person."I said "No you got thirty-nine Enough to almost kill a person. We saw you pass out and thought you'd given up and closed your eyes forever mate." Stanley said "Well I didn't. And I...I don't plan to."I said. Just then I noticed the bandages. "Did you pit these on me?Where'd you...get...them?"I stuttered. I really need to get my voice back. "No Rachel and Tim actually did."She answered. "I think that she wanted to almost kill you. Get you so close to dying but not actually die. So you'd feel the pain for a long time. That's why they only gave you thirty-nine lashes and why they bandaged you up." Liam said I wanted to scream. It hurt so bad. It was so hard not to scream as they talked to me. I knew they wouldn't like it though so I bit my bottom lip and clentched my fists to stop me from doing so. I worked but I was still in a lot of pain. After the conversation ended I think my mum noticed because she softly said "It's okay Louis. Scream. I know it hurts." "Are you...sure?" I whispered back feeling more pain than before. She nodded her head and let let out a ear piercing, blood curtling scream. Probably my loudest ever then felt extremely tired and fell asleep
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